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Kath Brownlow asks Ken Sands if he managed to get the number for the restaurant, and Ken says yes, he has booked a table for two in half an hour.  "Gone away you said.  All in the past," says Ken Sands. 
Paul Ross asks Douglas Brady if Lisa has ever spoken to him about her mother, and Douglas says no, not really.  Paul shows Douglas a photo of Lisa Walter's mother who is coloured.
Later, Lisa Walters see's Douglas Brady in the motel reception area, and Lisa says she will have to tell the Hunter's that she is giving in her notice.  Douglas tells her not to do it just yet.  He tells her that he is getting cold feet about South Africa and he isn't sure if that is the best place for them. 
Ken Sands tells Carole that John Latchford is back at the motel again.  He tells her that John is a salesman for a company making sports gear and exercise machines, and he is in the area for two weeks. 
Adam Chance welcomes John Latchford back to the motel.  John Latchford gives him a catalogue of goods that the company he works for makes.  He tells Adam that he is going to Glenda's babys christening.
Lisa Walters sees Paul Ross in the office and asks him what he and Doug talked about last night after she left them.  Paul says he had to tell Doug about her parentage, and Lisa says he had no right. 
At the village church the christening of Glenda and Kevin Banks baby girl is taking place.  After the ceremony when everyone comes out of the church Glenda thanks John Latchford for coming, and gives him a peck on the cheek.  Unseen by everyone else, Kath Brownlow weeps quietly at Arthur's graveside. 
Lisa Walters goes to see Douglas Brady in his chalet and says she can still go with him to South Africa.  She says she can still pass as white.  Douglas asks her why she didn't tell him that her mother was coloured and Lisa says she didn't think it was important.  She kisses him but Douglas doesn't respond.  Lisa asks him if it makes any difference to him and Doug says no, he just needs time to get used to it.
The following day Douglas Brady asks the receptionist to make up his bill, and he tells David and Barbara Hunter that he is leaving tomorrow.  David asks him to come into the office.  Douglas tells David and Barbara that his and Lisa Walter's engagement is off, and he will be going to South Africa alone.
Jill see's Adam Chance in the office and asks if he has seen the conference room lately, it is full of keep fit gadgets.  Adam says he knows, and shows her the catalogue that John Latchford gave him.  Adam gives Jill a present, a tracksuit.  Jill tells Adam that she has bought him a present too, and hands him a carrier bag.  Adam looks inside the bag and brings out the same tracksuit. 
Joe MacDonald returns to Mavis Hooper's lodging house to pick up his sandwiches,  He see's a greetings card on the table and reads it.
Doctor James Wilcox finds Jill Chance in the bar reading a keep fit book.  Jill tells James that she and Adam want to start keeping fit, and James tells her that he would like to give them both a medical checkup first.
Joe MacDonald tells Sid Hooper that today is Mavis's birthday.  He says Benny sent her a card and he saw it when he went back to the lodging house to fetch his sandwiches.  Sid says they'll have a party.  He telephones someone to organise some drink for the party.  
Paul Ross see's Lisa Walters in her chalet and tells her that Douglas Brady was about to check out of the motel but Barbara persauded him to stay.  Lisa tells Paul that she doesn't think she will be able to stay any longer. 
Jill tells Adam that she has arranged a medical for them both.
Joe MacDonald and Sid Hooper compile a list of people to invite to Mavis Hooper's party.  Sid asks Carole and Ken Sands to come.  Ken isn't too keen but changes his mind when Sid tells him that Kath Brownlow is coming.  Joe MacDonald asks Doris Luke to the party, and he asks John Latchford to come.
Ken Sands asks Kath Brownlow if she will come to Mavis Hooper's party with him.
That evening Sid Hooper and the rest of the invited guests quietly go into Mavis Hooper's lodging house.  Sid goes into the dining room and sniffs.  He tells Mavis that something smells good, and Mavis tells him it's cottage pie.  Sid asks her if it will stretch because he has brought a few friends round.  Everyone comes into the room singing Happy Birthday.
Sid Hooper gives Mavis a present, some glass dishes.  Ken Sands corners Sid and says he has seen those dishes before.  "One free with every five gallons," says Ken Sands.
Mavis Hooper tells Joe MacDonald that she doesn't know what happened to his sandwishes this morning.  Joe says it's alright, he came back to the house to fetch them.  "That's when I saw...." he says.  Mavis guesses that he saw the birthday card.  Joe admits that he did, and he tells her that Sid was really upset about forgetting. 
Lisa Walters tells Adam and Jill Chance that she wants to give her notice in, and she would like to go as soon as possible.
At Mavis Hooper's party Ken Sands accuses John Latchford of gatecrashing the party.  John Latchford tells him that he and Kath Brownlow are very much in love.  "After all the trouble you've caused in the family," says Ken loudly.  The room goes quiet.  Kath Brownlow leaves the room and John Latchford goes after her.
Douglas Brady finds Lisa Walters in the office and tells her that he will be leaving in the morning.  Lisa tells him that she is leaving as well.  She asks Douglas what he will do and Douglas says he is going to South Africa, he has got a job to fill in until he finds something else.        

1984 Episodes continued

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