1984 Episodes ... continued

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Ken Sands asks Sid Hooper about John Latchford and Sid tells him that John was a salesman and he was sent to another area. 
Kath Brownlow goes to Philip Roberts chalet and tells Angela Reece and Philip Roberts that she knows they are nice people but she just can't condone what they have done.  She says she should have gone to the polcie but she couldn't.  Kath tells them that she wants them to take the burden from her and leave the motel, and if they don't then she will have to go to the management.
Doctor James Wilcox visits Diane Hunter at her flat.  Diane tells him that she would like another chat with him if that's alright because it really helped her.  She invites him to the flat for dinner, but James Wilcox says he doesn't think that would be a good idea.
Philip Roberts telephones the motel garage and tells him that he needs his car tonight.  Sid tells him that he will bring the keys to reception in half an hour.  Philip Roberts puts some money in an envelope and addresses it to Angela Reece.  He leaves the envelope on the dressing table.
Sid Hooper waits in reception for Philip Roberts.  Philip Roberts comes into reception and Sid Hooper hands him the keys to his car. 
Lisa Walters and Douglas Brady have a drink in the motel bar.  Douglas tells her that he must make a phone call to South Africa and Lisa asks him if it is to release the option on the farm.  Douglas tells her that it is to extend it, he is sure they will make it there one day.
Philip Roberts tells Angela Reece that she should have a good nights rest, and he persuades her to take some sleeping pills.  Angela Reece goes off to her own chalet.  Once she has left the chalet Philip Roberts puts on his coat.
The following morning Angela Reece goes into Philip Roberts chalet and finds it empty.  She asks Kath Brownlow if she has seen Philip Roberts and Kath says no.  Anglea Reece tells Kath that her husbands bed hasn't been slept in. 
Joe MacDonald comes into reception and Angela Reece asks him if he has seen Philip Roberts.  Joe says no, but he did notice that Mr Roberts car had gone.  Sid Hooper comes into reception at that moment and Joe asks him if he has seen Mr Roberts.  Sid Hooper tells Angela Reece that he saw Mr Roberts last night, when he took him his car keys.  Sid says Mr Roberts said he wanted the car to visit friends in Castlewich.  
David Hunter tells Barbara that Douglas Brady has the chance to extend the option on the land in South Africa.  He says Douglas was talking about raising a mortgage on his half of Grange House, and Barbara says she can't do that.  David suggests to Barbara that she buys Douglas out.
Kath Brownlow gives Angela Reece a letter that was left for her at reception.
Police Inspector Watkins arrives at the motel and asks to speak to David Hunter.  The inspector and David Hunter go into the motel office and the inspector tells David that he has come to see him about one of his guests, Philip Roberts.  He tells David that a few moments ago they pulled Mr Roberts car out of the reservoir, and Mr Roberts was still in the car.  The inspector says  Roberts was the name he was using but his real name was Reece.  David says that's strange, they have a Mrs Reece staying at the motel.
Anglea Reece and Kath Brownlow go into Angela Reece's chalet, and she opens the letter.  Inside it she finds the money Philip Roberts put inside the envelope.  She tells Kath that she thinks something terrible has happened.
Doctor James Wilcox visits Diane Hunter at her flat.  Diane asks him what he would do if a patient of his fell in love iwth him.  Doctor Wilcox says he would stop being that woman's doctor.
Later, Doris Luke goes to see Diane Hunter.  Diane says perhaps she should change her doctor, and Doris asks why.  Diane says she has her reasons.  "I see," says Doris Luke, guessing that Diane has feelings for the doctor.  Diane tells Doris that she loves James Wilcox.  Doris says it would destroy his career.
Kath Brownlow goes to see Ken Sands and apologises to him for the way she has treated him.  Ken asks her if she would have dinner with him on her next evening off and Kath tells him that she is off duty tonight.  They arrange to meet at 7.30. 
Paul Ross, Douglas Brady and Lisa Walters have a drink in Douglas Brady's chalet.  Paul offers to lend Douglas the money he needs, and Douglas accepts his offer. 
Kath Brownlow and Ken Sands have a drink in the motel bar.  John Latchford walks into the bar with a group of men.  Ken Sands excuses himself from Kath and goes to reception to find the phone number of a restaurant.  Kath Brownlow hears John Latchford's voice from the other side of the bar. 
John Latchford spots Kath Brownlow and goes over to speak to her.  Kath and John hug one another.  When Ken Sands returns to the bar Kath introduces him to John Latchford.  John tells Kath that he really must get back to the party he is with.

1984 Episodes continued

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