1984 Episodes ... continued

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Barbara Hunter finds Douglas Brady packing his suitcase in his chalet.  She tells him that he could stay on as her guest.  She asks her brother what happened between him and Lisa.  Douglas tells her that Lisa Walter's mother was a half caste, he can't help it but it makes a difference to him. 
Doris Luke goes to see Diane Hunter and finds her sneezing.  Diane says she went out for some fresh air and got caught in a shower.
David Hunter goes to Douglas Brady's chalet to say goodbye.  Douglas tells David that Barbara is buying his half of Grange House, and he can do something with that money.
Diane Hunter, alone at her flat, takes a turn for the worse.  She manages to phone Doctor Wilcox, gasping for breath.  Doctor James Wilcox is in bed when the phone rings.  "Please help me," gasps Diane.  James Wilcox tells her to relax and try to regulate her breathing and he'll be right there. 
Doris Luke goes to see Mavis Hooper and thanks her for the party.  Doris says it must have been a nice surprise.  Mavis tells her that Sid forgot her birthday, the party wasn't his idea.  Mavis says Sid doesn't car at all.  Doris says she is exaggerating but Mavis says she isn't.  Mavis tells Doris that she has worked all her life to provide for her old age, and now her old age has arrived and she hasn't got much to show for it. 
David Hunter agrees to let Lisa Walters leave without working her notice.  Paul Ross thanks him and tells David that he is very generous and fair.
Barbara asks David if he saw the article in the newspaper about a 71 year old woman being sent to prison.  David says he saw it and he thinks it's outrageous sending a 71 year old woman to prison for shoplifting.  Barbara says at least she is in good health and David says a prison sentence would probably affect her health.  Barbara points out that the woman did confess and David says all the same she didn't need to go to gaol.  Barbara tells David that her father, who was a Justice of the Peace, would have sentenced the woman.  She asks David if he has ever thought of becoming a Justice of the Peace.         
Adam and Jill Chance come into the office jogging, and tell David and Barbara that they should try it.  Barbara says David's ambitions are a little less physical.  David asks Barabar what ambitions she means and Barbara says him becoming a Justice of the Peace.  Barbara tells David that he would make a good JP, and Adam says he agrees.
An elderly man arrives at the motel and checks in with Adam Chance, and introduces himself as Captain Cecil Beecher-Blunt.   
Adam Chance tells David that he has made enquiries about becoming a Justice of the Peace.  He says anyone can nominate someone as a Justice of the Peace, and tells David that he and Jill will nominate him. 
Doris Luke talks to Joe MacDonald and tells him that she saw Mavis Hooper the other day and she was very depressed.  Joe says he tried talking to Sid but he won't listen.  Sid Hooper joins them and asks what is going on.  Doris Luke tells him that she went to see Mavis and she is very unhappy.  Sid tells Doris to keep her nose out of his business.
Jill and Adam have a medical checkup with Doctor James Wilcox before they begin their fitness regime.
Barbara Hunter gives Lisa Walters a leaving present from the management.  Barbara asks Lisa what she intends doing now and Lisa says she would like to find a job which is more involved.  Barbara tells her that her literary agent is looking for a personal assistant, and asks her if she would be interested.  Lisa tells her that she would be very interested.         
Mavis Hooper goes to see Doctor Wilcox and tells him that she is feeling a bit run down, she has got no energy and she gets very depressed.  Doctor Wilcox tells her that running a lodging house is hard work, it may be time she took things a bit easier.
Joe MacDonald arrives home at the lodging house and notices a bottle of medicine on the table.  Mavis tells him that she went to see the doctor and he gave her a tonic.
Doris Luke visits Diane Hunter at her flat and tells her that she was at the butchers today and Minnie Fenton was behind her in the queue.  She says she overheard some of the things they were saying.  Doris tells Diane that the women were saying that they saw Doctor Wilcox leaving Diane's flat late at night.  Diane says they have no right.  She tells Doris that she was really ill and couldn't breath.
Sid Hooper arrives at the lodging house and asks Joe MacDonald where Mavis is, and Joe says she is out.  Mavis Hooper comes back to the house and Sid tells her it's not like her to go out.  Mavis says she thinks better when she walks.  Sid asks Mavis what she has been thinking about.  "You'll find out Sidney.  All in good time," says Mavis.
Diane Hunter goes to see Doctor James Wilcox at his surgery, and tells him that she must talk to him.  She tells him that there has been some gossip in the village about him visiting her at her flat.  Diane tells the doctor that she is worried about what this might do to his career.
Joe MacDonald tells Sid Hooper that Mavis went to see the doctor.  He advises Sid to take some interest, but Sid says everytime he takes interest Mavis thinks he is after something.

1984 Episodes continued

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