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Barbara Hunter visits Iris Scott at Chimney's and asks her if she remembers a few years ago when she listened to the tapes belonging to Lloyd Munro and promised that she wouldn't tell anyone.  Barbara says Lloyd Munro believed he could trust Iris.  Iris assures her that she wouldn't really have told, and Barbara says maybe not, but she did use the information to get what she wanted.
Lisa Walters and Paul Ross tell Kath Brownlow that they are father and daughter.
Ken Sands asks Carole to get some books from the garage and bring them home so that he can look at them.  Carole Sands goes into the motel reception area with some keys to a guest's car.  Joe MacDonald comes into reception andnotices Carole Sands with a pile of the garage books.  Carole tells him that her father asked her to take them to him so that he could look at them.  
Carole Sands see's Colin in the bar and asks him what he is doing there.  Colin tells her that he is meeting a girl, and Carole says if she is like the other girls then she won't turn up anyway.  Carole tells Colin that it is probably the little scrubber he was with last night.  Diane Hunter passes by and overhears.
Gary Corbett packs his belongings at Chimney's. 
Adam Chance tells Jill that Barbara knows about Chris and so does David.  He says Barbara doesn't want it all dragged up.  "Poor David," says Jill.  Adam says at least they will be free of Iris now. 
Adam and Jill Chance arrive at Chimney's and Adam calls Iris into the lounge.  Iris comes in with her coat on and carrying a case.  She tells them that she is leaving.  Gary Corbett comes into the room and Adam gives him his wages.  Gary leaves.  Iris Scott and Jill Chance have a cup of tea together, and Iris says Mrs Hunter came around and said that she knew.  She says Mrs Hunter made her feel ashamed of what she had done.
The following day Jill joins Barbara in the motel office and tells her that Iris has gone.  "She's gone and I'm wonderfully free," says Jill.  David comes in and hears this.  He asks whats this about her being free, and Barbara explains that Iris Scott has left Chimney's.  "And that leaves you feeling free," asks David, puzzled.  Jill leaves the office.
Barbara tells David that Iris wormed her way into Chimney's by using the information about Rosemary and Chris that she heard on Lloyd Munro's tapes.  David says that's blackmail and asks why Adam or Jill didn't come to him about it.  Barbara tells him that Adam and Jill wanted to shield him from it as they presumed he didn't know. 
Later David see's Jill in the office and says Barbara told him about Iris Scott blackmailing her and Adam with the information about Chris.  He thanks her for trying to protect him and says it was a tremondous thing for them to do.
Ken Sands notices that his son Colin is very quiet and says he must be in love.  Colin tells him that he had a fight with Paul Ross over Lisa Walters.  Ken Sands tells Colin that Paul Ross is Lisa Walter's father, and Colin says that explains a lot.
Colin Sands goes to Diane Hunter's flat and says he has been doing a lot of thinking, and he doesn't want to let her go.
Ken Sands goes back to work in the garage on crutches.
Doctor James Wilcox goes into the garage and see's Ken Sands, and gives him a ticking off for being back at work.
Diane Hunter goes to see Adam Chance about a job in the garage for Colin Sands.  She tells Adam that Colin is waiting outside.  Colin Sands joins Adam Chance in the office and tells him that the garage is in a mess, they need a mechanic and he is a trained mechanic.  Adam agrees to give him a two week trial.
Paul Ross tells Lisa Walters that he has been thinking of buying a flatfor quite some time and it would make sense for them to share.  Lisa says she doesn't think that would be a good idea, as she needs her independence.
Colin Sands goes to Diane Hunter's flat and tells her that he has got a job in the motel garage.  Diane gives him a present, a jumper.
A man called Philip Roberts books into the motel and says he would like to pay a week in advance.  He hands over 230 in cash.
A young man books into the motel and tells Lisa Walters that he understands Mr and Mrs Hunter live on the premises.  Lisa says yes, but they are out at the moment.  Lisa tells the man that they are fully booked at the moment.  Lisa Walters phones Adam Chance in the office and tells him that there is a mna in reception who wants to book in but they are fully booked.  She says she was thinking that they might let him have the reserve chalet.  Adam tells Lisa that he will be out in a moment.
Jill and Adam come out from the private wing into reception.  Jill looks into the reception area at the new arrival and tells Adam that the man is rather dishy.  Adam goes over to the reception desk and introduces himself to the guest.  "She didn't do badly for herself," says the man.  "You don't know David?" asks Adam.  The guest says no.  "Good bloke?" asks the man.  "Yes," replies Adam. 
David and Barbara Hunter arrive back at the motel and Adam tells them that there is someone to see them.  Adam describes the new arrival and Barbara says she knows who it is. 
Barbara Hunter goes into reception and greets her brother Douglas Brady.  She asks him why he is here and Douglas says he came to see her.  Douglas Brady tells Barbara that he will be staying a few days, and Barbara says if he can afford to stay at the motel he can pay her back the 10,000 he owes her. 
Barbara joins David, Jill and Adam in the office and tells them that her brother Douglas has arrived at the motel.  Jill says she didn't know she had a brother, and Barbara says Douglas is the kind of brother you keep quiet about.  David tells Barbara that he would like to meet her brother.
David and Barbara go into the motel bar and Barbara introduces him to her brother Douglas Brady.  David asks him how long he is planning on staying and Douglas says s few days. 

1984 Episodes continued

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