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Colin Sands goes into the motel bar and sits down at one of the tables with his drink.  Sid Hooper comes into the bar and joins him.  Colin Sands brags to Sid about his conquest of Lisa Walters.  Paul Ross overhears him and tells him that Lisa would be very hurt to hear him talking like that.  "Don't worry, you're next in the queue," says Colin.  Paul Ross walks away.  Sid Hooper tells Colin Sands that he shouldn't have said that.  Colin Sands says he has had enough of that waiter, and he goes after Paul Ross.
Kath Brownlow takes Adam Chance the evenings menu and Adam asks where Paul Ross is.  Kath tells him that Paul is in his chalet cleaning himself up.  Kath tells Adam that Paul Ross and Colin Sands had a bit of a punch up.  Adam Chance telephones Paul Ross in his chalet and tells him that he wants to see him now.
Paul Ross goes to see Adam Chance in the office and Adam asks him what happened.  Paul says it was of no consequence, and Adam says it was as it happened on the motel grounds.  Paul Ross tells Adam that Colin Sands made some slanderous remarks about Lisa Walters, then he followed Paul to his chalet and was very rude.  Adam tells Paul that he has no choice but to sack Paul. 
Colin Sands goes into the motel garage and Sid Hooper patches him up. 
Paul Ross tells Diane Hunter that he has been sacked.  He says David Hunter might take a different view.
Diane Hunter goes into the garage and tends to Colin Sands cut lip.  She puts Colin Sands blood stained shirt into the sink and tells Colin that she will wash it then take it to the laundry.
Adam Chance goes home to Chimney's and tells Gary Corbett that he might have a job for him after he has finished the garage.  Adam tells Gary that he has arranged an interview for him tomorrow at two thirty at the golf club.  Gary says he will be there.
Joe MacDonald tells Sid Hooper that he has six days holiday owing to him and he is taking them from tomorrow.
Iris Scott tells Gary Corbett that the people at the golf club will treat him like dirt, and he won't like it.  She tells him that he has got a job here, but Gary says this job won't last forever.  Iris tells Gary that she can fix it so that he can stay.
Joe MacDonald goes to see Adam Chance and tells him that Sid Hooper has taken on too many repair jobs and he won't help out in the garage. 
Paul Ross goes into the motel office to see Lisa Walters.  Lisa says there is a rumour going around that he has been sacked, and Paul says it is true.  Lisa tells Paul that everyone thinks they are having an affair.
Gary Corbett returns to Chimney's after his interview at the golf club, and Iris Scott asks him how he got on.  Gary tells her that he has got 50 a week to start.  Iris tells him that he has messed things up, that she wanted them to be together.  She tells Gary that she can get him a job at Chimney's paying 10 more than at the golf club.  Gary Corbett asks Iris how she can do that, and Iris tells him that she has something on the Chance's.  She says she knows something about someone and it has got the Chance's scared.  Gary says that's blackmail, she can't do that.
Paul Ross and Lisa Walters go into Lisa's chalet and have a drink.  She reaches her hand up to his face but Paul turns away.  Lisa tells Paul that she loves him and Paul says he loves her too.  He says he didn't tell her the truth about her mother and him.  "I love you because you're my daughter," says Paul.  "I don't believe you," says Lisa.
Gary Corbett tells Iris Scott that he doesn't believe that she has anything on the Chance's or the Hunter's.  Iris says it is true, she heard on some tapes that David Hunter's son Chris is no his son, but that David's first wife was pregnant when she married him.  Gary asks Iris if she would tell David Hunter, and Iris says no but Adam and Jill Chance don't know that.  Iris says they're loaded so what's the harm.  Gary Corbett tells Iris that he doesn't want anything to do with it, he has got a future thanks to Mr Chance.
Colin Sands goes to Diane Hunter's flat.  He tells her that he has missed his last bus home.  Diane goes into the bedroom and comes back into the living room with a pillow and some blankets.  She throws them to Colin Sands.
Iris Scott talks to Adam and Jill Chance and tells them that Gary Corbett won't take the job at the golf club.  She tells them that she wants them to give Gary a job here with more wages than he would earn at the golf club.  Adam ignores Iris and tells Jill that it is time they left for work.
Jill tells Adam that Iris Scott won't give up.  She says it's the alternative that frightens her.  Jill says Chris might not be the ideal son but David has bailed Chris out of trouble so many times and it's because he loves him.  Adam says he will talk to Barbara.
Iris Scott tells Gary Corbett that she has done all this because she wants them to be together.  Gary tells her that he has got the chance of a regular job and he is going to take it. 
Adam Chance tells David Hunter that he has fired Paul Ross, and tells him about the fight between Paul and Colin Sands.  David tells Adam that Paul has his reasons for acting the way he did.
Adam Chance see's Barbara Hunter in the motel bar and asks her if he could have a private word.  They go into the sitting room.  Adam tells Barbara that Iris Scott is blackmailing him and Jill.  He tells her that Iris has certain information about David and is using it to get her own way.  Barbara asks him what sort of information and Adam tells her that Iris heard some tapes belonging to Lloyd Munro.  Barbara asks Adam if it is about Chris and Adam nods.  Barbara tells him that she knows and so does David.
David Hunter tells Paul Ross that he is reinstated, but warns him that the present situation cannot go on.  He says maybe it would be better if Lisa Walters left.  Paul Ross tells David that he has told Lisa Walters that he is her father.  David asks Paul if he would allow him to tell Adam because it might smooth things over.
Paul Ross tells Lisa Walters that David Hunter has given him his job back.  He tells her that she can stay at the motel and they can make their relationship public.  

1984 Episodes continued

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