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Gary Corbett asks Iris Scott how she manages to get the Chance's to agree to everything, they don't even like her. 
Lisa Walters arrives for work in the motel office late.  Adam Chance tells her that she really must organise herself.  Adam leaves the office and Lisa Walters dials a phone number.  She asks a friend to keep an eye open for any jobs and to let her know if she hears about anything.
Adam Chance joins Barbara Hunter in the sitting room.  Barbara tells Adam that Kath is pleased that Iris Scott is living in.  She says she herself was rather surprised when she heard.
Sid Hooper asks Ken Sands to give him some help moving a car.  A few moments later Carole Sands hears a shout from the garage, and Sid Hooper comes rushing in to the garage office.  He grabs the phone and tells Carole that there has been an accident, he reversed a car over Ken Sands foot.  Joe MacDonald, Sid Hooper and Carole Sands help Ken Sands into the garage office.
David joins Barbara in their private sitting room.  Barbara tells David that the coffee will be cold by now, but David says it won't and pours himself a cup.  He hands Barbara an envelope.  She smiles, searches in her bag and produces an envelope which she gives to David.  Barbara looks at her envelope.  "Singapore?" she asks, and opens it.  She tells David it is a letter from her brother who is in Singapore.  David opens his envelope.  "Valentines Day," he says and realises that he has forgotten. 
Barbara accuses David of always forgetting.  David takes a sip of his coffee and pulls a face.  Barbara says she told him it would be cold.  David kisses her and apologises.  Barbara throws the letter from her brother into the bin, and David asks her why she isn't keeping it for the address.  Barbara tells him that her brother is always moving about anyway, besides they are not exactly close.  The telephone rings and David answers it.  Joe MacDonald tells David about the accident to Ken Sands. 
Ken Sands is taken off to hospital but before he goes he issues orders to Sid Hooper regarding the running of the garage.  Sid Hooper sits behind the desk and smiles. 
Ken Sands arrives home with one foot in plaster and Colin Sands laughs.  Diane Hunter goes to the Sand's home to see how Ken Sands is, and Colin Sands tells her that she can't kid him that she came to see her father.  Diane tells Colin Sands that he really does think he is the cat's whiskers. 
Sid Hooper is on the phone putting a bet on the horses when Adam Chance comes into the garage office.  Sid quickly changes the conversation.  Adam tells Sid that Ken Sands will be off work for a while so it is his chance to shine. 
At Chimney's Gary Corbett comes into the house with his clothes dripping wet from a rain shower.  Iris tells him to take his clothes off and she'll dry them whilst he has a bath.  Gary isn't too keen at first but Iris tells him that the Chance's won't be back for ages.  Gary goes upstairs and a few moments later Adam Chance arrives home.  He see's Iris holding Gary's clothes and asks who they belong to.  Iris tells him that Gary was soaking wet so she offered to dry his clothes.  Adam Chance calls Gary Corbett downstairs and Gary comes into the kitchen with a bath towel around his waist.
Adam sniffs and tells Iris that she shouldn't be wearing Jill's perfume.  He says that was a special present for Jill.  Iris asks him what he is going to do about it, fire her.  "Give me my marching orders?  Well you know exactly where I'll march," she says.
Lisa Walters apologises to Paul Ross for being horrible to him, and suggests that they have dinner.  She tells Paul that she must see Colin Sands first because she has got to clarify things with him.
Gary Corbett waits at Chimney's and tells Iris Scott that Adam Chance said he wanted to talk to him.  Iris tells him that she will handle Adam Chance.  Adam Chance comes into the room and Iris says they have both said they're sorry, what more does he want.  Adam tells iris that he wants to talk to Gary not her.  Iris leaves. 
Adam Chance asks Gary if he likes having the whip cracked.  Gary says Iris doesn't mean it, but Adam says Iris means everything she says and does.  Adam tells Gary that it would be better if Gary didn't work here any longer.  Gary tells Adam that he has taken a real pride in his work.
Colin Sands goes to Lisa Walters chalet and finds her dressed in a dressing gown.  Lisa tells Colin that she isn't ready yet, she has got to have s hower.  Colin says he fancies a shower as well.  He tries to undo her dressing gown but she pushes him away.  Lisa tells him that things have changed and Colin guesses it has something to do with Paul Ross, but Lisa says it has nothing to do with him.  Lisa tells Colin that if he came here for something then he is going to be disappointed.  Colin goes to kiss Lisa but she bites him.  "You bitch," he says, and leaves.
Adam Chance has been to look at the garage which Gary Corbett has been building, and he says he is very impressed.  Adam tells Gary that he can finish the job.  He advises Gary to cool things with Iris, and not to let her push him around.  
Iris Scott comes downstairs and asks Adam and Gary what is happening about the garage.  Adam tells her that Gary is finishing the garage.  Adam leaves the room.  Gary tells Iris that from tomorrow he is bringing his own sandwiches, and a flask and he is going to eat outside.  Iris asks him if it was Adam Chance's idea but Gary says no, it was his. 
Lisa Walters goes into the motel reception and meets Carole Sands.  Carole asks Lisa if she knows where Colin is, and Lisa says she doesn't know.  Carole says she thought Lisa had a date with Colin, and Lisa says they had a misunderstanding. 
Jill Chance arrives home at Chimney's and asks Adam if they are alone.  Adam says no, Gary and Iris are upstairs talking.  Iris Scott and Gary Corbett come downstairs at that moment.  Iris tells Adam and Jill that she and Gary have had a chat, and it is rubbish about Gary having to bring a flask and sandwiches. 
Jill Chance talks to Iris Scott alone and asks her what she thinks Gary would think of her if he knew what she was doing.  Iris says Gary isn't going to find out.  Jill tells Iris that she has put her and Adam in a difficult position, and she should think about what she is doing.  Iris tells Jill that she is quite happy, she has a home, a job and a fella and she intends keeping them all. 
Kath Brownlow goes to the motel garage to collect the dirty towels and asks Carole Sands how her father is.  Carole says he doesn't like being fetched and carried for.  Kath asks if there is anything she can do and Carole asks her if she could go and check on the casserole she put in the oven. 
Joe MacDonald moans at Sid Hooper for taking on more repairs than they can possible cope with. 
Kath Brownlow goes to the Sand's house to check on Carole's casserole.  Ken Sands asks her how things are at the garage.

1984 Episodes continued

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