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Colin Sands goes to see his sister Carole in the garage and asks her who the luscious creature at the motel is, the one with dark hair.  Carole tells him that her name is Lisa Walters but to forget it because she is too upmarket for him. 
Gary Corbett tells Iris Scott that he finishes working at the Chance's at the end of the week.  Iris says not if the Chance's decide to have a new garage built.  Jill Chance comes ito the room at that moment and Iris says Gary has made himself very useful so it would be a shame to lose him.  She says Gary could help them build a new garage.  Gary is a little embarrassed and tells Jill that it doesn't matter about the garage.  Jill says no, Iris is right, the garage really does need doing.
Joe MacDonald and Carole Sands have a coffee break in the garage, and she tells him that her brother Colin is chasing after that new girl in the office.  She says she wishes he would fall for a girl who is really good for him.
David and Barbara arrive at Chimney's for dinner with Jill and Adam.  Barbara and David say hello to Iris Scott and Gary Corbett.  Barbara complains about the pot holes in the drive way and Iris tells Jill that Gary could do the pot holes as well as the garage.  Gary and Iris leave Chimneys and Adam asks Jill what Iris meant.  Jill tells him that they are having a new garage built.  Adam explains to David and Barbara that Iris Scott is working for them and David says he is surprised that they chose Iris. 
Paul Ross joins Lisa Walters in the motel bar and tells her that he has something for her.  He says he will see her later in her chalet.
Once David and Barbara Hunter have left for the evening, Adam asks Jill about this new garage.  Jill tells him that the garage is almost falling down.  Adam tells Jill that there is something she's not telling him. 
Paul Ross and Lisa Walters go into Lisa's chalet and Paul gives her a present of a necklace.  He puts it around her neck and she kisses him on the cheek.  Lisa tries to kiss Paul on the lips but Paul pushes her away, and walks out of the chalet. 
The following morning Paul Ross see's Lisa Walters in the office and she apologises for offending him.  Paul assures her that he wasn't offended.  David Hunter comes into the office and Paul makes a hurried exit. 
Kath Brownlow goes into Lisa Walter's chalet with a tray.  Kath tells Lisa that she heard she wasn't feeling well so she thought she might like some tea.  Lisa Walters tells Kath that she has an argument with Paul Ross last night, she tried to kiss him but he pushed her away. 
Paul Ross goes into the office at David Hunter's request.  David says when he came into the office earlier there was an atmosphere.  David says he has decided that Lisa Walter's must go as she is obviously a disturbing influence.  Paul says the incident this morning was his fault, not Lisa's and if she goes then he will too.  David tells Paul that he has his career to think about.  He says he took Lisa on against his better judgement.  Paul Ross tells David that he must tell him something in the strictest confidence.  "Lisa is my daughter," says Paul.
Kath Brownlow goes into the garage and tells Ken Sands that she has come to collect the dirty towels.  Ken Sands introduces himself to Kath.
Kath asks Iris Scott how she is getting on at the Chance's and Iris says fine.  Kath tells Iris that she is sorry if Glenda and Kevin's baby is keeping her awake at night.  Iris tells Kath that there is a chance that she might be able to live in at the Chance's.
Colin Sands asks Lisa Walters to have dinner with him that evening but Lisa declines.  Colin Sands tells Lisa that he has got a wonderful bedtime story.  "Mr Sands!" says Lisa.  Paul Ross, who is standing nearby and overhears the conversation, is about to intervene.   Lisa Walters notices Paul Ross watching, and turns to Colin Sands.  "Mr Sands.  I'd like to hear your bedtime story," she says. 
Iris Scott helps Jill take the shopping into the motel office.  Iris tells Jill that she has come up with a good idea, she can more useful living in at Chimney's.  Jill tells Iris that Chimney's is her home and she wants it tom remain private.  Adam Chance comes into the office and asks what is going on, and Jill tells him that Iris wants to live in.  Adam Chance tells Iris Scott that there is no living in and no job, and orders Iris out.  Iris tells Jill that she had better put Mr Chance in the picture.
Iris Scott tells Jill that she will wait outside and leaves the office.  Jill tells Adam the whole story.  Adam tells Jill that Iris could have made the whole thing up, but Jill says Glenda Banks knows about it too.  Adam tells Jill that they can't let Iris get away with it.
Adam calls Iris Scott into the office and tells her that he doesn't believe her.  Iris tells him that the tapes exist, all he has to do is phone Doctor Munro and he will confirm it.  Adam asks Iris what she wants and Iris says she wants to live in, and if she doesn't then she will tell Mr Hunter.  Adam tells Iris that this is blackmail and with her record she knows what will happen.  Adam tells Iris that she isn't working for them or living in.  Iris tells Jill and Adam that she will go and tell Mr Hunter right now, and leaves the office.
David and Barbara Hunter are in the sitting room when Iris Scott comes in.  Iris tells them that she is worried that she is going to lose her job.  she says Mr Chance said there were going to be changes, and says that if she got the sack she would go to pieces.  At that moment Jill Chance comes rushing in to the sitting room.  Iris says she was just telling Mr and Mrs Hunter that she was frightened about losing her job.  Jill tells Iris that there is no need to worry, her job is safe.  Iris Scott turns to David Hunter and apologises for disturbing him and Bbarbara.  "He must be a lucky fella," she says.  "I beg your pardon," says David.  "Your son Chris.  He must think the world of you," says Iris.
Adam Chance see's Jill in the office and asks her what happened.  Jill tells him that Iris is moving back in.  Adam calls Iris Scott into the office and tells her that as from tomorrow she will be living at Chimney's.  "That's as far as we go Iris," warns Adam.
Kath Brownlow and Iris arrive at Chimney's with Iris's suitcase.  Iris tells Gary Corbett that she is moving in but Gary says he doesn't believe her.  Kath tells him that it's what the Chance's want.
Lisa Walters goes to the Sands' house, and Colin Sands pours her some wine.  He asks her about Paul Ross, and Lisa says he means nothing to her.

1984 Episodes continued

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