1983 Episodes ... continued

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David Hunter joins Sharon Metcalfe in the motel bar and tells her that he was talking to Percy Dobson earlier and he is really against this home for the handicapped.
Jill Chance talks to the young man, Gary Corbett, at Chimney's, and gives him a drink of water.  He says she could have called the police, but she didn't.  Jill asks Gary Corbett why he did it, and he says he doesn't  know.  He says he was just passing by and something made him break in.  Jill asks him if he has done anything like this before and he says no.
Adam Chance arrives at Chimney's and see's Jill with Gary Corbett.  He asks what is going on.  Adam phones the police.
Percy Dobson speaks to Sid Hooper in the garage office and says he understands he is also against the home for the handicapped.  Sid says it's his wife Mavis who is against it really.  Percy tells Sid it is affecting business, for example, he has done up some flats near the home and now people don't want to buy them. 
Sharon Metcalfe joins Sid and Percy Dobson in the garage office and Percy asks her for a chat.  He says if she chooses another house in another area then he would be all for it and would even make a donation.  Sharon says no.  Percy Dobson tells Sharon that he will fight her.
The police arrive at Jill and Adam's home and take Gary Corbett away.  Adam tells Jill that it was the right thing to do.  Jill says Gary Corbett didn't seem like a bad person.  She says she wonders what will happen to him.  Adam tells her that Gary Corbett will be up in court on a charge of breaking and entering.
Alison Cotterill goes to Sharon and Diane's flat and shows Sharon some posters for the home. 
Doris Luke goes to the Brownlow's home and asks Kevin if Kath is at home.  Kevin tells Doris that Kath is out at the moment.  Doris says she wanted to ask Kath to come and see Mrs Flood, a woman who lives in the village, who is holding a seance.  Kevin says he would rather she didn't involve Kath in any of that.
Denise Pagett goes to Sharon and Diane's flat and finds only Diane at home.  Denise asks her if Sharon has said anymore about fostering Nina, because things are a little different now.  She tells Diane that she and her boyfriend Trevor are going to live together and she is going to keep Nina with her.  Diane notices a bruise on Denise's wrist and asks her how it got there.  Denise tells her that she and Trevor had a bit of a row, and he shook her, trying to get through to her.  Diane tells Denise that she has to remember that Trevor will be alone with Nina.  "It's all very well getting through to you but what if he tries to get through to Nina," says Diane.
Kath and Glenda return home and Kevin quietly tells Glenda that Doris Luke came around earlier and wanted Kath to go to a seance.  Kevin says he doesn't think it's a good idea. 
Denise Pagett asks Diane not to tell Sharon about the bruise on her wrist.  Diane says maybe it would be better if she didn't tell Sharon that she wants to keep Nina with her for a little while because it will upset Sharon. 
Doris Luke see's Kath Brownlow at the motel and tells her that she came round to her house yesterday.  Kath says Kevin never mentioned it.  Doris tells Kath that Mrs Flood is holding a seance and she was wondering if Kath would like to come with her.  Kath says she isn't sure. 
Kevin Banks tells Glenda that Percy Dobson is coming to see him and he can guess what it's about.  He says Dobson is dead against the home for the mentally handicapped and he is going to do everything he can to stop it.  At that moment the doorbell rings and Glenda answers it. 
Alison Cotterill meets David Hunter in the motel bar and David tells her that he has been asked to chair the meeting of the committee for the home for the mentally handicapped.  He tells Alison that Sharon Metcalfe wants to run the home, and Alison says she thinks she would do a very good job. 
Jill Chance talks to Gordon Miles, a probation officer, about Gary Corbett.  She says she would like to give Gary a second chance. 
Adam Chance takes a telephone call for David Hunter and promises to pass the message on.  David and Barbara join Adam in the office and Adam tells them about the phone call.  He says it sounded threatening. 
Doris Luke asks Kath if she has decided whether of not she would like to come to the seance.  Kath says no, and she can't understand why Doris would want to go.  Doris tells Kath that she and Tom talked before he died and he said he would try and come back.  She says she is sure Mrs Flood can help.  Kath changes her mind and agrees to come with Doris. 
Gordon Miles goes to Chimney's and talks with Jill Chance about Gary Corbett.  Jill says she wants to know what will happen to Gary.  Gordon Miles tells Jill that he has spoken to various people and Gary is not a bad lad.  Jill says she got that impression.
Later, Jill tells Adam that Gordon Miles suggested a scheme which the probation service are now operating whereby the offender is given a chance to put things right.  Adam says Gary Corbett should be punished.  
In King's Oak the village hall begins to fill.  David, Barbara, Alison and Sharon sit on stage forming the committee.  David notices a banner which reads 'Handicapped out'.  David addresses the meeting and tells the audience that Doctor James Wilcox was supposed to address the meeting but he has been unavoidedly delayed. 
Shortly after Doctor Wilcox arrives at the village hall and addresses the meeting.  James Wilcox introduces Alison Cotterill who explains to those in the hall all about the home for the mentally handicapped.  A man in the audience shouts that they can put these people in a palace and they will still be idiots.  Benny stands up and says they all live in a house so why can't the handicapped too.  The audience shout him down.

1983 Episodes continued

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