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Sharon Metcalfe telephones Doctor Wilcox and says she would like to do something for Denise Pagett, maybe look after Nina to give Denise a rest.  Doctor Wilcox tells Sharon that there are problems, and says he will come to the motel so they can talk.
Barbara Hunter goes to Horace Jackman's chalet and finds him asleep on the floor.  She wakes him up and tells him that if he wants to sleep he should use the bed.  Jacko notices a pile of clothes on the end of the bed and asks what they are for.  Barbara tells him that the clothes are for him and explains that David was a little worried that the guests might see him and they wouldn't understand.
Sharon Metcalfe and Doctor Wilcox meet in the motel bar, and James Wilcox tells Sharon that Denise Pagett is thinking of putting Nina into a home for a couple of weeks and she feels bad about it.  He suggests that Sharon looks after Nina for a couple of weeks.
Sid Hooper has a drink in the motel bar and is joined by John Latchford.  John asks Sid what Sharon Metcalfe is like and what his chances are of selling some of his items to her. 
Benny has dinner with Diane and Sharon at their flat.  Sharon tells Diane that he has offered to look after Nina Pagett to give Denise a break, and she asks Diane how she feels about having Nina at the flat to stay. Diane says no.
Kath Brownlow goes to John Latchford's chalet to make the bed and clean up and finds John in the chalet.  She says she can come back but John says she can carry on, he doesn't mind.  Kath says his accent sounds familiar and John tells her that he is from Manchester.  Kath says she is from around that area and John asks her if she will be going back there with her husband when they retire.  Kath begins sobbing and John tries to comfort her.  Kath tells him that her husband is dead, he was killed in a car accident.  John rolls up his shirt sleeves and notices that he has a button missing.  Kath tells him to leave it with her and she'll sew it on. 
Benny see's Diane and asks her why she doesn't want Nina to stay at her flat.  He says all Sharon wants to do is help Nina, just like Diane helped him to learn to read.  He says there isn't that much difference between him and Nina.
Kevin and Glenda Banks have a drink in the motel bar.  Diane Hunter see's them and joins them for a chat.  At that moment John Latchford walks into the bar.  Diane stares at him and tells Kevin and Glenda that John Latchford made a pass at her earlier. 
Kath Brownlow comes into the bar and goes over to John Latchford.  She tells him that he will find his shirt in his chalet.  John Latchford offers to buy Kath a drink but Kath declines.  John Latchford leaves the bar and Kath Brownlow joins Kevin and Glenda.  Glenda tells her mother that she ought to be careful because John Latchford would make a pass at anything in a skirt.  Kath tells Glenda that she is a better judge of character and if she goes around spreading rumours about guests she is going to find herself in trouble.
Diane tells Sharon that she doesn't mind if she has Nina to stay at the flat.
Kath Brownlow tells Kevin and Glenda that the woman who lives down the road has asked her to go to a singles club.
John Latchford see's Sharon Metcalfe in the garage office and tries to sell her some of his goods, but Sharon tells him that she has to get approval from Gocol Head Office.
John Latchford see's David Hunter at the reception desk and asks him if he could discuss some business with him.  David apologises and says he can't at the moment as he has the VAT returns to do.  John Latchford moans to David about civil servants doing nothing and getting good pensions. 
David leaves the reception desk to go to the office.  Glenda Banks, who is at the reception desk and has heard the conversation, tells John Latchford that he hasn't earned his pension because he hasn't done any work since he arrived.  She says her father was a civil servant and he worked hard.
Adam Chance, who has heard this exchange, tells Glenda to go to the office and wait for him.  Glenda leaves reception and goes through to the office.  Adam Chance apologises to John Latchford for Glenda's behaviour and tells him that Glenda's father was killed recently in a car accident.
David Hunter goes to Horace Jackman's chalet and finds him dressed in a suit.  Horace tells him that classy piece got it for him.  "My wife," says David.  David asks Jacko how long he will be staying and Jacko says he doesn't know.  
Kath Brownlow talks to David Hunter about Horace Jackman.  She tells him that the girls aren't keen to take his meals into his chalet.  
Diane Hunter goes to Horace Jackman's chalet to collect his dinner tray.  She picks up the tray and asks Jackman where the salt and pepper pot are.  Horace Jackman tells her that they are in the drawer.  Diane opens the drawer and finds a stack of food in there.
Kath Brownlow see's John Latchford in the motel bar and they chat.  John asks Kath to have dinner with him.  "Tuesday 7.30," he says. 
Paul Ross talks to Miriam Brookes in the motel reception, as Diane Hunter and Glenda Banks looks on.  David Hunter passes through reception and looks at Paul Ross and Miriam Brookes.  David asks Glenda if she would ask Paul Ross to come and see him in the office when he isn't busy.
Paul Ross goes into the office and David Hunter asks him if he is having an affair with Miriam Brookes.  Paul tells him that is hardly his concern.  David says if Mr Brookes were to arrive then it could cause a scene, and Paul says that won't happen.
Kath Brownlow arrives home and Glenda remarks that she is late.  Kath says she was talking to Edna, the next door neighbour, fixing up an evening out. 
Paul Ross tells Miriam Brookes about his talk with David Hunter.  He says David had no option but to talk to him and he has no option but to resign.
Doctor James Wilcox arrives at Sharon and Diane's flat with Nina Pagett.
Miriam Brookes goes to the office to see David Hunter.  She says he is aware of the situation between herself and Paul Ross, and he is under the impression that Mr Brookes will turn up and cause a scandal.  She tells David that he needn't worry because there is no Mr Brookes, she is not married.  Miriam Brookes tells David that her husband to be never turned up at the church.

1983 Episodes continued

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