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Kath Brownlow tells Kevin that Glenda won't be able to go back to waitressing if she becomes pregnant.  She says there is another job which will be available at the motel soon and she will ask about it this afternoon.
Kath Brownlow goes to see David Hunter in the office and tells him that she wanted to talk to him about Glenda.  She explains that Glenda won't be able to go back to waitressing if she becomes pregnant, and she heard there was a cashier's job available in the cafeteria.  She asks David if Glenda could be considered for the job.  David tells Kath that he thinks it's a marvellous idea, and asks her if she has spoken to Glenda hersefl about it.  Kath says not yet, she thought she had better speak to him first.
Penny Banks tells Sally that she should go to Canada.  Sally says that's what Oliver wants.  Penny says they must be extra nice to Oliver to make him feel guilty.
Barbara Hunter talks to Paul Ross about some bookings.  She says when she and David came into the restaurant last night he had obviously said something to Lucy Hamilton.  Barbara warns Paul that Lucy is a guest and reminds him to treat her as such.
Penny Banks goes to see her father at Sharon Metcalfe's flat.  Oliver Banks tells Penny that he and Sharon would like this out in the open but it is difficult.  Penny tells him that it will be easier now that her mother is going away.  Oliver stares at her.  Penny says she thought her mother would have told him.  Oliver tells Penny that he will drive her home and talk to Sally.
Oliver Banks talks to Sally and asks her if it is true that she is going to Canada.  Sally tells him it is, that it was a impluse idea.  She says she has a favour to ask him.  Sally tells Oliver that she had  a phone call from some friends of theirs who have asked them to a dinner party, and if they could go together then it would stop all the gossip.  Oliver agrees to go to the party with Sally.
Richard Lord and Lucy Hamilton have dinner together.  Lucy asks him why he didn't tell her about his fiancee, is it because he still feels something for her.  Richard tells Lucy that his feelings are exclusively for Gina.  "And that's all there is to be said about it," he adds. 
The next day Jill Harvey see's Lucy Hamilton in reception and tells her that they are having a party of tradesmen for lunch today so they would appreciate it if she would eat earlier or later than usual.  Lucy tells Jill that she will see Paul Ross about it.
Lucy Hamilton goes into the bar where she finds Paul Ross.  She asks him why he hasn't had the impertinance to ask her out to dinner.  Paul tells her that he will meet her in the bar for drinks first.  Lucy lughs at him and says what makes him think she would accept such an impertinant invitation.  Paul says he should have known she was having him on.  Lucy says she will meet him in the bar at 7:30 for drinks and then see what sort of restaurant he can afford.
Glenda Banks telephones her mother to tell her that she is coming out of hospital tomorrow.
Kevin Banks receives a letter from the estate agent to say that there is another house for sale.  Kath Brownlow tells him that if he and Glenda want to move out then she won't stop them.  Kevin says they are settled here now.
Jill Harvey tells Richard Lord that David and Barbara would like him to have dinner with them, and Jill says she will make up a foursome.  Paul Ross joins Jill and Richard in reception and Jill tells him that they have had a rush on and asks him if he could stay and help out.  Paul says no because he is taking Lucy Hamilton out.  He walks off.  "The things that girl will do to get your attention," Jill tells Richard Lord. 
Sally Banks gets ready for the dinner party.  She tells Marion Owen that she doesn't think she can go through with it.
David and Barbara Hunter go into the bar for drinks before their meal.  Lucy Hamilton comes into the bar and says good evening to David and Barbara.  "Now where's my man," says Lucy, then spots Paul Ross at the bar.  Jill Harvey comes into the bar and spots Lucy Hamilton with Paul Ross.  She joins David and Barbara at their table.  Jill tells David and Barbara that she has had an idea about Lucy Hamilton.  She suggests they persuade Kate Hamilton to invite Lucy to J. Henry's villa in Italy.
Sally and Oliver Banks have a drink together after their evening out with friends.  Sally tells Oliver that she won't make trouble for him.
David and Barbara Hunter have after dinner coffee in the reception area.  They wait for Richard Lord to return after he has seen Jill Harvey to her car.  Barbara see's the night porter on duty at reception and tells David that she never realised it was so late. 
Richard Lord joins David and Barbara in reception and David asks Richard to have a night cap with him.  Richard tells him that he has a lot of work still to do.  At that moment Lucy Hamilton and Paul Ross walk into reception hand in hand.  They go to the reception desk and Lucy tells Paul to come and have a drink in her chalet.
Richard Lord bids David and Barbara good night and leaves.  David tells Barbara that no doubt Jill wasn't serious about her idea but he is.  Barbara asks him what idea and David reminds her of Jill's idea to get Kate Hamilton to invite Lucy to Italy.  He says he will talk to J. Henry about it in the morning.  "Coming to bed?" asks David.  "I thought you were going to have a night cap," says Barbara.  "Gone off the idea," says David, and taking Barbara by the hand, they leave reception.
In Lucy Hamilton's chalet she and Paul Ross sit on the bed.  Paul advances to kiss her but Lucy stands up and laughs.  Lucy asks him to tell her about Georgina Moran.  Lucy notices the change of expression on Paul's face and guesses that he liked Georgina Moran.  Lucy tells Paul that perhaps they can help each other.
The next day J. Henry Pollard see's Lucy Hamilton in reception and tells her that he has just been talking to her mother, and she was asking if Lucy would like to join her in Italy.  Lucy tells J. Henry that she is enjoying herself here.
J. Henry Pollard joins David and Barbara in the office and tells them that Lucy Hamilton won't go to Italy, but he has another idea.  He goes into reception and asks the receptionist for Lucy Hamilton's bill.
J. Henry shows Lucy Hamilton's bill to David and Barbara and tells them that Lucy can't possibly pay the bill, so if they demand payment then she will have to leave as when can't pay the bill.
Glenda Banks comes home from hospital.
Sharon Metcalfe reminds Sid Hooper about a package that arrived for Joe MacDonald.  Sid calls Joe and gives him the registered envelope.  Joe opens it and takes out a wad of money.

1983 Episodes continued

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