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Sally Banks tells Oliver that they have been together so long, they have built a lifetime together.  She begins to cry.

Oliver Banks goes to Sharon Metcalfe's flat and tells her that he couldn't leave Sally, she just broke down.

Sally Banks goes to the garage and asks Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald if Sharon Metcalfe is about.  Sid tells her that Sharon is out delivering a car.

Kath Brownlow tells Glenda that she has an idea about Joe.  She says as Joe is selling his house he could come and stay with them.  Glenda says that's a good idea.

Sharon Metcalfe is about to go into the garage office when she see's Sally Banks waiting there.  Sharon creeps out again and goes to the garage staffroom where she finds Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald.  She asks them what Sally Banks is doing here and Sid says she is waiting for her.  Sharon asks Sid Hooper to tell Mrs Banks that she is not coming back to the garage today, to make up some sort of excuse.

Sid Hooper goes into the garage office and tells Sally Banks that Sharon Metcalfe isn't coming back to the office.  Sally says never mind, she'll catch up with her another time.

Joe MacDonald goes to the Brownlow's home and Kath asks him if he has found anywhere to live yet.  Joe says no but Sid Hooper said he could move into Mavis's lodging house.  He says he doesn't fancy it much.  Kath Brownlow tells Joe that he can stay with them if he wants to.  "When can I move in?" asks Joe.

Jill Harvey tells Barbara Hunter that Councillor Berry wants to see her in the bar.  Barbara walks into reception and Councillor Berry joins her.  He tells Barbara that the bypass is going to be diverted.  He suggests they go to his flat to celebrate.  He says he has some trout ready for grilling and champagne.  Barbara tells Councillor Berry that she will ask David if he is free but Berry says there is only enough food for two.  "Can I count on you coming?" asks Councillor Berry.  Barbara tells him that trout gives her indigestion and champagne gives her the hiccoughs, and then walks off.

Councillor Berry walks into the bar where he finds Valerie Pollard sitting alone.  He tells her that it is almost certain that the bypass will be diverted away from the motel.  He tells Valerie that he is going to celebrate with champagne and Valerie offers to help him celebrate. 

Sharon Matcalfe is alone at her flat when there is a knock on the door.  She thinks it's Oliver Banks but when she opens the door she finds Sally Banks.  Sharon says she has nothing to say.  "Well I have," says Sally.

J. Henry Pollard joins David, Barbara and Jill in the office and they tell him the news about the bypass being diverted away from the motel.  J. Henry says the decision was made ten days ago.  Paul Ross joins them in the office and asks which of them will be dining in the restaurant.  J. Henry says they will all celebrate in town.  He asks Paul to send in some champagne.  "Four glasses?" asks Paul.  "No five, my wife will be joining us," says J. Henry.  Paul says he doubts that as Valerie left with Councillor Berry five minutes ago.

Sally Banks pleads with Sharon Metcalfe to let her have her husband back.

The following day Sally Banks tells Marion Owen that she went to see Sharon Metcalfe and she isn't a cheap woman.  Sally says it was a bit humiliating having to beg but she thinks she was getting through.  Marion Owen tells Sally that now she has seen Sharon Metcalfe she must face up to the possibility that Oliver could stay with Sharon.

David Hunter joins J. Henry Pollard in the office.  David says there is one way of putting his mind at rest about Valerie, phone Councillor Berry's flat.  J. Henry says he has done that every half hour since eight o'clock and there is always no answer.  David says surely that's because there is no one at the flat.  J. Henry tells David that he is sure Valerie is at Berry's flat and tells David to phone the flat himself, but David says he doesn't want to talk to the man.  J. Henry says he isn't asking him to.  "Just listen," says J. Henry.  He dials the number and holds the receiver for David to listen to the engaged tone.

Sharon Metcalfe telephones Oliver Banks and tells him that Sally came to see her.  She says perhaps they should stop seeing each other, and Oliver says he thought they had more going for them. 

Oliver Banks goes home to find Sally and Marion Owen there.  Oliver tells Marion that he has something to talk to Sally about.  Marion Owen prepares to leave but Sally tells her to stay.  Sally tells Oliver that if she has something to say he can say it in front of Marion.  Oliver tells Sally that he went round to see Sharon and he made it perfectly clear that anything she had to say she was to say to him.  Sally tells Oliver that she had things to say to Sharon that she couldn't say to him.

A short time later Oliver Banks comes downstairs with an overnight bag, and tells Sally that he is leaving.  Sally follows him into the hallway and tells him that she is sorry that she went to see Sharon, but they can work this out.  Oliver says they can't, and leaves. 

Joe MacDonald tells Sid Hooper that he can't take up his offer to stay at Mavis's lodging house because the Brownlow's have offered to let him stay with them.  Sid tells Joe that Mavis kept the room for him but Joe says nothing was fixed.  Sid says Mavis has been turning people away, so Joe offers to pay but Sid says no. 

Sharon Metcalfe joins Sid Hooper in the garage office and Sid remarks that Mrs Banks didn't hang around for long yesterday.  Sharon tells him that Sally Banks came round to her flat, and she knows what is going on.  Sharon tells Sid that it is serious between her and Oliver Banks.

Valerie Pollard returns to the motel following her evening spent with Councillor Norman Berry.  Barbara Hunter tells her that she thinks she is mad spending the night with Berry.  Valerie asks Barbara where J. Henry is and Barbara tells her that he is in the office with David so she can slip back to the chalet without being seen.  Valerie asks Barbara if she knows how J. Henry spent last evening.  "Yes.  Waiting for you," says Barbara.  Valerie says she had better not keep him waiting any longer.

Valerie goes into the office where David and J. Henry are working, and says a cheerful good morning to the two men.  "Oh are you busy.  I'll come back when it's more convenient," she says and turns to go.  "Valerie!" shouts J. Henry.  "Er...I have some overtime problems to deal with," says David and walks hurriedly towards the door.  "Oh David, don't go.  J. Henry and I have no secrets to discuss," says Valerie.  "We haven't if you came into the motel dressed like that.  The whole motel will have drawn it's own conclusions," says J. Henry.  "Have you drawn yours?" asks Valerie. 

David again tries to edge his way towards the door.  "Oh do stop trying to do a bunk David darling," says Valerie, putting a restraining hand on David's arm.  She takes off her fur coat and hands it to David.  "Phew, the central heating is stifling in here.  Norman had his blazing all night too.  Now where was I," she says.  "Berry's flat.  All night," says J. Henry.  "You have a very literal mind," says Valerie.  "Do you deny it?" asks J. Henry.  "Would you believe me if I did?" asks Valerie. 

Valerie says she has some important news for them.  "Councillor Berry, Norman himself has huffed and he's puffed and he's blown the bypass miles away from here," says Valerie.  She looks at David and J. Henry who are just standing silent.  "No smiles.  No well done Valerie.  I'm sure it hasn't escaped you that before I spent the night with Norman, the bypass was coming right through here," says Valerie.  J. Henry tells Valerie that the decision to re-route the bypass was made two weeks ago.  Valerie looks at J. Henry then at David.  "Is that right?" she asks David and David nods.  David says the council decision was unanimous and Councillor Berry didn't even have to use his famous casting vote.  Valerie says Berry really took her for a ride up his non-existant bypass.















1983 Episodes continued

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