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Paul Ross goes to the garage to see Sharon Metcalfe and Sharon asks him why he told Sergeant Halls that she hates him.  Paul says because it's true.  Sharon asks him if he honestly thinks she would write a poison pen letter, and Paul asks who else could have done it.  Sharon says what about Valerie Pollard. 
Sally Banks shows Oliver the invitations for her dinner party, and Oliver tells her that he doesn't think she will persuade the Pollard's to come.  Sally tells him that she has already spoken to Valerie Pollard and she has accepted the invitation.  Oliver notices that she has invited Sharon Metcalfe and asks why, and Sally says Sharon does manage his garage so she should be there.  
Oliver Banks tells Sharon Metcalfe about this party which Sally is organising, and Sharon says she won't be able to go.  Oliver tells her that it will seem odd if she isn't there.
Paul Ross tells Valerie Pollard that she fits the specifications of a poison pen letter writer.  He says it had to be someone who knew that he and Miranda had gone to Paris.  Valerie tells Paul that the letter said that both she and Miranda had slept with him, and asks him if that fits.  Paul says the contents of the letter were known only to Miranda, himself and Sergeant Halls, and no one else, so she has just confessed that she wrote the letter. 
Paul Ross says he can tell J. Henry Pollard what the letter said, or leave it to her.  Valerie  asks Paul Ross if he honestly thinks she would admit a false allegation to her husband.  "Do you think I would hesitate to admit anything I chose to admit.  Ask yourself what it would do to him," says Paul Ross.  Paul tells Valerie that J. Henry will be spared if Valerie persuades him to release Paul from his personal contract and allow him to leave the motel. 
Sally Banks tells Oliver that she telephoned Sharon Metcalfe about the party and she accepted the invitation. 
Valerie Pollard talks to David Hunter about Paul Ross.  She says in the event that J. Henry Pollard released Paul Ross from his personal contract would David release Paul from his contract with the motel.  David says that depends on whether Paul asks to be released or whether he has good reason to sack him. 
J. Henry and Valerie Pollard have a drink in the motel bar.  Valerie tells J. Henry that he knows Miranda received a poison pen letter, and J. Henry says he knows and it is up to Miranda to sort it out.  Valerie tells J. Henry that she wrote the letter, and J. Henry asks her what was in the letter.  Valerie tells him that the letter said that she had slept with Paul Ross, and J. Henry says no one ever beleived that was true.  "They'd better beleive it, because it's true," says Valerie Pollard. 
Oliver Banks goes to Sharon Metcalfe's flat and says he understands Sally phoned her about the party.  Sharon tells him yes, she caught her unprepared and before she knew it she accepted the invitation.  Oliver sits next to Sharon on the settee and tells her that he has fallen in love with her. 
Valerie Pollard tells J. Henry that she is certain he will sack Paul Ross but what will he do with her.  J. Henry says he will do what he always does, disbelieve her.  He tells Valerie that he doesn't believe she slept with Paul Ross.  Valerie tells J. Henry that she libelled Paul Ross in that letter and he will push for an enquiry.
David Hunter asks Paul Ross if he is satisfied with his job, and Paul says yes, most of the time.  David asks him if he is considering another position, and Paul says yes, in Paris.
Valerie Pollard tells Miranda that J. Henry would like to see her in the office.  She says J. Henry knows that she received a poison pen letter, and Miranda says she knows because she told him.  Valerie says J. Henry also knows what is in the letter, and Miranda asks how that happened.  Valerie tells her daughter that she told J. Henry and Miranda asks how she could have known what was in the letter.  Valerie says because she wrote the letter.  Miranda glares at her and says in that case there is nothing further to say.
Walter Soper returns to the Brownlow's home after his interview, and tells Glenda Banks that he got the job. 
J. Henry Pollard finds Miranda in the office and asks her if she intends to live with Paul Ross, and Miranda says no.  J. Henry asks Miranda why she told her mother that she was going to, and Miranda tells him because she was angry.  J. Henry tells Miranda that she is a spoilt, selfish, dangerous brat in urgent need of growing up.  He says if it comes to a fight between Miranda and Sergeant Halls then the sergeant will win because she is everything that Miranda isn't.
J. Henry Pollard tells Miranda that she will spend several months working in Italy as a typist at his holiday villa complex business, her pay will be low and her hours long.  Miranda tells her father that she won't go and J. Henry tells her that she will go and come back only when he wants her to.
Later, J. Henry Pollard asks Jill Harvey to book a one way flight to Rome for Miranda.
Sally Banks shows Marion Owen the menu for the dinner party she is giving and Marion says it's very extravagant.  Sally says she isn't sure whether the Pollard's are coming, so she will go to the motel and try and accidently bump into Valerie Pollard.
J. Henry Pollard tells Valerie that he will try and persuade Sergeant Halls to drop the investigation into the poison pen letter.
David Hunter tells Jill Harvey that the council are holding a meeting to decide the final position of the bypass, and says J. Henry has done nothing about it.  Jill tells David that J. Henry has packed Miranda off to Italy.
David goes into the office and angrily faces J. Henry Pollard.  "First you pack Diane off to Scotland, and now Miranda to Italy.  Who's next?" asks David.  David stops suddenly and looks at J. Henry.  "Are you alright?" he asks.  J. Henry says he feels old and tired.  J. Henry tells David that Paul Ross has got his family exactly where he wants them, and he will have to keep Paul Ross at the motel for the sake of his family.  He asks David not to oppose him on this.

1983 Episodes continued

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