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David Hunter tells J. Henry Pollard that the council are thinking of building a bypass around the village part of which is going to cut right through the motel grounds.  David says he once thought of standing for the local council himself so he knows a few people. 
Diane Hunter goes to the motel to say goodbye before she goes to Scotland.  J. Henry Pollard notices that she is looking a little down and asks her what is wrong.  Diane tells him that she had a visit from the police.  J. Henry Pollard takes Diane into the motel bar and they sit down at one of the tables.  Valerie Pollard comes into the bar and joins them.  Diane tells Valerie and J. Henry that the policewoman thinks she wrote a poison pen letter.  J. Henry asks who this poison pen letter was sent to and Diane says the polciewoman didn't say.
Sergeant Halls talks to Paul Ross in the office and tells him that she is investigating a poison pen letter.  She asks him if he has any idea who would write this letter and Paul says no.  Sergeant Halls asks about Diane Hunter and Paul says Diane was very upset when he called it off between them.  Paul Ross asks who told her about him and Diane and asks if it was Sharon Metcalfe, because if it was then Sharon Metcalfe is her target, not Diane.  "You see Sharon Metcalfe hates my guts, always has always will," says Paul.  He says Sharon warned him that if he stopped Diane from accepting this job J. Henry offered her in Scotland she would get him and perhaps this is her way of doing it.
Kevin Banks and Joe MacDonald go to the Brownlow's home and find the house in a mess.  Walter Soper tells them that it is his fault, he was going to do some spring cleaning for Kath but he has put his back out.  Walter tells Kevin that he is going upstairs to lie down.  Shortly after Kath and Glenda arrive home and Kevin tells them about Walter Soper.  Kath says she had better go upstairs and see how he is.
Oliver Banks see's Sharon Metcalfe in the garage and apologises for his behaviour the other evening.  Sharon tells him to forget about it but Oliver says he can't, he had to show how he feels about her.
Valerie Pollard joins Miranda in the office and says she heard that the police were asking questions.  Miranda says yes, she received a poison pen letter and took it to the police.  Valerie tells Miranda that she has received poison pen letters inher time but she never took them seriously.  Valerie tells Miranda that she should tell the police that she doesn't want to take the matter any further but Miranda says she's not sure she can now as it's gone too far already. 
Sharon Metcalfe and Oliver Banks have a drink in the motel bar.  Marion Owen, Sally Banks' sister spots them and says hello.  Oliver tells Marion that he and Sharon were just having a drink to celebrate the fact that he has bought a half share in the garage.
Kath Brownlow tells Water Soper that he really should try and find somewhere else to live.  She tells him that Kevin and Glenda have some right in the house.
Oliver Banks and Sharon Metcalfe go to Sharon's flat, and Sharon says she didn't know Marion Owen was his sister in law.  She says she is no good at deception and it stops right now. 
Jill Harvey goes into reception where she meets Sergeant Halls.  Jill tells the police woman that she will be free in about ten minutes and then she can answer all her questions.
Oliver Banks and Sharon Metcalfe go to the motel office to meet with the motel directors.  Sharon introduces Oliver Banks to David Hunter and Jill Harvey.  J. Henry Pollard joins them and asks Oliver if he has come to tell them who the new owner of the garage is.  Oliver Banks tells them that he is the new owner.  J, Henry tells Oliver that they sat down together yesterday and discussed this and he never mentioned anything of this.  He accuses Oliver Banks of going behind his back. 
Joe MacDonald tells Kevin Banks that he knows of a job which would suit Walter Soper, a car park attendant.  He gives Kevin the address of the company. 
Jill Harvey goes into the office with Sergeant Halls and the police woman tells her that she is investigating a poison pen letter.  She says the letter mentioned Paul Ross and she understands that Jill doesn't get on with Paul Ross.  Jill says she didn't get on with him at first but now they are the best of friends.  Sergeant Halls aays the letter was typed on the office typewriter.  "Can you type Mrs Harvey?" asks Sergeant Halls. 
Kevin Banks tells Kath Brownlow that Joe MacDonald may have found a job for Walter Soper.  He asks where Walter is so that he can tell him the good news and Kath says he is lying down upstairs.  Kevin tells Kath that he will leave a note for Walter on the mantlepiece, and then he can't miss it.
Oliver Banks tells Sammy that he has bought a half share in the motel garage.  Sally says she thought J. Henry Pollard was interested in buying it and Oliver says he was but he beat him to it. 
David and Barbara Hunter join Jill Harvey in the office and they ask her how she got on with Sergeant Halls.  Jill tells them that the policewoman wlaked all over her.  Valerie Pollard joins them in the office and Jill asks her if the policewoman has spoken to her yet.  Valerie says no.
Walter Soper goes downstairs at the Brownlow's house and see's the note Kevin has left him on the mantlepiece.  He reads the note, scowls and puts the note in his pocket.
J. Henry Pollard joins David, Barbara and Jill in thr office.  Miranda Pollard joins them and J. Henry says he wants to know what this policewoman is doing here.  David says no one knows.  Miranda tells J, Henry that she received a poison pen letter and she took it to the police.  "And that is all I am prepared to tell you or anyone," says Miranda.
Kath Brownlow asks Walter Soper if he found the note on the mantlepiece and Walter says no, he hasn't seen any note.  Kath searches the room for it.  Kevin Banks comes downstairs and Kath tells him that Walter hasn't seen the note.  Kevin says that's no problem, he will phone Joe MacDonald and get the address from him.  Walter tells him that there is no need to bother Joe with it but Kevin says it's no bother.  Kevin phones Joe MacDonald and asks him for the address which he writes down on a piece of paper.  Kath tells Walter that she will hold on to the address this time.      
Sergeant Halls goes to see Sharon Metcalfe at Sharon's flat and tells her that she is on official business this time.  Sergeant Halls reads out the words Paul Ross quoted to her about Sharon 'getting him'.  She asks Sharon if what he says is true and Sharon admits that she said that, but she didn't sit down afterwards and write a nasty letter.
After Sergeant Halls has left Sharon telephones the motel and speaks to Paul Ross.  Sharon tells Paul that she wants to speak to him in person but Paul says he has more important things to do and he will see her tomorrow.  "When?" asks Sharon.  "When I choose," replies Paul Ross, and puts the phone down.
Sally Banks and her sister Marion Owen have tea at Sally and Oliver Bank's home and Sally tells Marion about Oliver out-doing J. Henry Pollard.  She says she went out of her way to cultivate the Pollard's friendship and now Oliver has ruined it.  She tells Marion that she is going to give a party and invite the Pollard's, the Hunter's and the garage manager.  Sally asks Marion who the garage manager is and Marion tells her it is Sharon Metcalfe.  "A woman," says Sally, a little anxiously.  Marion says Sharon is very nice.

1983 Episodes continued

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