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Sally Banks goes to the motel and asks the receptionist if Valerie Pollard is at the motel.  At that moment Valerie Pollard walks into reception, see's Sally Banks and tries to go out of the reception without being seen.  However, Sally Banks spots Valerie.  "Mrs Banks," says Valerie.  "Sally please," says Sally Banks.
Sally tells Valerie that everyone is so looking forward to meeting her and Mr Pollard.  Valerie tells Sally Banks that they won't be going to her party, J. Henry would hate it.  Sally looks at her, then gives a small laugh.  "You're teasing me," says Sally.  Valerie says she isn't.  "You look as if you need a drink," says Valerie.  Valerie puts a hand on Sally's shoulder and guides her towards the motel bar, and suggests she orders a gin.
Sally Banks goes into the motel bar alone and Marion Owen see's her there.  Marion asks her sister what is wrong, and Sally tells her that Valerie Pollard just told her that she isn't coming to her party.  She says she was so rude, yet she kept smiling.
Sergeant Halls goes into the motel office where she meets J. Henry Pollard.  J. Henry asks the policewoman to sit down and offers her some tea.  As he pours the tea he shakes uncontrollably.  He tells the sergeant that he has forgotten to take his tablets. 
J. Henry Pollard tells Sergeant Halls that Miranda has gone to Italy, and the sergeant asks how long she has gone for.  J. Henry says indefinitely.  "She will return if needed," he says.  "If?" asks Sergeant Halls.  J. Henry tells Sergeant Halls that Miranda only took the poison pen letter to the police on impulse, and perhaps she should consider the case closed. 
When she is off duty Sergeant Annette Halls goes to Sharon Metcalfe's flat.  Sharon asks her how her mother is and Annette tells Sharon that she has given in her resignation to the police force because she can't leave her mother on her own.  She tells Sharon that she has looked at the surgical waiting list and her mother might get a new hip in a year at best.
Sally Banks tells Oliver that the Pollard's are not coming to the party.
Marion Owen goes to the Brownlow's home and tells Glenda that she has some good news for her, she and Kevin have got an interview at the clinic.
Jill Harvey joins J. Henry and Valerie Pollard in the motel bar.  Jill tells them that she has just had a meeting with Councillor Norman Berry about this proposed bypass.  Jill says Councillor Berry is worse then Sergeant Halls.  "No, that's not fair.  She's not so bad," says Jill as an afterthought.  Jill tells J. Henry and Valerie that Sergeant Halls' mother has been waiting for a hip operation for years.
Once Jill Harvey has left the bar, J. Henry tells Valerie that there may be a way of getting Sergeant Halls to stop her enquiries into the poison pen letter.
Oliver Banks tells Sharon Metcalfe that they can buy a little flat so that they can see each other more often.
Sergeant Halls arrives at the motel and goes to the office to see J. Henry Pollard.  J. Henry tells her that he is very worried because she hasn't dropped the case.  J. Henry tells Sergeant Halls that he is going to talk to her as Miss Halls, not as Sergeant Halls.  He says there might be a solution and suggests that it is no longer necessary for her mother to go on suffering.  Sergeant Halls asks J. Henry to stop before he offers her a bribe, because whatever it is she will not accept it.  J. Henry tells Sergeant Halls that he isn't asking her to accept anything.
J. Henry Pollard tells Sergeant Halls that her mother can have her operation next week.  He says Sergeant Halls can go on with this rediculous enquiry but Miss Halls can see to it that the case is never solved.  J. Henry asks Sergeant Halls to phone him with her decision.
Oliver Banks telephones Sharon Metcalfe from his home.  Sally Banks comes downstairs and stops when she hears Oliver's words of endearment on the phone.  Sally Banks hears Oliver mention Sharon by name.
Kevin Banks tells Percy Dobson that he will be taking next Tuesday off to go with Glenda to the clinic to see if they are suitable for a test tube baby.  Percy Dobson tells Kevin that he is supposed to be a working partner, he can't go off when he feels like it.
Annette Halls goes to Sharon Metcalfe's flat and Sharon asks her how her mother is.  Annette Halls tells Sharon that it is possible that her mother might be able to have her hip operation sooner than expected, it all depends on a phone call she has to make.  Sharon tells Annette that she is welcome to use her phone, but Annette says she can't make the call in anyone else's hearing. 
Valerie Pollard joins J. Henry in the office.  The phone rings and J. Henry picks up the receiver, then hands it to Valerie.  "Yes, he's right here.  Yes, I'll take a message but he's sitting right next to me..." says Valerie.
Valerie tells J. Henry that she thinks that was the policewoman.  Valerie tells J. Henry that the caller said it was Miss Halls calling not Sergeant Halls.
Percy Dobson goes to see Kath Brownlow.
Jill Harvey joins David Hunter in the office and tells him that Councillor Norman Berry has arrived.  David tells her that he asked the Councillor to come and see him. 
Councillor Berry arrives in the office.  David tells the Councillor that Mrs Harvey rather lost her temper the other evening and she insisted on staying to apologise.  "Didn't you Jill," says David.  "Oh my God," says Jill, in a low voice.  "I beg your pardon," says David.  "All my fault," says Jill to Councillor Berry.  David suggests that Councillor Berry has dinner with the motel directors but the Councillor says he doesn't think they are sufficently acquainted for that.
Kath Brownlow asks Percy Dobson if Kevin has told him about the baby, and Dobson says yes and he can't say he is very happy about it.  Kath tells Percy Dobson that she could understand if Kevin was just an employee but he is a junior partner, and Kevin's father did pay a lot of money for the partnership.
Barbara Hunter joins David, Jill and Councillor Berry in the office.  Barbara Hunter looks at Councillor Berry.  "Oh my God," she says.  David looks at her and introduces her to Councillor Berry.  "Yes, I think we know who we are," says Barbara.  Councillor Berry tells David that if the invitation to dinner is still open then he would loke to accept.  He looks at Barbara Hunter.  "Which evening would be suitable for you Mrs Hunter," says the Councillor.  David says any evening would be convenient.  "Yes, make the plans and just drag me along," says Barbara.
Glenda Banks arrives home just as Percy Dobson on leaving.  Percy Dobson tells Glenda that Kath has been telling him all about the baby.  He says he admires her, and tells her not to worry about Kevin having time off.
Marion Owen goes to see her sister Sally Banks and Sally asks her if she thinks she should dye her hair blonde because the way she looks is important.  She bursts into tears.  Marion Owen asks her what is wrong and Sally tells her it's Oliver, he is having an affair.

1983 Episodes continued

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