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Joe MacDonald goes to the Brownlow's to return the pie dish to Kath.  Glenda tells him that they are very sorry about Trina.  Joe says Trina left a note saying that the things she said about Kevin and Carole Sands was said in spite and there's nothing in it.
David, Barbara and Jill have dinner in the motel restaurant.  David tells them that he suggested that Kate Hamilton comes to stay at the motel until the inquest is over.  Barbara says perhaps she could do some work for them.  Paul Ross comes to the table and tells David that he took a phone call from David's solicitor to say that Kate Hamilton has accepted his offer to come and stay at the motel.
In the garage Benny puts oil in Barbara Hunter's car.  Benny puts the oil into the car then leaves the garage workshop.  Terry Lawton comes out of the shadows and goes to the car.  He gets underneath the car and then watches as the oil Benny has just put in comes pouring out.
Arthur Brownlow goes to see Joe MacDonald and tells him that he is disgusted at what happened to Joe and Trina.  Joe tells Arthur that over the past few months Arthur and his kind have made his life a misery.  He says his wife and child have left him and it hurts.  Joe tells Arthur that he can tell those sensible friends of his that he is selling up and getting out, not because of their actions but because he doesn't like them.  He says even if they were black he still wouldn't like them.
Kevin and Glenda Banks have a drink in the motel bar and Kevin tells Glenda about his involvement with Carole Sands.
Kath Brownlow finds Arthur sitting dejected at home.  Arthur tells her that Joe MacDonald is moving and he blames him for what happened.  Kath reminds Arthur that he did want Joe and Trina out, and Arthur says yes, but not this way.  "You think it's my fault don't you?" says Arthur.  Kath tells him that he is a good man, he just gets things a bit mixed up.  Kath Brownlow leaves the room.  Arthur sits down and starts sobbing.
In the middle of the night Glenda Banks sits alone in the living room.  Kevin joins her in the living room and asks her if she is coming to bed.  Glenda tells him that she isn't sharing a bed with him.  Kevin tells Glenda that it happend but it's over.  Glenda tells Kevin that if anyone else had told her she wouldn't have believed them, she would only have believed it from him.
Jill Harvey prepares to go on holiday with her daughter Sarah Jane.  Jill tells David that she hopes she will see Kate Hamilton before she goes.  David says if Kate arrives this afternoon he won't be here to meet her because he has to see the accountants.  Jill and David both look at Barbara but Barbara says she has to go to London to see her publisher about her book.  David says he will put off seeing the accountants.
Kath, Arthur, Kevin and Glenda have breakfast and Kath notices that Glenda is subdued.  When Kath gets a chance to talk to Kevin she asks him what is wrong.  Kevin tells Kath that he told Glenda the truth.
David Hunter tells Jill Harvey and Barbara that Kate Hamilton is arriving this afternoon.  Jill tells him that Chimney's will be empty whilst she is away, so perhaps Kate would like to stay there.  David tells Jill that it might be better if Kate stays at the motel where she would be surrounded by friends.  David says besides if Kate is at Chimney's she will have to do her own cooking, and Jill says Kate loves cooking.  Barbara asks David if Kate did her cooking in her quarters at the motel but David says no, he sampled Kate's cooking when he and Kate shared a cottage.  "Well not shared exactly," says Jill.  David tells Barbara that Kate was his housekeeper much the same as Barbara was Lloyd Munro's housekeeper.
Ashley Lamont arrives at the motel and goes to the garage office where he finds Sid Hooper.  Sharon Metcalfe welcomes Ashley back.  Ashley puts his arm around Sharon's waist and Sid leaves the office.  Ashley Lomont and Sharon Metcalfe kiss.
David Hunter waits in reception for Kate Hamilton to arrive.  Kate comes into the motel.  "Kate," calls David, but she fails to hear him.  David walks towards Kate.  "Kate," he repeats.  "Hello David," says Kate Hamilton.  David takes her arm.  "Come on," he says noticing that she is looking shocked.  "Where's your luggage?" asks David.  "In the car," Kate tells him.  "May I?" asks David, taking the car keys from Kate's hand. 
David Hunter asks the receptiinist to have Kate Hamilton's luggage taken to chalet 22.  David shows Kate into the office.  Kate stands still , staring around the office.  David tells Kate that Diane will be joining them for tea.  "Diane?" asks Kate.  "You remember Diane," says David.  "Oh yes of course," says Kate.  She tells David that it has all changed, and David tells her that's because of the fire.  "Yes, of course.  It's not the same office," says Kate Hamilton.  David tells Kate to sit down.  Kate turns to David.  "Thank you," she says.  David says there is no need to thank him.  Kate sits down and buries her face in her hands.
Kath Brownlow arrives home and finds Glenda sitting at the dining table.  Kath tells Glenda that she wants to talk to her before the men arrive home.  Kath tells Glenda that she and Arthur knew about Kevin and Carole Sands but they didn't want to hurt her.  She says Kevin has been honest and told her everything and Glenda must meet him halfway.  Glenda asks her mother what Kevin saw in Carole Sands, she wasn't pretty.  Kath tells Glenda that she must put it out of her mind.  "I can't Mum.  It's spoilt everything.  It's no good.  I'll never feel the same about him again," says Glenda.
Terry Lawton moans to Benny about the lack of nightlife in the area and he suggests they go on a pub crawl, but Benny says he doesn't drink.  Terry tells Benny that he doesn't have to drink, he can play space invaders.
David Hunter has dinner with Kate Hamilton in the motel restaurant.  Paul Ross whispers to Diane Hunter that he heard she had tea with Mrs Hamilton and David Hunter, and Diane says she did.  Paul asks her if anything was said about Mrs Hamilton's daughter Lucy, and Diane tells him that is private and he will have to do his own digging.
Kate Hamilton tells David what happened between her and Tony Moran on the night he died.  She tells David that Tony had been drinking and she went out for a drive for half an hour.  She tells him that when she got back from her drive she found Tony Moran unconscious at the foot of the stairs, and he died on the way to the hospital.  Kate tells David that she can't ptove that she was out of the house for that half an hour.  David says it was obviously the drink which caused Tony to fall down the stairs.  Kate tells David that she knows what people think, "Big man drunk, woman angry, a flight of stairs, a little push..." says Kate.  "Kate," says David and reaches for her hand. 
Kath Brownlow tells Arthur that Glenda is moving her things into Ron's old room.  Arthur says Glenda is going the right way to wrecking her marriage.
Sharon Metcalfe and Ashley Lamont have dinner in the motel restaurant.  Sharon notices Kate Hamilton as Kate and David Hunter get up from their table, and she says hello.  Sharon tells Kate that they must get together for a little chat sometime.  Sharon introduces Ashley Lamont.  David Hunter asks Ashley Lamont if he has heard from his father, Reg, and Ashley says no, he can only contact him at the address in Malta. 
Kate Hamilton and David Hunter leave the restaurant.  Ashley asks Sharon who the lady is, and Sharon tells him that Kate used to work with David a few years ago.  She tells Ashley that she thought there was something going on between David and Kate.  "That's not going to please Mrs Hunter is it," says Ashley.  "Before her time," says Sharon.
Terry Lawton and Benny arrive back from the pub and Terry is a little drunk.  Terry says Mrs Hunter must be on the motorway on her way to London by now, and he says he hopes she can take the joke. 
Kate Hamilton goes to the motel office and finds Jill Harvey there.  Jill tells Kate that she was thinking Kate might like to stay at Chimney's whilst she is away on holiday.  She says maybe David was right, she would prefer to stay at the motel with friends.
Jill Harvey tells Kate that she is going on holiday with her daughter.  "Did David tell you about his holiday?" asks Jill.  Kate says no, but she wondered where David got his tan.  "You should see Barbara's, that's his wife," says Jill.  Kate tells Jill that she read about David's wedding in the paper.  Jill asks Kate if David explained why Barbara isn't here, and Kate says she wasn't mentioned.  Kate tells Jill that maybe she could help out whilst Jill is on holiday.
Paul Ross talks to Jill Harvey in reception and tells her that he could make sure that the villa which the Hunter's stayed in is available for Jill.  Jill says so that he could spy on her, and Paul says no.  Paul tells Jill that everyone could see David Hunter's consoling hand on Kate Hamilton's in the restaurant last night.  Jill tells Paul to keep out of that or there will be trouble.
David Hunter tells Jill and Kate that he is a little concerned about Barbara.  He says she should have left London by now, so where is she.  He says she usually leaves London early to avoid the traffic and is always back at the motel for breakfast.
Paul Ross shows Kate Hamilton the booking routine for the restaurant.
A young woman called Georgina Marshall books into the motel and hears Paul Ross mention Kate Hamilton's name.  Georgina Marshall looks up from signing the register and Paul Ross meets her glance.
Sharon Metcalfe receives a telephone call from Barbara Hunter to say that her car has ground to a halt.  Sharon tells her that someone will be with her as soon as possible.  Sharon Metcalfe tells Sid Hooper to get out to Barbara Hunter as soon as he can.      

1982 Episodes continued

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