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Paul Ross finds Diane Hunter in the bar talking to Sharon Metcalfe.  Paul tells Diane that she shouldn't be socialising during working hours.  Diane tells Paul that she was just saying hello.  Sharon Metcalfe stands up and tells Paul Ross that she objects to him talking to her friend like that especially when she can't answer back.  "Anymore of it and I'm going to complain to the management," says Sharon.  "I am the management," says Paul Ross.
Terry Lawton goes to Diane's flat because Diane has had him thrown out of his motel chalet.  He asks Diane if he couls sleep on her settee because he hasn't got any money.  Diane tells him that he can stay for a few nights. 
Miranda Pollard tells Valerie that she has got to make some flight bookings for J. Henry, but she says he is in no fit state to go anywhere.  Valerie Pollard tells Miranda that Paul Ross is dangerous and J. Henry is in no fit state to fight him.
Terry Lawton goes to the garage and asks Sid Hooper what he would like him to do.  Terry tells Sid that he is working here.  Sharon Metcalfe comes in and introduces Terry to Sid.  She fits Terry lawton out with overalls and asks him about his references.  Terry tells Sharon that she can telephone his former employer. 
Glenda Banks tells Kevin that she saw Joe MacDonald this morning and he virtually ignored her.  She asks Kevin what it's all about and Kevin tells her that he made a bit of an idiot of himself yesterday.  Kevin tells Glenda that the MacDonald's were complaining about the noise from the garage so he went around to sort it out but he lost his cool, and threw a punch at Greg Collins.
Kath Brownlow talks to Shaheen Kazmi at reception and tells her that there has been a double booking in the restaurant.  Diane Hunter joins them and asks what is wrong.  Kath tells her about the double booking, and Diane says surely Paul Ross hasn't made a mistake.  Kath tells Diane that she thinks she was the one who made the double booking.
Paul Ross comes into reception and see's Diane and Kath talking.  "Socialising again," he says.  Diane tells him that she is here for a reason, Kath is trying to sort out a double booking.  "Another one?" asks Paul Ross.  Paul tells Diane that she made a double booking a little while ago.  Diane Hunter takes Paul Ross by the arm and takes him out of earshot of Kath and Shaheen.  "Have you finished humiliating me in front of my friends," says Diane.  Diane tells Paul that she is going to complain to the management about harrassement.  Paul tells her that he is the management.
Diane Hunter tells Paul Ross that she will see Mrs Harvey, and Paul says Mrs Harvey won't be on duty until six o'clock, and by then she won't be here.  "You're sacked," says Paul Ross.  "Pack up and go.  Your money will follow in the post," says Paul Ross and walks away.
Glenda Banks tells Kath and Arthur that Kevin had a punch up with Greg Collins.  She says she should go round to the MacDonald's and try and sort things out, but Kath says perhaps that isn't a good idea. 
Valerie Pollard helps J. Henry to pack and tries to persuade him not to go, but J. Henry tells her that he is determined to live a normal life.  Valerie tells J. Henry that she is responsible for his condition and a relapse would also be her fault.  J. Henry tells her that she has no ned to feel guilty, and tells her that she is free to do whatever she wants.  "I want what you no longer seem to want," says Valerie, and they kiss.
Diane Hunter gives Terry Lawton the address of the place where Benny is staying and tells him to go there and find himself a place to stay.
Sharon Metcalfe telephones Diane Hunter's flat and Terry Lawton answers the phone.  Sharon asks to speak to Diane but Terry tells her that she has left.  Sharon says she wanted Diane to get her some chinese food so Terry says he can get it for her.
David and Barbara Hunter arrive back at the motel after their holiday.  Jill Harvey welcomes them back and they go into the office.
Sharon Metcalfe arrives at Diane's flat and finds the table laid ready for two people.
Diane Hunter goes to the office and tells Jill Harvey that she has come to say goodbye.  "Paul Ross sacked me this afternoon," Diane tells Jill.  Jill tells Diane to sit down.  "Paul Ross is not going to sack you while I'm here," says Jill.  "Sorry Jill, but I'd like to give my notice.  There is no way I can go on working at the motel with that man," says Diane.
The following morning David and Barbara look over the books and David says the restaurant takings were particularly good during their absence.  Jill Harvey joins David and Barbara in the office and tells them that Paul Ross sacked Diane yesterday.  "Tell Diane she is reinstated," says David.  Jill tells him it's no good, Diane has given her notice and says she won't work in the same place as Paul Ross.  David says they will have Paul Ross in the office, and Jill says Paul has disappeared.  David tells Jill that he is going to go and sort this out with J. Henry Pollard.  "Been playing on your woman's sympathy has he," says David.  "Well I don't think he'll find my sympathy as susceptible," says David and leaves the office.
David Hunter goes to J. Henry Pollard's chalet and finds J. Henry and Valerie packing.  David tells J. Henry that Paul Ross cannot sit on the board, and he can't continue at the motel in any capacity.  Valerie tells David that J. Henry was running corporations long before him, and he knows what he is doing.  David tells Valerie that Paul Ross is sacking some of their best people.  "Good.  Let him, and when he stops to draw breath, then my husband will make his move," says Valerie Pollard.  J. Henry stares at her.
Valerie Pollard tells J. Henry and David that when Paul Ross has served his purpose then he will be flung out on his ear.  David asks how he can be sure this will happend.  Valerie tells David that she can see his point and she asks J. Henry if she can make a full report of his strategy to send to David.  Valerie tells David not to show the report to anyone, only his solicitor.  "I think you'll like it," says Valerie.  "Almost as much as our visit to Mr Shakespear that we never had," says Valerie.  David smiles.  "Lunch with Barbara and me before you go," suggests David.  "Lunch without business," says Valerie.  "As you please," replies David and leaves.
J. Henry Pollard stares at his wife.  "Valerie.  What is this move I am going to make against Paul Ross?" asks J. Henry.  "Don't you know" says Valerie.  "I think you had better think one up fast as soon as we escape from here," says Valerie and they both laugh. 
David Hunter joins Barbara in the office.  "That didn't take long," says Barbara.  "I met a strange woman coming out of his chalet," says David.  "What strange woman?" asks Barbara.  "She said she was his nurse, gave me this bill," says David, looking at a bit of paper in his hand. 
Barbara asks David what happened in J. Henry's chalet.  "I met another strange woman," says David.  "Darling, be serious," says Barbara.  "I am being serious," says David.  "The strange woman looked exactly like Valerie Pollard, but she behaved like the best wife a man ever had," says David.  "Excepting you of course," he adds.  "If you tell me she burst into tears..." says Barbara.  "No.  Wool though.  I'm pretty sure of that now," says David.  "Wool?  David, what are you on about?" asks Barbara.  "The wool she tried to pull over my eyes," says David and laughs.  "Lucky husband, J. Henry," says David.  "Almost as lucky as I am," adds David, looking at Barbara.  "Oh shut up," laughs Barbara.

1982 Episodes continued

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