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J. Henry Pollard tells David Hunter and Jill Harvey that he has to go to London on business.  Valerie Pollard comes into the office and J. Henry tells her that he is going to London.  Valerie tells him that she will be kept busy checking up on a member of staff.  "Paul Ross.  I think he's a fake," says Valerie.
Barbara Hunter joins David in the office.  "No sign of our new receptionist?" she asks.  "No, and she is not our new receptionist," says David.  "Oh I'm sorry.  I thought..." says Barbara.  "We decide, not Malik," says David.  Barbara moves closer to him and puts her arms around David's neck.  "Goodness, you sound irritable," says Barbara.  "I can do without Malik making our staff appointments," says David.  Barbara tells him that Arif Malik probably felt embarrassed about leaving them in the lurch.  Barbara moves to kiss David.  "We'd have managed," says David and walks across the office to his desk.  "You are irritable," says Barbara.  "I wish you'd take it out on him and not on me," says Barbara.
The phone in the office rings and David picks it up.  David tells Barbara that Rashida Malik's replacement has arrived.  Shaheen Kazmi comes into the office and David and Barbara interview her. 
Benny helps Archie Gibbs mow the motel lawn.  Archie asks Benny what he is going to do with his money, and tells Benny that he should have a holiday.  Benny says he doesn't want a holiday.  Archie Gibbs tells Benny that he has no idea what to do with the money.  He says a 1000 is all he would need to get him straight with his bills.
Valerie Pollard gets the phone number of the Chateau Rondell in Switzerland but just as she is about to dial the number, J. Henry Pollard comes into the room and takes the phone from her.  J. Henry Pollard tells Valerie that there is a better way of checking up on Paul Ross.  He says he will make a few discreet enquiries whilst he is in London and when he comes back he will know more about Paul Ross than his own mother.  "You'll see, he's a fake," says Valerie. 
Archie Gibbs joins Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald in the garage office, and Sid asks where Benny is.  Archie Gibbs says he doesn't know and he doesn't care.  Diane Hunter comes into the office and Sid Hooper asks her if she could make a cup of coffee.  Diane goes into the small kitchen.  Sid Hooper asks Archie Gibbs what is wrong with Benny and Archie tells him that Benny has no idea where money is concerned.  He says it is unfair that Benny should have all that money and not know what to do with it.
Benny comes into the garage office and overhears what Archie Gibbs says.  Benny slams the door shut.Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald leave the office.  Benny tells Archie Gibbs that he thought they were friends.  "We are," says Archie.  "Yeah, sounds like it," says Benny.  Archie Gibbs tells Benny that he is sorry but what he said is true, he has no idea of the value of money.  "A thousand pounds, that would get you in the clear," says Benny.  "Alright, you can have it," he adds.
Diane Hunter, who is still in the garage kitchen area, hears Archie and Benny's conversation and comes rushing into the office.  "Benny!" she exclaims.  Benny says it's his money, he can do what he wants with it.  Archie tells Benny that it is good of him but he couldn't take the money.
Tom Logan joins Doris Luke in her flat, and Doris asks him what happens if he doesn't get the post office.  Tom Logan tells Doris that they can go somewhere else.  Doris tells Tom that she doesn't want to leave King's Oak, she has a lot of friends here.  Tom tells her that she has to chose between him or King's Oak. 
Glenda Banks bumps into Tom Logan at the motel and she tells him that if he is on his own could he go and see Arthur because he is on his own.
Jill Harvey and Barbara Hunter talk to Kath Brownlow and tell her that they were going to put her on a three month trial for the job as housekeeper, but they have decided, she is marvellous at the job. 
Kath Brownlow see's Glenda in reception and tells her that she has got the housekeepers job.  Glenda tells her that she has to tell Arthur.  "Don't expect him to be as pleased about it as you are," says Kath.
Tom Logan goes to the Brownlow's house and finds Arthur Brownlow on his own.  Tom Logan tells Arthur that he knows Doris Luke, and asks him if he thinks he is doing the right thing.  Arthur tells Tom that he thinks Tom and Doris are being a bit hasty.  Arthur advises Tom to have a straight talk with Doris. 
Sid Hooper looks at a newspaper for a horse to place a bet on.  Benny asks Sid if he can have a go and Sid suggests they go halves.
Valerie Pollard joins David and Barbara Hunter in the office and tells them that she has found something she can do at the motel.  She tells David and Barbara that she can work in the bar, she knows about mixing drink s and she can help people enjoy themselves.  David tells Valerie that he will talk to their present barmaid and ask her to show Valerie the ropes.  "After all, what harm can it do," says David.  "Exactly," says Valerie Pollard, and leaves the office.  "I wish I hadn't said that," David tells Barbara.
Benny asks Sid Hooper how the horse that they bet on did, and Sid tells him it came first.  Sid gives benny the share of his winnings. 
That evening, Benny goes to see Doris Luke in her flat.  Doris asks Benny what he will do with the money his father left him.  She tells Benny that he could buy a house, but Benny says he doesn't want to.  Benny tells Doris that everyone wants him to change now that he has money but he just wants everthing to stay the same.
Tom Logan asks Glenda Banks who he should see at the motel about the wedding reception, and Glenda tells him to see Paul Ross.
J. Henry Pollard comes into the motel and see's Valerie working behind the bar.
David Hunter telephones Sharon Metcalfe and asks her if she could come to the motel office, but Sharon tells him that she is very busy at the moment, could he come over to the garage office.  David tells her that he will be there in five minutes.
Jill Harvey joins J. Henry and Valerie Pollard in the motel bar.  Valerie asks J. Henry if he found out anything about Paul Ross and J. Henry tells her that a friend of his spent a night at the Chateau Rondell and causally asks if they knew Paul Ross.  J. Henry says the Chateau Rondell said that they were sorry to see Paul Ross go, and he had only good reports about him.
David Hunter tells Sharon Metcalfe that he has had some complaints about motel guests not being able to have their car serviced.  Sharon tells David that they are very busy.  David says there was always an understanding between the motel and the garage that motel guests could have their cars serviced.  Sharon reminds Davdi that that was when the motel owned the garage. 

1982 Episodes continued

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