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Ashley Lamont goes to see Sharon Metcalfe and asks her to come with him when he goes on this course, but Sharon says she can't.
Sid Hooper see's Benny looking at his gold watch.  He tells Benny that his father must have been well off, and says he supposes it's his wife who will get all the money.  Benny tells Sid that his father left him something too.  "How much?" asks Sid.  "25," replies Benny.  Sid tells Benny that he can buy them all a cake with his 25.  "Oh no, not 25, 25 thousand," says Benny.
J. Henry Pollard joins Barbara Hunter in the motel office and says he can't help feeling responsible for Adam and Jill breaking up.  J. Henry tells Barbara that he warned Adam off and that only made Valerie more eager to encourage him.  Barbara tells J. Henry that she doesn't understand why he married Valerie, and J. Henry tells Barbara that she should have seen Valerie when he first met her, she was beautiful.  J. Henry tells Barbara that Valerie enjoys humilating him, and Barbara asks him why he doesn't divorce her.  "I love her.  I'll never let her go Barbara.  Never," he says.
Sid Hooper tells Joe MacDonald that he never knows when Benny is having him on.  he tells Joe that yesterday Benny told him that his father had left him 25,000.  Joe MacDonald tells Sid that he must have got it wrong.  Benny comes in at that moment and asks Benny about what he told him yesterday, about his father leaving him 25,000.  Sid says Benny was having him on but Benny says he wasn't.
Valerie Pollard joins J. Henry in the motel bar.  J. Henry tel s Valerie that now that Adam Chance has left the motel is one director short so she had better start working.  Valerie says the atmosphere will be terrible and J. Henry tells her that she should have thought about that before.  Valerie tells J. henry that he can't force her to work.
Paul Ross notices a dirty serviette on one of the restaurant tables and calles Glenda Banks over.  Glenda tells Paul that the clean serviettes haven't arrived back from the laundry yet.  Paul Ross says he will have to have a word with Mrs Brownlow, laundry is her job.  At that moment Kath Brownlow comes in with the clean laundry and tells Paul Ross that one of the drivers was off sick so that was why the laundry was a bit late. 
Paul Ross picks up a flower arrangement from the table and tells Glenda that it is far too bulky and takes up too much room on the table.  David Hunter comes into the restaurant and asks if there is a problem.  Paul Ross begins to say that there is but Kath Brownlow says there is no problem.  David tells her that everything looks very nice and congratulates Kath.  "I particularly like the floral arrangements on each table.  Very striking," says David.
Valerie Pollard goes into the office and tells David that J. Henry has told her that she has to work so she has come to ask him for something to do.  David tells Valerie that she hasn't got any experience of hotel work, and Valerie says she has lots of experience in hotels.  "But not the kind you mean," says Valerie.  David tells Valerie that the only thing to do is for her to follow someone around and learn that way.
Valerie Pollard wanders into the restaurant and spots restaurant manager Paul Ross.  She tells him that she is to become a working partner and she has to learn about the hotel business.  She suggests they take a bottle of vodka into her chalet and he can explain how the hotel business works.  Paul says he really isn't qualified to do that.  Valerie says in that case could he bring her that bottle of vodka to her chalet.  "I want you to bring it now," says Valerie.  Paul tells her he is going off duty and repeats that he will arrange for a bottle of vodka to be delivered to her chalet.  
Arif Malik and his daughter Rashida Malik go into the office and Arif tells David Hunter that Rashida must leave the motel today.  He explains that Rashida is betrothed to a young man in Pakistan and the young man's mother is dying and wants to see Rashida.  David tells Arif Malik that he understands and they will be very sorry to lose Rashida.  Arif Malik tells David that he has a replacement for Rashida if he should want, a cousin of theirs.
Glenda Banks tells Diane Hunter that you wouldn't catch her working if she were Benny.  Diane asks Glenda how she knows and Glenda says everyone is talking about it.   
Valerie Pollard asks Paul Ross where he did his training, and Paul tells her the Chateau Rondelle in Switzerland.  Valerie says she knows the hotel but doesn't remember seeing him there.  Paul Ross excuses himself and walks away.  Valerie turns to Diane and says there is something strange about Paul Ross.  "So you noticed," says Diane Hunter.  "He's a fake, and I'll prove it," says Valerie Pollard.
Tom Logan and Doris Luke have dinner at the Brownlow's house.  Tom Logan tells Kath and Arthur about his plans for the post office if he buys it.  Tom says after he and Doris are married they are going to go on holiday to France.  Arthur Brownlow suggests a drink at the pub and Tom and Arthur leave the house. 
Kath Brownlow asks Doris what is wrong, she's been very quiet.  Kath asks Doris if it is this trip to France, and Doris says it's the first she has heard about it.  "You mean he hasn't discussed it with you?" asks Kath.  Doris tells Kath that Tom has got some funny ways and she isn't sure she can change at her time of life.
Valerie Pollard corners Paul Ross again in the restaurant.  She tells him that she has to learn about the business.  Valerie asks Paul when he was promoted to head waiter at the Chateau Rondell and Paul says last year.  Valerie says it is strange that she doesn't remember seeing him there.  Paul Ross says they must have missed each other.  He tells Valerie that if she wants to know about the other places he has worked it is all on file.  Valerie tells Paul that she will be interested to find out why he left a first class hotel to come and work at a mIdlands motel.  Paul Ross tells her that he is head waiter and restaurant manager here and he wanted to move into management.

1982 Episodes continued

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