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An elderly gentleman arrives at the motel and asks Rashida Malik if Doris Luke still works at the motel.  Rashida tells him that Doris Luke has probably gone home for the evening but she might still be at the motel. 
Kath Brownlow comes into reception and Rashida asks her if Doris Luke is still here.  Kath tells Rashida that Doris Luke has gone home, and Rashida tells Kath that there is a gentleman who would like to speak to Doris.  Kath Brownlow tells Rashida that she will have a word with him.  Kath Brownlow goes over to the old gentleman and tells him that Doris Luke has gone home but she will be back later this evening.
Barbara and David, Jill and Adam hold a board meeting and they vote to appoint a restaurant manager.  David tells them that now they have to vote on appointing J.Henry Pollard.  Adam says he is against, but David says they have a moral obligation to J. Henry.  Adam tells David that he made J. Henry Pollard the offer in the first place so he is the only one who has the obligation.  David and Jill vote for and Adam and Barbara vote against.  David says the deciding vote goes to the majority share holders which are Jill and himself, so J. Henry is voted onto the board. 
Arif Malik arrives in the motel reception and his daughter Rashida Malik phones through to the office to let the directors know that he is here.  David Hunter tells Jill, Barbara and Adam that Mr Malik has arrived.  "What do we tell him?" asks David.  Adam tells David that it is down to him to tell Mr Malik.
Eddie Lee goes to the Lamont's home and Jennifer Lamont opens the door to him.  Eddie Lee tells Jennifer that Reg Lamont is expecting him, and Jennifer tells him that Reg is out at the moment but he is welcome to wait.  Eddie Lee follows Jennifer Lamont into the lounge.  Jennifer says Reg didn't mention that he was expecting anyone and she asks Eddie Lee what line of business he is in.  Eddie Lee tells her that he is in insurance.  Jennifer Lamont tells Eddie that she didn't cath his name.  "Lee," says Eddie.  "But my friends call me Eddie," says Eddie Lee.
Arif Malik goes to the motel office and David Hunter tells him that there has been a change of plan and they are no longer in a position to offer him any shares.  Arif Malik says he thought everything has been settled, and David tells him that they had another offer.  Arif Malik tells David that he can increase his offer but David tells him that the position remains the same.  Arif Malik tells David that he is very surprised because he thought he could take the owrd of an englishman.
Jennifer Lamont and Eddie Lee hear a car pull up outside the house.  Eddie Lee tells Jennifer Lamont to stay quiet and he stands behind the front door.  Reg Lamont comes into the house and Eddie Lee slams the door shut.  Reg Lamont spins around to face Eddie Lee.  Reg Lamont tells Eddie that he didn't tell the police about Yvonne Brooks.
They hear a car pull up outside and Jennifer realises that it is Ashley.  Jennifer says it would be better to keep Ashley out of the house.  Jennifer Lamont goes into the hallway as Ashley comes in by the front door.  Ashley tells his mother that he would like a word with his father but Jennifer tells him that now is not the right time, as his father is talking business.  Ashley remarks that it is quiet for a business meeting and he asks his mother what is wrong.  "You don't want me to go in there do you?" says Ashley.  He goes into the living room and asks Eddie Lee what he is doing here.
Kath Brownlow tells Doris Luke that she had a visitor earlier but he wouldn't leave his name.
Reg Lamont tells Ashley to leave him and Eddie Lee talk.  Jennifer tells Ashley that it is best and takes Ashley out of the room.  Once they are alone, Reg Lamont tells Eddie Lee that he will give him 40,000 if he keeps quiet about his part in all this.
Doris Luke's mysterious friend arrives at the motel and waits in reception.  Kath Brownlow points him out to Doris Luke.  "It can't be," exclaims Doris.  Kath asks Doris is she knows the man and Doris tells her that she thinks it is Tom Logan, a man she was engaged to before the war. 
Eddie Lee goes to Sharon Metcalfe's flat.  He puts his arms around her waist and tries to kiss her but she pulls away.  Sharon asks him what he is doing here and Eddie tells her that he had to see Reg Lamont about something. 
Doris Luke talks to Tom Logan in the motel reception area.  He tells her that she hasn't changed.  Doris tells him that she thought he was dead, she got a note saying 'missing, presumed dead.'  Tom Logan tells her that he was in a prison camp.  He tells Doris that he heard that she was going to marry someone else and that's why he didn't write.  He asks her if she ever married and Doris says no.  Tom Logan tells Doris that he never married either.  He takes a small box out of his pocket and opens it.  "You haven't kept it all these years," says Doris, as she looks at the ring. 
Arif malik tells his daughter Rashida about the management's decision not to offer him shares in the motel.  Rashida shows Arif the telex from J. Henry Pollard.  Arif Malik reads it and says he has heard of the J. Henry Pollard.
Eddie Lee wakes up in the morning on Sharon Metcalfe's settee.  Sharon asks him what he is going to do now and Eddie Lee tells her that he has got to go and pick up some money from Reg Lamont.  He tells Sharon that Reg Lamont is paying him off to keep him quiet.  Sharon asks him if he is sure that Reg will pay up, and Eddie says he is sure because Reg Lamont doesn't like the thought of going to prison.  Eddie Lee tells Sharon that he will collect the money from Reg Lamont and still go to prison, but Sharon says he wouldn't do that.
Eddie Lee goes into the bathroom to shave.  Sharon Metcalfe picks up the phone and dials.  Reg Lamont answers the phone but Eddie Lee comes back into the room and disturbs Sharon.  She slams the phone down.  Eddie Lee asks her who she was phoning and Sharon tells him that she was ordering a taxi.
Eddie Lee and Sharon Metcalfe go to the motel garage, and Eddie says hello to Joe MacDonald.  Whilst Eddie Lee is talking to Joe Sharon goes into the garage office and dials a number.  Jennifer Lamont answers the phone and Sharon asks to speak to Reg.  Jennifer Lamont tells Sharon that Reg is at the bank.  Jennifer tells Sharon that she can hear a car in the drive and asks Sharon to hold on. 
Reg Lamont comes to the phone.  "What's the panic?" asks Reg Lamont.  Sharon Metcalfe explains the situation to him.  Joe MacDonald comes into the garage office and Sharon tells him that Eddie Lee is on the warpath.  She tells Joe that Reg Lamont is paying Eddie off with 40,000 but Eddie is going to go to the police anyway. 
Sharon Metcalfe phones Ashley Lamont at the police station and tells him that he had better get to his parents home right away. 

1982 Episodes continued

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