1982 Episodes ... continued

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Jill Harvey tells David Hunter that Adam Chance is entitled to those 5% shares.  David tells her that he is trying to stop Adam getting his hands on her shares.  Jill asks David if it has occurred to him that she may be marrying Adam because she loves him.
Ashley Lamont visits Carole Sands in hospital and says the last time he spoke to her she mentioned the name Eddie Lee.  Carole says she was dilirious and didn't know what she was saying, but Ashley says he can easily check if Eddie Lee does exist.  Carole tells Ashley that she was angry and just wanted to put all the blame onto someone and she said the first thing that came into her mind. 
Ashley Lamont asks her what put it in her mind in the first place, and Carole tells him it was just a rumour she heard and she doesn't know anything about it.  "Leave me alone, will you," she says.  Ashley says he will go because she needs to rest.  "I want you fit and well so we can have a proper chat," says Ashley.  Carole looks alarmed.  "Well we can't leave it like this love," says Ashley.
Sid Hooper arrives at Mavis's house.  He apologises for being late and says he went to the pub to celebrate.  Mavis tells Sid that she isn't interested and leaves the room.
Sid Hooper tells Rose Scott that he got fired from the garage and got a golden handshake of 1000.  Rose Scott asks him how much he owes the bookies and Sid says never mind them.  He says they were talking about going away to the sun, well now they can. 
David and Barbara Hunter visit Carole Sands in hospital.  Carole tells Barbara that she has let them down, and she explains that the young policeman who pushed her came to see her and she mentioned Eddie Lee's name.  David asks Carole if this policeman made any sense of it.  "Do you think he'll forget about it?" asks David.  Carole says she doesn't think he will.  Barbara says it's all her fault for telling Carole in the first place.
Reg Lamont tells Sharon Metcalfe that Ashley could find about his connection with Eddie Lee.  He says it doesn't matter about him, but he is worried about the affect on Jennifer. 
Sid Hooper shows Rose Scott some holiday brochures, but Rose says she isn't too sure about going away because she has just started making progress with Iris.  Sid Hooper tells Rose that Iris has her own friends and she should think about herself.
David asks Barbara how much Carole Sands knows about Eddie Lee and Barbara says only what is in her book.  David says perhaps they ought to see their solicitor.  "Yes, I'll go tomorrow," says Barbara.  "We'll go," says David.
The motel is back in business after the rebuilding.  Arthur Brownlow arrives to pick up Kath and tells her that he would like to look inside.  Inside the reception area there is a party going on to mark the occassion of the re-opening. 
An attractive Asian girl arrives at the motel and asks Doris Luke if she could see Mr Hunter.  Doris directs the girl to David Hunter who is standing in the reception area talking to the press. 
Carole Sands comes out of hospital and goes to the garage to see Sharon Metcalfe.  Carole tells Sharon that she is staying with the Hunter's for a while.  She tells Sharon that the policeman who put her in hospital was pestering her, and Sharon tells her that the policeman is Mr Lamont's son.
Glenda Banks asks Kevin if he will be seeing Carole Sands again because she would like to ask her to dinner.  Kevin tells her that he porbably won't see Carole.  Glenda tells him that she might go into the garage and ask her.  Glenda leaves the room and Arthur Brownlow tells Kevin that he must phone Carole Sands and tell her not to accept Glenda's invitation.
Iris Scott asks Rose if she is going away because she noticed her suitcases in the hall.  Rose tells Iris that she is going away.  Iris says all that talk about getting to know her was a lot of rubbish.  "You know you once asked me not to make you choose between me and your freedom.  Well now I'm asking.  Who is it to be, me or him," says Iris.
Barbara Hunter telephones her solicitor to make an appointment to see him.  There is a knock at the door and Barbara answers it to Ashley Lamont in police uniform.  Barbara tells Ashley that she is on the phone at the moment and Ashley says he isn't in a hurry, so Barbara invites him in. 
Ashley Lamont tells Barbara that he understands that Carole Sands is staying here, and Barbara tells him yes, she needs rest and can't get that at home.  Ashley Lamont says Carole Sands mentioned a name when he spoke to her in hospital.  "Eddie Lee.  Ring any bells?" asks Ashley.  Barbara says yes, distantly, he worked at the motel.  Ashley Lamont tells Barbara that Eddie Lee is in prison at the moment.  He picks up Barbara's latest book and notices the strange title.  He tells Barbara that he hasn't read any of her books but perhaps he ought to read this one. 
Kevin Banks telephones the Coach House and talks to Carole Sands.  He tells her that he has to see her, and Carole tells him that the Hunter's are out so he can come round. 
Rashida Makil, the new motel receptionist, begins work at the motel.
Kevin Banks goes to the Coach House and tells Carole Sands that Kath and Arthur know about her but Glenda doesn't.  He tells Carole that Glenda is going to ask her round to the house for a meal, and perhaps it would be better if she didn't accept.  David and Barbara Hunter arrive at the Coach House and Kevin tells them that he just came round to see hoe Carole is.  He leaves.  David tells Carole Sands that their solicitor says they have nothing to worry about.  He opens a bottle of wine and pours them each a glass.
Adam shows Jill Harvey a letter from his solicitor to say that David has to see him that 5% and can't stall any longer.  Jill asks Adam what it means and Adam says trouble, but only for David.
Ashley Lamont telephones Sharon Metcalfe at the garage and tells her that he is on his way over.  Sharon tells Joe MacDonald that Ashley Lamont is coming and he will probably be asking a lot of questions.
Ashley Lamont questions Joe MacDonald about Eddie Lee and Joe tells him that he didn't really know him that well.  Sharon comes into the garage workshop and asks what is going on.  Ashley Lamont tells her that Eddie Lee is in prison serving time but he isn't sure he should be there.
Sid Hooper arrives at Mavis's house and asks Rose Scott if she is ready to go.  "Sid.  I'm not going," says Rose.  Rose tells Sid that she can't leave Iris.

1982 Episodes continued

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