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Reg Lamont goes to the motel garage and asks Joe MacDonald to come and see him in the office.  Reg Lamont tells Joe that he doesn't want any trouble but Joe says he can't call off the race relations board.  Reg tells Joe that by the weekend all this will be sorted out and Sid Hooper is going to go.

Kath Brownlow goes to the garage and finds Carole Sands there.  Kath tells Carole that she heard Glenda was going on a march with her and Kevin.  Kath tells Carole that it is nice to see a happy couple these days, and suggests that it would be better if she didn't see Kevin again.

Later that day Doris Luke goes to the Brownlow's house and asks Kath and Arthur if they have heard about the trouble at the march.  She says people have been injured and there have been some arrests.  They hear the front door bang and Kevin Banks comes in with cuts and bruises to his face.  Arthur asks him what happened and Kevin tells them that some trouble-makers got into the march and started fighting.  "Carole's been hurt.  She was taken to hospital in an ambulance," says Kevin.  "To hell with Carole.  What about Glenda?" asks Arthur Brownlow angrily.  "I thought she'd be here.  We were separated," says Kevin. 

David Hunter tells Barbara that he thought he could count on her vote.  Barbara tells him that Adam is marrying Jill and David says he knows exactly why Adam is marrying Jill.  The telephone rings and Barbara answers it.  She tells David that that was one of Carole's brothers phoning to say that Carole has been hurt in the march and is in hospital with concussion.

At the Brownlow's house Kath tends to Kevin's cuts.  They hear the door and Glenda comes in.  She asks Kevin if he is alright.  Kevin tells Glenda that Carole Sands has been hurt and taken to hospital.  He says he must go and see her but Arthur says he can phone the hospital.  Glenda says no, Kevin must go to the hospital.

Ashley Lamont arrives at his parents house after bring on police duty at the unemployment march.  Jennifer Lamont asks him if he is alright and Ashley says yes.  He tells his mother that one of his friends was hurt and when he went to see to him one of the deomnstrators got in his way, so he pushed her and she went sprawling.  Ashley tells Jennifer Lamont that he has been asked a lot of questions and now they've got to get the girls story.  "What's she like?" asks Jennifer Lamont.  "Sands is her name.  Carole Sands," says Ashley.  

Kevin Banks visits Carole Sands in hospital.

Adam Chance goes to the Coach House and finds Barbara Hunter alone.  He tells her that he has a right to that 5% of shares.

Ashley Lamont goes to see Carole Sands in hospital and tells her that he was the one who pushed her.  "So that's what it was," says Carole.  She says she has been pushed before but it never ended up like this.  "Does it hurt much?" asks Ashley.  "No these tubes are just for show," says Carole sarcastically.

Carole tells Ashley Lamont that the police shouldn't have interfered, they should be out looking for the real criminals.  She tells Ashley that she is not talking rubbish, it's something she knows.  "There's this man Eddie Lee.  He's inside for something he didn't do and the real murderer is walking about free as air," says Carole.  "There's a young man just down the corridor with a hole in his head that you can put your fist through, just because some young hooligans had it in for him.  Now what's all this about Eddie Lee?  You're going to have to tell me.  You've got to back something like that up," says Ashley Lamont.  Carole Sands turns her head away.  "Go and find yourself some kid to push about," she says. 

Kevin Banks tells Arthur Brownlow that he is going to the hospital to see Carole Sands.  Arthur shows him a photo of him and Kath on their wedding day and says she remembers what it is like to be young.  He tells Kevin that he went through the same thing only Kath never knew about it.

Mavis Hooper puts on her new outfit.  Rose Scott tells her that she looks very nice. 

Glenda Banks goes to the hospital to see carole Sands.  Carole asks her how Kevin is and Glenda says he seems to be preoccupied as if he has something on his mind.  "Any idea what it is?" asks Carole.  "Yes," replies Glenda.  Carole looks at her anxiously.  "Work," says Glenda.  Glenda tells Carole that Kevin will be finishing his job at the motel next week and he hasn't got any more work lined up.

Sharon Metcalfe tells Reg Lamont that the girl Ashley pushed who landed up in hospital is carole Sands, the new trainee mechanic.  Reg says that could be a bit awkward.

Sharon Metcalfe tells Sid Hooper that Reg Lamont would like to see him in the office.  Sid Hooper goes into the garage office and Reg tells him that he is in a position to help him.  Reg Lamont tells Sid that he knows he is in debt at the bookies and Billy Ross, the owner of the bookies, happens to be a friend of his.  Reg tells Sid that he has six weeks left of his three month trial, and he offers Sid 1000 in lieu of notice.  Sid Hooper takes the money.  Reg tells him to pay off his debts.

Sharon Metcalfe tells Joe MacDonald that the foreman's job is his, and that Sid Hooper is leaving. 

David Hunter shows jill Harvey a letter from Adam Chance's solicitor forcing him to sell the 5% shares to Adam.

Ashley Lamont tells Reg that this Carole Sands might want to press charges against him.  Reg Lamont asks his son what sort of girl she is, and Ashley tells him that she kept going on about the villains the police didn't catch.  Ashley says she actually mentioned a case and a name.  Jennifer Lamont asks what the name is.  "Lee.  Eddie Lee," says Ashley.        




1982 Episodes continued

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