1982 Episodes ... continued

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Jill Harvey goes to the motel sitting room where she finds David and Barbara Hunter.  David asks her why she didn't phone to let them know that she was going away.  Jill tells David that Adam phoned, but David says he never spoke to Adam.
Iris Scott goes to the Brownlow's house to see Kath.  Kath asks Iris how she is and Iris says everything is fine except that her mother is flirting with Sid Hooper.  Iris tells Kath that she suggested to her mother that they go to London in order to get her mother away from Sid Hooper.  Iris asks Kath if they would have Rose back to live with them but Kath says she isn't sure how Arthur would feel about that.
Ashley Lamont goes to the motel garage and finds Sharon Metcalfe on her own.  He tells her it's his night off and he was wondering if they could go out somewhere.  Sharon invites Ashley to her flat.
Jill Harvey tells Adam Chance that he shouldn't have gone off without letting David know where they were going.  David and Barbara Hunter comes into the sitting room and Adam says he owes them an apology.  David tells Adam that he owns 5% of the shares.  Adam reminds David that he has a 5% option to but back from David, but David says he won't get the 5%.  Adam tells David that he has a legal right to that 5%.  "Isn't there a way out from this hostility?" asks Adam.  "Yes.  Why don't you just go.  get out," says David. 
Kevin Banks goes to the Coach House to see Carole Sands and she tells him that there is no need to redecorate the old couples house because they are being re-housed.  Carole tells Kevin about an unemployment demonstration taking place and says she is going on it.  kevin tells her that she isn't unemployed, she's got two jobs but Carole says that up until a little while ago she was unemployed.  Carole Sands asks Kevin to come on the march with her and Kevin agrees.
Reg and Jennifer Lamont go to the Coach House for drinks with David and Barbara Hunter.  Reg tells Barbara that jennifer has been looking forward to meeting her because she is a great fan of her books.  He gives Barbara one of her books which Jennifer bought and asks Barbara if she would sign it.  David suggests to Barbara that she tells jennifer Lamont all about her latest project, so Barbara and Jennifer go through the the study to leave David and Reg to talk business.
David Hunter asks Reg Lamont if he is happy with his deal with Adam Chance and Reg says yes.  David asks Reg if he would be interested in buying shares in the motel, and Reg says it isn't really his scene.  David tells him that he would have a say in the running of the motel but Reg says he isn't interested in a say, he wants 'the' say.
Adam Chance joins Jill in the sitting room.  Jill tells Adam that she loves to see David getting all high and mighty.  Adam tells Jill that he should have realised a long time ago that they would be together.  Jill says yes, for a while, but there's nothing permanent about him.  Adam asks Jill to marry him.  Jill stares at him.  "It's inevitable," says Adam.  "Is it?" asks Jill.  "Will you  marry me?" asks Adam.  "Yes.  Yes, I will," says Jill.  Adam says she doesn't sound too sure, and Jill says it's just a surprise.
Arthur Brownlow sits down to breakfast and reads about the unemployment march in the newspaper.  He says he thinks it's stupid and it won't get them anywhere.  Kevin says they are just standing by their principles, and he tells them that he is a steward on the march.
Sharon Metcalfe reminds Adam Chance about this race relations board problem.  She tells Adam that Sid Hooper came in half an hour late for work this morning and not for the first time.
Sharon Metcalfe talks to Joe MacDonald and asks him as a special favour to her, if he could hold off this thing with the race relations board.  She tells him that Sid Hooper will never last the trial period.  She says that as soon as Adam Chance goes she will be the boss and the foreman's job is Joe's.  Joe tells Sharon that he has thought about this a great deal and he can't call it off even for her.
Adam and Jill join David and Barbara in the motel sitting room.  Adam tells them that he and Jill want them to be the first to know that he and Jill are getting married.  "Well, congratulations," says Barbara.  "I hope you'll both be very happy," says David.  "We will be David, we will be," says Jill. 
Carole Sands arrives at the garage for her first day at work, and Sharon Metcalfe fixes her up with some overalls. 
Doris Luke goes to Mavis Hooper's house and tells Iris Scott that the motel are taking on extra staff and she might be able to get a job to ear some money.  Iris says she isn't sure.
Kevin Banks goes to the motel garage and speaks to Carole Sands.
Sharon Metcalfe tells Reg Lamont about Joe MacDonald's grievences.  Reg asks Sharon what Sid Hooper is like and Sharon tells him that Sid is always turning up late for work.  Reg says Sid will have to go, but Sharon says they can't sack him just for that.  She says Sid owes quite a lot of money in the bookies and mentions the name of the betting shop.
Kevin Banks and Carole Sands talk in the garage staff room.  Glenda Banks comes in and Kevin introduces her to Carole Sands.  Glenda tells Carole that she heard she was going on a march and Carole says yes, it's the march against unemployment.  "Right you've got me convinced.  Count me in.  I'll come with you," says Glenda.  Carole looks at Kevin.  "What did you say?" asks Kevin.  "I'll come with you," says Glenda.

1982 Episodes continued

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