1982 Episodes ... continued

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Arthur and Kath Brownlow and Kevin and Glenda Banks sits down for their meal.  Kath notices that Kevin is very quiet and she asks him if everything is alright.  Arthur asks him how work is going and Kevin tells him work is ok.  Arthur says there is nothing like stimulating conversation.  "Look just because I don't feel like talking it doesn't mean anything's wrong.  Just leave me alone and I'll be alright," says Kevin and walks out. 
Later, when Kevin is alone in the living room he telephones the Coach House.  Barbara Hunter answers the phone and Kevin asks her if Carole Sands is there.  Barbara tells him that Carole has gone home.  Kath Brownlow comes into the Brownlow living room.  "Well if you have anymore problems with the plumbing Mrs Hunter don't hesitate to contact me," says Kevin.
Ashley Lamont asks his father Reg how long he has known Sharon Metcalfe.  Reg says about a month.  Ashley tells Reg that he isn't daft.  "Just what is going on between you and Sharon?" asks Ashley Lamont.  "Why don't you ask Sharon," says Reg.  "I have," replies Ashley/  "What did she say?" asks Reg.  "Nothing," says Ashley.  "Then what are you worried about?" asks Reg.  "When you lay down money dad, you're buying something, and you can't blame me for wondering what it is," says Ashley.
Mavis Hooper asks Iris Scott to come into Birmingham with her tomorrow to help her buy some new clothes.
Sharon Metcalfe tells Reg Lamont that Ashley is no fool, he is convinced that something is going on.  Sharon tells Reg that she isn't very keen on cross examination.  Sharon tells Reg Lamont that she wants him to take back the watch he gave her at Christmas, but Reg says he bought the watch because he wanted to.
Joe MacDonald shows Sharon Metcalfe a letter he has written to the racial equality board and they say he has a good case. 
Reg Lamont goes to see David Hunter in the motel office and David asks him if he will be seeing to the running of the garage.  Reg Lamont tells David that he hasn't the time and he has put Sharon Metcalfe in charge.
David Hunter tells Carole Sands that Sharon Metcalfe has agreed to take her on at the garage on a part time basis for 1.50 an hour.
David tells Barbara that he met the new owner of the garage, Reg Lamont, and he has invited him and his wife over to the Coach House for drinks.  He tells Barbara that Jennifer Lamont is a great fan of her books.
Iris Scott asks her mother Rose to find a place of her own.  Rose tells Iris that she musn't take her and Sid Hooper seriously, she is only having fun.  Iris tells Rose that Sid is Mavis's husband.  Rose tells Iris to mind her own business, Sid is a grown man and can do what he wants.  Iris tells Rose that Mavis has been good to her, as good as a mother and she doesn't want her to get hurt.  Iris tells her mother that she wanted them to be closer but all she has succeeded in doing is make her feel guilty and ashamed.  Rose slaps Iris across the face.
Kevin Banks arrives at the Coach House and Carole Sands tells him that she has a job in the garage so she won't be able to help him decorate the old couple's house.  Kevin says it doesn't matter and suggests they go and see the house that evening. 
Later that evening at the Brownlow house the phone rings and Kath answers it.  Carole Sands asks to speak to Kevin so Kath hands the phone to Kevin.  Carole Sands tells Kevin that he didn't say what time they should meet that evening.  They arrange to meet at 7.30. 
Kevin Banks goes to the Coach House and meets Carole Sands.  Carole tells him that Mr Chesterfield is ill so they can't go to the old couple's house.  She offers to cook Kevin some dinner.  Kevin asks Carole where the Hunter's are and Carole tells him that they have gone to see their accountant.  Carole Sands tells Kevin that nothing can happen between them, they both know the rules.  Kevin walks towards Carole and puts his arms around her.  "No Kevin," says Carole and walks away.
Carole Sands goes to the garage to see Sharon Metcalfe.  Sharon tells Carole that if she takes the job at the garage she must realise that she will probably be given the worst jobs to do, but Carole says she doesn't mind.  Sharon takes Carole out into the workshop and introduces her to Joe MacDonald and Sid Hooper.  Sharon tells the men that Carole will be doing some odd jobs and training as a mechanic.  Sid Hooper asks Carole what training she has had and Carole says not much, but she has to start somewhere. 
Kevin Banks telephones the Coach House and Carole Sands answers the phone.  Kevin tells Carole that he will try and get out tonight.  Arthur Brownlow comes into the room and Kevin pretends to be talking to a friend called Harry.  Kevin tells 'Harry' that he will try and get out tonight.  When Kevin replaces the phone Arthur asks him who he was talking to and Kevin says it's a friend who he is doing a job for. 
Sid Hooper tells Joe MacDonald that he is not going to let Carole Sands loose on the cars.  Joe tells him that he thinks Carole deserves a chance.
Rose Scott finds Mavis Hooper in her dining room and notices a new jumper she is wearing.
Kevin Banks arrives at the Coach House and tells Carole Sands that he wishes things between them could be out in the open.
Adam Chance arrives back at the motel and goes to the garage.  Sharon Metcalfe tells Adam that he didn't let David Hunter know that he was going away.  Joe MacDonald comes into the garage office and asks Adam Chance if he could have a word, but Adam asks him if it can wait.  Joe MacDonald goes out again and Sharon tells Adam that he put Sid Hooper as foreman in place of Joe and Joe is not pleased.  Adam tells Sharon that all it needs is a bit of smoothing over but Sharon tells him that he will have to deal with the Race Relations Board because Joe has got them in.  
Adam Chance asks Sharone Metcalfe where Sid Hooper is and Sharon tells him that Sid hasn't come in yet.  Adam tells Sharon that he never thought Joe MacDonald would take it like this.  He says Joe only had the foreman's job temporarily and Sid Hooper had good qualifications.  Sharon tells Adam that she is a witness, shewas there when Adam promised the foreman's job to Joe and she tells Adam that she will stand up for Joe.
Adam calls Joe MacDonald into the garage office and asks him what Sid Hooper is like.  Joe says Sid is good at his job.  Adam tells Joe that Sid got the foreman's job because he was better qualified, that's the only reason.  Adam tells Joe that he will get compensation, 10 a week extra in his wage packet.  Joe says he doesn't want the money.

1982 Episodes continued

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