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Diane takes some sandwiches into the office where David Hunter is working late.  She tries to tempt him to a bottle of his favourite wine.  David asks Diane why she is doing this and Diane says she thought she thought she would try and cheer him up.  David thanks her.  Diane says she heard about him and Barbara splitting up and asks if there is any chance of them getting back together, to which David answers no. 
David tells Diane that he knows all the reasons why but still doesn't understand.  He says each day they grew further and further apart until they couldn't even talk.  Diane says if only James Corbett hadn't come along, but David says a third person can't split up a happy marriage, if it's really happy.  David says the moments he misses Barbara most are not when he remembers, it's when he forgets.  "I keep thinking, I'll go home and see Barbara.  Then it hits me, the possibility of facing life without the only person I love," says David.  Diane looks at him and says she wishes there was something she could do.  David looks at her and smiles.  He says she has listened to him.  "Thank you," he says.     
Ron Brownlow goes to his parents home and Arthur asks him if he has found a job, and Ron says no.  Arthur tells him that he saw an advertisement in tonight's paper for an engineer, 15,000 a year.  Arthur goes off to fetch the paper.  Ron tells Kath that he would like a word with her in private.
David Hunter is in the office listening to some classical music.  Jill Harvey comes in and asks David how Rosemary is.  "Rosemary?" asks David.  Jill says Adam must have forgotten.  She tells David that Rosemary phoned from London and wanted to speak to him.  She tells David that reception has Rosemary's number.  David picks up the phone and asks reception to put him through to Rosemary's number.  Jill tells David that Rosemary knows about him and Barbara.  "I'll go," she says, going to the office door.  "You know Rosemary.  Be careful eh," says Jill.   
Diane Hunter goes to Stonebank Farm and tells Sam Hurst that Meg Mortimer likes his painting and said it reminded her of a painting by a famous artist but she couldn't remember his name.
David Hunter speaks to Rosemary on the phone and says it's only natural that she should be worried about Chris.  "Come to Geneva with you for a few days?  Yes, I could do with a break," says David.  David tells Rosemary that he will think about it.  He puts the phone down.  Jill Harvey comes into the office and David tells her that Rosemary wants him to spend a few days with her in Geneva.  He tells Jill that Rosemary wants to establish some sort of relationship between them.  Jill looks worried and David says she sounded very calm and was very supportive.
Diane Hunter asks Sam Hurst to throw some of Benny's paintings on the fire but Sam says no, they belong to Benny. 
Ron Brownlow talks to Kath and tells her that he doesn't want to go away for work at the moment, he has to think of Iris's future too.  "The thing is.  Iris is going to have a baby," says Ron.  He tells Kath that Iris really wants this baby.  Kath tells Ron that Arthur will have to be told.  Arthur Brownlow comes into the room with the newspaper and shows Ron the job advertisement he saw.  Ron tells him not now.  "Iris is expecting," says Ron.  "Now of all times," says Arthur.
At Stonebank Farm Benny has another painting session with Sam Hurst.
Diane Hunter goes to the Coach House to see Barbara Hunter.  Diane says she saw David last night and he was very upset.  "I could see how much he loves you," she says.  Barbara says it's too late, her and David are growing further and further apart.  "David has changed, so have my feelings towards him," she says. 
Diane Hunter goes to Stonebank Farm to cook dinner for Benny and Sam.  She finds Benny absorbed in his painting and asks him to empty to rubbish bin for her.  "And when you get back I expect you to clear up that mess," says Diane, looking at the paintings spread all over the table.
Benny leaves the room and Sam Hurst tells Diane not to talk to Benny like that, he is sensitive.  Diane tells Sam that Benny has got work to do and can't spend his time painting.  She says Benny's paintings are no good anyway.  A little later at the dinner table Diane apologises to Benny for putting him down about his paintings.  She tells Benny that he should try and sell them.
David tells Jill that he is going to the Coach House to fetch his passport incase he decides to go to Geneva.
Diane Hunter asks Sam Hurst if he thinks Benny's paintings are really good or is he just saying that to please Benny.  Sam tells Diane that he said they're good to Benny's face. 
Kath Brownlow tells Arthur that she is worried about what Glenda will say when she finds out about the baby. 
David Hunter goes to the Coach House and searches for his passport.  Barbara asks him if he is really going to go to Switzerland.  "Why not.  A few days away from here might do me good," says David.  "Sure.  But Geneva with Rosemary," says Barbara.  "Paris with you?" asks David.  "She's only trying to get hold of you again," says Barbara.  "So?" asks David.  "David.  You're in a particularly vulnerable frame of mind at the moment," Barbara tells him.
David asks Barbara why the sudden interest in his welfare.  Barbara says they may be separating but she is not completely indifferent to him.  "Well I would rather that you were.  Either let go or don't," says David.  "I just wish that I could make you see that it would be a mistake to go to Geneva," says Barbara.  David laughs.  "It's a mistake for me to go to Geneva for a few days with my ex-wife, but totally acceptable for you to go to Paris indefinitely with your ex-lover," says David. 
"Can't you see that all Rosemary wants to do is to get her hooks into you again," says Barbara.  "Get her hooks into me.  That's a real piece of Barbara Brady paperback rubbish isn't it.  Well that's not the impression Rosemary gave me.  I found her sincerity very moving," says David.  "Sincerity!" says Barbara.  "She was perfectly frank with me.  She admitted she stil loved me.  And whatever else you can say about Rosemary..." says David.  "And there is a lot..." says Barbara.  "That is cheap!" shouts David.  "And I repeat.  Whatever else you say about Rosemary, she's always been honest with me," says David.  "From the very moment you met she has never been honest.  Your whole marriage was a lie from the very beginning," says Barbara.  "That is the second time you've let something slip about my marriage to Rosemary.  The last time you wouldn't tell me how you knew we'd married in a hurry.  Nobody except Rosemary and myself knew that.  Now you're trying to make it obvious you know something about me that even I don't know," says David.  "I want an explanation," says David.           
Meg finds Jill in the office and Meg says there is something she needs to talk to her about.  "It'll only take a couple of minutes.  I want to get it over with," says Meg.  "It's not bad news?" asks Jill.  "No of course not.  I thought you might be a bit sqeamish," says Meg.  "I've been revising my will," says Meg.  "Why?" asks Jill.  "Well after Sandy died and I made those changes the solicitor said there were better arrangement butI didn't have the heart for it then," says Meg.  "Well now the practical thing is for me to make over to you as much of my property as possible, so that in the event of my death you won't have ...." says Meg.  "Oh mum this is rediculous.  Do we have to talk about this," says Jill.  "Yes we do.  I'm being realistic," says Meg.  Meg says she will never be a major shareholder in Crossroads again because she could never buy David out.
Ron Brownlow arrives at his parents home and finds only Glenda and Kevin at home.  Kevin tells Ron that a garage mechanic at Crossroads garage is leaving and he thought Ron might be interested.  Ron asks Kevin who he would need to speak to and Kevin tells him that Victor Lee is the boss.  Kevin suggests they go to the motel for a drink and see if they can speak to someone in the garage.
Benny tells Sam Hurst that he has never met anyone like him.  Benny tells Sam that there is a fireworks party at the motel on Bonfire night, and suggests they both go.  Sam suggests they have their own fireworks party.  He gives Benny some money to go and buy some fireworks. 
Kevin and Glenda Banks and Ron Brownlow go to the motel and sit in reception having drinks.  Adam Chance crosses reception and stops to have a word with Kevin about the chalets he is painting.  Kevin tells Adam Chance that Ron would like a word with him.  Ron and Adam cross to the other side of reception and Ron says he heard there might be a mechanics job available in the garage.  Adam tells Ron that he didn't know.  Adam phones through to the garage and asks Victor Lee if they are looking for a mechanic.  After speaking to Victor Lee Adam Chance tells Ron that there is no job.
Ron Brownlow goes back to the table in reception and tells Kevin and Glenda that there is no job.  Glenda tells Ron that she wouldn't wait around if she knew there was a job on the oil rigs.  "You wouldn't by any chance be trying to get shot if me would you?  You wouldn't by any chance be thinking that if I was to go then Iris and I would sort of, drift apart.  Because we wouldn't," says Ron.  "I'm serious.  Particularly now," says Ron.  "Why particularly now?" asks Glenda.  "Just am," says Ron.  The waitress arrives with the drinks and Ron pays for them.  Ron takes a sip of his drink and says it's brown ale not bitter, and tells Kevin and Glenda that he is going to change it.  He leaves the table.
"Why did you get at him?" Kevin asks Glenda.  "Me?" asks Glenda.  "About Iris," says Kevin.  Glenda tells Kevin that Ron brought the subject up, she didn't say anything.  "I wonder," says Glenda.  "If they're planning something secret," wonders Glenda.  Kevin laughs.  "Here we go again," he says.  "Well it's a funny thing to say, particularly now.  What does that mean.  I bet she's trying to get him to marry her," says Glenda.  "Oh give over," says Kevin.  "Look, something is going on Kevin.  And I've a feeling it's something big," says Glenda.               
Adam Chance arrives at Stonebank Farm with a spare set of keys for Sam Hurst.  Adam tells Sam that he wanted to look at his mural.  Adam takes a look at Sam's painting and says it is very good.  Sam suddenly gets angry and says he isn't looking for praise.
Jill Harvey asks Meg if she heard about Rosemary, she is in London and she has asked David to go to Geneva.  Jill says David said he hasn't made up his mind whether he is going or not, but Jill says she thinks he's already decided to go.  "You'd think he's have more common sense then to get involved with her again," says Jill.  Meg tells Jill that David is still smarting from Barbara's rejection of him.  "Oh I wish there was somehting we could do to get them back together again," says Jill.  Jill says perhaps she should go and talk to Barbara but Meg says they musn't interfere.  "Look everyone can see that David and Barbara shouldn't split up.  It's all so unnecessary.  Neither of them seem to realise how lonely they're going to be sooner or later," says Jill.  
Sam Hurst tells Benny that Adam Chance had no business coming here.  Benny gives Sam the change from the money he gave him to buy fireworks.  Benny says perhaps they should invite some others to watch the fireworks, perhaps some of the village children.  "No children.  I don't want any children around here, ever!" shouts Sam Hurst.

1981 Episodes continued

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