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Barbara Hunter joins James Corbett in his chalet, and tells him that she has been thinking this all over calmly.  James asks her if she has changed her mind but Barbara says no, but she is in too much of an emotional tangle to make a rational decison.  She says there is this transfer of shares and so many other things to sort out that she will have to stay at the motel for a while longer and join him later.  James Corbett asks her where she will stay as she can't go back to the Coach House.  Barbara says she will book into a chalet.  "Don't be too long," says James Corbett.  "I'll be there before you know it," says Barbara.  They kiss.
Iris Scott returns to her flat and Mavis Hooper tells her that Ron had an interview for a job but he will be around to see her later.  Iris sits on the bed hardly listening and Mavis asks her what's wrong.  "Three days running I've been sick.  You know what that means," says Iris.  "It's too early," says Mavis.  "I missed last month.  I can muck up anything.  I can't tell him can I.  He's got enough to worry about," says Iris.  Mavis Hooper tells her that Ron will have to know, he'll want to share it.  Iris says it's jobs she is worried about.
Ron Brownlow arrives at Iris's flat and tells her that he had no luck with the job.  Mavis Hooper leaves Ron and Iris together.  Ron notices that Iris is worried about something and asks her what is wrong.  Iris tells him that something has happened that makes a lot of difference.  Ron looks at her.  "Oh no," he says, guessing what Iris is about to tell him.  Iris tells Ron not to worry about the baby, it will be well cared for.  Ron says they can't stay here.  Iris tells him that Mavis Hooper knows and she won't throw them out.  Ron tells Iris that it's the job situation he is worried about.  He says there are no jobs in the area and going back on the oil rigs is the answer.  He says it's good money but they would have to move.
Meg finds David Hunter in the office and tells him that it's time they did something about Barbara.  She says they have to have a board meeting to vote Barbara in officially.  David tells Meg that it'll have to wait because Barbara is going to Paris.  Meg asks how long Barbara will be away and David says he isn't sure yet.  "Something to do with the book?" asks Meg.  "I'll see you tomorrow okay," says David and leaves. 
Mavis Hooper asks Ron Brownlow if he is going to do the right think by Iris.  Ron tells her that he cares about Iris very much but can't help thinking that Iris is just a kid.  Mavis tells him that Iris will grow up soon enough.
David returns to the Coach House and finds Barbara there.  He says he didn't expect to find her here.  Barbara tells him that she has changed her mind about going.  "You mean you..." begins David, but Barbara tells him that there is a lot to sort out before she goes.  She says there is the transfer of shares and also their joint account to sort out.  She says perhaps they should spilt it halfway. 
Barbara tells David that she thought she would take a room at the motel but David says there is no need, she can stay here and he will move to the motel until she leaves.  Barbara asks him what he will do about dinner, and David says he will eat at the motel.  "You know, you must stop worrying about me," says David.
At Stonebank Farm, Sam Hurst paints his mural on one wall.  Diane Hunter arrives and looks at the painting.  "It's on the wall!" she says.  "Mrs Mortimer will go mad," she adds. 
Adam Chance asks Meg if she had a chance to speak to David about the board meeting, and Meg tells him that apparently Barbara is going to Paris so it will have to wait until she returns.  Adam asks Meg if David knows that James Corbett left for Paris today.  "Poor David," says Meg.  "Why not poor Barbara," says Adam.  "Well if you're right at least Barbara is going to Paris with someone, but David..." says Meg.  David Hunter comes into the office at that moment and hears his name mentioned.  David tells Meg and Adam that he will be staying at the motel for a few weeks until Barbara leaves for Paris, and until that time Barbara will be staying at the Coach House.  "Now can we leave it at that," says David.  "Alright.  We might as well get this out in the open.  The marriage is over, permanently." says David.
The following day at the motel Adam and Jill work in the office.  Jill asks Adam if they have fixed up the board meeting yet and Adam tells her it's a bit awkward at the moment.  He tells Jill that David and Barbara have split up.  Jill says she isn't altogether surprised because they are both so absorbed in their careers.  Adam says David has them to talk to but Barbara is all on her own at the Coach House.  Jill suggests Adam goes to the Coach House to cheer Barbara up.
Meg finds Kevin Banks in the staff room and asks him if he could do some more work for them in the chalets.  Kevin accepts the work.  Benny joins them in the staff room and tells Meg that Sam Hurst has done a painting on the wall at Stonebank.  Meg says she would like to see it.
Adam Chance goes to the Coach House to see Barbara and says he is here to fix a date for the board meeting.  Barbara says she is staying here on her own and Adam says he knows, and he is very sorry.  Barbara says it's all been such a waste of time, effort and emotion.  She says she has put a lot of effort into this marriage and to see it disintegrate is more than she can stand.    
Glenda Banks joins Kevin and Benny in the motel staff room and Benny asks Glenda if she would know if his old job in the garage is still open.  Glenda tells Benny that she doesn't really know.  Benny leaves the staff room.  Glenda tells Kevin that one of the mechanics in the garage is leaving but that wouldn't be any good for Benny.  Kevin says no, but it might do for Ron as he is a qualified mechanic.  Glenda tells Kevin that Ron is going back on the oil rigs.
Meg and Benny go to Stonebank Farm but there is no sign of Sam Hurst.  Meg looks at the mural and says it's really quite good.  "I think we'll leave it," she says.  Meg says it reminds her of another painting by a famous artist but she can't think of the artist's name.
Kath Brownlow receives a phone call from Ron.  When she has finshed speaking to Ron she tells Arthur that Ron wants to speak to them about something.
Jill asks Adam how he got on when he went to see Barbara Hunter.  Adam tells Jill that Barbara is upset and depressed.  The phone rings and Adam answers it.  "Mrs Hunter calling from London," says Adam.  "I didn't know Barbar had gone to London," says Adam, covering up the mouthpiece of the phone.  "Hello Barbara.  Oh hello Rosemary," says Adam into the phone.  Jill looks at him.  "You want to speak to David about Chris's job in the Bahamas.  Well I'm afraid he isn't here at the moment.  I'll give David the message," says Adam and replaces the phone.   
Adam tells Jill that Rosemary wanted to know if it was true that David and Barbara have split up.  "How did she sound?" asks Jill.  "Non committal.  But you know Rosemary.  She could be planning anything," says Adam.  "Yes, and with David on the receiving end," says Jill.
Iris Scott receives confirmation of her pregnancy, and tells Ron Brownlow.

1981 Episodes continued

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