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Diane Hunter takes a tray of tea in to the office for Meg and Adam.  Diane puts the tray down on the desk and sidles over to Adam Chance.  She asks him if he has had a chance to ask Mrs Mortimer about Stonebank Farm yet.  Adam tells Diane that he is waiting for the right moment and this isn't it.  Diane tells Meg that Mr Chance would like a word with her.  Adam Chance tells Meg that Diane has found someone who wants to rent Stonebank Farm.  Meg tells them that she was thinking of Sam Hurst and Diane says that's who she had in mind. 
Kath Brownlow goes to Mavis Hooper's house and asks to see Ron.  Mavis tells Kath that Iris and Ron have gone out but they won't be long.  Mavis Hooper takes Kath to Iris Scott's room and says she can wait there.
Ron Brownlow and Iris Scott arrive back at Mavis Hooper's house.  Kath tells Ron and Iris that she would like to come and see them, she doesn't want to think of them breaking up.  Ron puts one arm around his mother and the other around Iris.
David Hunter goes to J. Henry Pollard's chalet and J. Henry tells him that he has studied David's figures and they are very impressive.  J. Henry tells David that he is surprised that he hasn't gone a lot further in the business world.  J. Henry Pollard tells David that he would like to buy into the motel.  David tells J. Henry that he is sorrybut the deal is off, the motel is no longer for sale.  J. Henry tells David that they had an agreement, and David says it was only a verbal agreement.  "So your word means nothing," says J. Henry Pollard.  "You're not going to wriggle out of it.  I'm going to buy the motel whether you like it or not.  If you try and get out of it it will cost you every penny you've got," says J. Henry.
Barbara Hunter finds Adam, Meg and Jill in the office and tells them that David has agreed to sell her 15% of his shares.  Meg says she hopes this isn't going to make things difficult between her and David.  Barbara says they have no idea how bad things are.  She leaves the room.  "Oh hell," says Adam.  Meg says it's a shame, David and Barbara deserve better.  "Well one of them does," says Adam. 
J. Henry Pollard comes into the office and tells Adam and Meg that he has just spoken to David Hunter and has learnt that he is no longer prepared to sell the motel.  J. Henry tells them that he is going to hold David to his word, and he will sue the motel.  Meg tells J. Henry that David has personal reasons for not selling.  Meg says soon David won't be the majority shareholder so he won't be in a position to sell.  She says if J. Henry sues them then he won't get the motel.  She guesses that J. Henry doesn't really want to sur them and J. Henry smiles.  he says he will let David off the hook.
Diane Hunter finds Kevin Banks working at Stonebank Farm.  Benny comes in and asks Diane what Mrs Mortimer said.  Sam Hurst comes into the room and Diane tells him that Mrs Mortimer would like to see him.
Glenda Banks goes to Stonebank Farm and Kevin introduces her to Sam Hurst.  Sam shakes Glenda's hand and holds it a little longer.  He stares into her eyes and tells her that she has lovely eyes.  "Pardon," says Glenda.  Sam Hurst tells Glenda that he would like to sketch her sometime and Glenda looks away a little uneasy. 
Barbara Hunter goes to James Corbett's chalet and he notices that she isn't looking very happy.  Barbara tells him that he was right, David doesn't love her, he only thinks he does.  She tells him that David wanted to sell the motel and buy a boat, and sail the world with her.  James Corbett tells Barbara that at least David wanted to take her with him.  Barbara tells James that David is afraid to lose her because that means he will lose that feeling of male superiority. 
James Corbett tells Barbara that he is going to Paris tomorrow on business.  "Come with me," says James.  "Why not," says Barbara.  "It's over with David.  I will come with you," she says.  James Corbett tells Barbara that she should tell David, not just leave a note. 
Kevin Banks tells Glenda that her mother went to see Iris and Ron, and it might be just what they need to get them all back together again.  Kevin tells Glenda that Ron has been good to her and it's about time she started paying him back. 
Diane Hunter shows Sam Hurst and Benny into the motel office to see Meg Mortimer.  Meg asks Sam Hurst if he has any references, and Sam asks her what sort of references she wants.  Meg tells him a clergyman or someone similar.  Sam Hurst shows Meg his references from the bank and tells Meg that he will pay her six monehts rent in advance.  He starts counting out the bank notes on the desk.  Diane Hunter comes into the office and Meg tells her that Stonebank Farm has a new tenant.  Diane Hunter asks Sam Hurst if he would take Benny in as a lodger at Stonebank Farm and Sam agrees.
At Stonebank Farm Benny helps Sam Hurst unpack his belongings.  Benny asks Sam Hurst if would teach him how to pain properly.  Sam asks him what he would like to paint and Benny says cartoons.
Barbara Hunter arrives at the Coach House and finds David sitting on the settee thinking.  She sits opposite him and says she has something to tell him.  David says he knows, Meg told him that J. Henry Pollard isn't going to sue the motel.  Barbara tells David that isn't what she wanted to tell him, it's something far more important.  There is a knock on the door.  "That'll be Jimmy," says Barbara and opens the door to James Corbett. 
James Corbett faces David and asks Barbara if she has told David yet.  "Everyone's being very cryptic tonight.  What is it that you've got to tell me?" asks David.  James Corbett tells Barbara to go and get her things, and Barbara leaves the room.  "This is going to be difficult to say David.  Barbara's leaving you," says James Corbett.  "Get out!" shouts David.  David tells James Corbett that he accepted their hospitality then he does his best to break up their marriage.  James tells David that he must realise that it is over.  "Get out!  If and when my wife and I decide to break up it will be our decision, not yours!" shouts David. 
Barbara Hunter comes back into the room and tells David and James to stop.  Barbara tells James that David is right, she should discuss this with him.  "I am his wife.  I owe David that much," she says.  Barbara tells James Corbett to go back to the motel and wait for her there.  James Corbett leaves the Coach House.
David sits down.  "You don't really want to leave," he says.  Barbara tells him that they don't feel the same way about each other anymore.  David tells her that he was going to give up everything for her.  Barbara tells David that he has changed, he is possessive and selfish.  David says he bets Jimmy is taking her to the same hotel in Paris.  "Only this time it'll be his turn to be co-respondent," says David.  David tells Barbara that he doesn't want her to stay with him out of pity, he can't give her anything, only the freedom to choose whether she wants to stay with him or go with Jimmy.
Sam Hurst tells Benny that he is going to paint a mural on one wall at STonebank Farm.
Iris Scott tells Ron Bronwlow that she isn't feeling very well.
David and Barbara Hunter go to the motel office and Barbara tells Jill that she has come to sort out her things.  David asks Jill if she could leave the office as he has a private phone call to make, so Jill leaves.  Barbara Hunter empties her things from the desk drawers.  David telephones Chris and tells him that he can take up the partnership in the boatyard business.  He tells Chris that Barbara is helping out by buying some of his shares.  David covers up the mouthpiece of the phone and tells Barbara that Chris sends his love and says thank you.
Barbara Hunter leaves David alone in the office.  "I have some bad news.  Barbara's leaving me," David tells Chris on the phone.  Shortly after Jill Harvey comes back into the office and David tells Chris that he will talk to him later.  Jill asks David if that was Barbara she saw leaving.  David, a little annoyed, says it must have been if she isn't in the office.  "Excuse me," says David and leaves the office.

1981 Episodes continued

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