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Glenda, Arthur and Kath have breakfast.  Arthur tells Glenda that this business between Ron and Iris is serious because Ron has given up his job.  Kath tells Glenda that Ron is bringing Iris to the house.  Glenda stares at her and says that can't be.  She says Iris is rubbish.  "If you're playing those sort of games then count me out," says Glenda and storms out.  Kath tells Glenda that she can't turn her back on Ron.  "Will you stop being so cruel," she tells Glenda.
Miranda Pollard works at the Coach House with David.  She says she wonders how Mrs Hunter and James Corbett are getting along, and David asks her what she means.  Miranda says she just meant she wonders if they've got as much work done as they have. 
James Corbett and Barbara Hunter work on Barbara's book in James' chalet.  He reminds her of the room they shared together in Paris.  "You know we're lucky.  We've got something a lot of people haven't got, a second chance," says James.  "Let's not waste it," he says, and moves to kiss Barbara.  Diane Hunter comes into the chalet and gives Barbara and envelope, then leaves.  Barbara tells James Corbett that Diane is alright, she won't say anything.  James says there isn't anything to say.
Glenda Banks talks with her mother and says that Kevin told her she should give Ron a chance.  Kath tells her that it's going to be difficult for all of them.  Glenda says she will try and be civil to Iris.
Gilbert Latham see's Helli in the motel reception and asks how she got on in London.  Helli tells him that WPA said the photographs were alright but not to raise his hopes.  "Why did they ask you to go all that way to see them about the photos if they weren't interested?" asks Gilbert Latham.  Helli tells him that they are interested in her, and they have offered her a modelling contract starting next week.  Helli  says she has got to see Mrs Mortimer about handing in her notice.  Gilbert wishes her good luck.
David asks Barbara how her book is coming along and Barbara says quite well, she and Jimmy worked in his chalet.  David says he isn't very keen of her spending the entire day in the chalet with her former lover.  Barbara tells David that her and Jimmy have a business relationship.
Gilbert Latham finds Miranda Pollard in the motel sitting room.  Miranda asks Gilbert what WPA said and Gilbert tells her that they weren't interested in his photos but they have offered Helli a modelling contract.  He says it's his photos which helped Helli get what she wanted and he is glad about that.  Miranda tells him that he is sweet to take it like that.  She kisses him.  Gilbert Latham looks at her in surprise and Miranda kisses him again.  Diane Hunter bursts into the room and see's them.  She grins and leaves.
In the sitting room Meg and Adam Chance sort through the bookings.  Meg asks Adam if he knows how long James Corbett will be staying and Adam says he doesn't know.  Adam tells Meg that Barbara is working in James Corbett's chalet.  Meg says it does seem an odd way to patch up a shaky marriage, if Barbara wants to patch things up.  Adam tells Meg that James Corbett isn't helping matters much, and says he thinks James is interested in Barbara.  The phone rings and Adam answers it.  He tells Meg that J. Henry Pollard is at the motel.
Kevin Banks goes to see Iris Scott at her flat and tells her that wants to see an end to this feud, and Glenda is willing to be civil to her.  He says once she gets the first meeting over with everything will be alright. 
J. Henry Pollard goes into the sitting room and asks if he could speak to Adam Chance alone.  Meg leaves the sitting room.  J. Henry Pollard asks Adam if he thinks Gilbert latham is using Miranda because she has money and good connections.  Adam says he isn't sure.  J. Henry Pollard says it has got to stop.
J. Henry Pollard goes into reception and see's Miranda.  They go into J. Henry's chalet and J. Henry suggests that have a holiday together.  Miranda tells him that she can't take any time off.  J. Henry says perhaps he can take her out to dinner this evening, but says she's probably got a date already.  He suggests that she brings the gentleman around for him to meet.  "Oh I get it, you're checking up on me," says Miranda, and walks out.
Miranda Pollard storms into the sitting room where she finds Adam Chance alone.  "How dare you," she says.  She tells Adam that he had no right to tell her father about Gilbert Latham.  Adam Chance says Gilbert Latham is stringing her along, he is using her and her money. 
J. Henry Pollard comes into the room.  Miranda tells him that she is in love with Gilbert Latham.  "You'll be getting your wedding invitation soon.  I'm going to marry Gilbert Latham, and there's not a thing you can do about it," says Miranda.  "This is your fault," says J. Henry Pollard, turning to Adam Chance.  "I hold you personally responsible," says J. Henry Pollard.  "Me.  Now what the hell has it got to do with me?" asks Adam Chance.
J. Henry turns to Miranda and that if she has made up her mind then that's good enough for him.  Miranda tells J. Henry that Gilbert Latham isn't that sort of man.  J. Henry says the more he hears about Gilbert then the more he is looking forward to meeting him.  J. Henry Pollard turns to Adam and tells him that he thinks they should talk.
Diane Hunter shows David Hunter a letter and tells him that it's about her divorce from Chris.  She asks David if he thinks Chris would have been notified, and David says he will find out the next time he phones Chris.  David tells Diane that Chris has been offered a partnership in a boat business in the Bahamas.  Diane asks him what Barbara thinks of the idea and David asys she doesn't like anything to do with Chris.
Adam Chance and J. Henry Pollard go to J. Henry's chalet to talk.  J. Henry tells Adam that Miranda doesn't love Gilbert Latham and if Adam hadn't pushed her into it she wouldn't have decided to get her own back.  J. Henry tells Adam that he should have done like he did, pretend to go along with it.  "Pretend?" asks Adam.  J. Henry says he doesn't like this absurd idea of Miranda's and he is going to do everything in his power to stop it.

1981 Episodes continued

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