Something in the Water

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There must be something in the water at the Crossroads motel because so many of the young actresses who appear in the serial end up in the family way.
When Claire Faulconbridge, who plays Miranda Pollard, was expecting it was difficult to disguise the fact. 
Ronnie said:  "Every scene she appeared in she was either carrying a cardboard box in front of her stomach or she wore a large raincoat. 
"We'd all have to say lines like 'What terrible weather!' so that she could walk in wearing the coat."
When Carina Wyeth, who played Alison Cotterill, became pregnant, her character was supposed to have just had a miscarriage.  "originally, the plot was that she would become a nun," said Sue.  "But when the producer realised he would end up with a pregnant nun on his hands, it was all changed."
Sue Hanson, who played Diane, gave birth to her first baby, a son called Jack, last week.

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