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Article by Stafford Hildred
Crossroads will never be the same again.  And thank goodness for that.
Without dreary David Hunter, his brassy wife Barbara, deadly dull David Moran and gruesome Glenda, there's hope for the programme.
New producer Phillip Bowman has gone right to the heart of the problem with Central TV's 20-year-old soap opera.
Actor Ronald Allen has been a droning bore for years as dopey David.  He's hopeless.
Behind his back, the ageing heart-throb of the motel is known as the Tailor's Dummy.  It's because the 51-year-old bachelor is one of TV's most immaculate stars.  And with his painstakingly ponderous dramatic style he's also one of the slowest moving.
A cheeky former colleague joked that Ronnie used to drop off for a nap between speeches ... producing some of his most entertaining moments fast asleep.
But there are some good characters.  Tony Adams is appealing as Adam Chance and Jane Rossington sparkles as his wife, Jill.
Paul Henry has turned slow-witted Benny into a national figure and Doris Luke, played by the talented Kathy Staff, is a viewers' favourite.
So, with a few enterprising additions and some better scripts, there's no reason why Crossroads shouldn't challenge Coronation Street in the ratings.
Who knows?  It could even turn out to be worth watching.

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