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Brian Jarvis meets Faye for the first time and is immediately attracted to her. 
Shughie McFee, fed up with his own company, asks Jane Smith to have a meal with him.  Jane tells him she is going to a party, and invites Shughie along.  Mrs Witton tells Shughie that Jane is going to a Salvation Army meeting, and Shughie wonders what he has let himself in for. 
Carney tells Wilf that his dog Betty didn't die of rat poison but she died when a rat bite went septic.  "So she was killed trying to fight your rats for you," says Carney.  Carney realises it wasn't Wilf's fault and the two men are friends again.
Shughie McFee arranges for Stan Harvey to meet a young apprentice electrician called Norman Finn.
Meg and Hugh discuss arrangements for their forthcoming wedding.  Hugh reminds her that they cannot have a church wedding as they are both divorced, so they decide to have a church blessing.
Avis Tenneson and Faye Mansfield are both looking for somewhere to live and they agree to try and find one that they can share. 
Wilf Harvey tells Carney about a job vacancy for a gardener at the Crossroads Motel, but Carney says he is too old.  Nevertheless, Wilf takes Carney to meet David Hunter, who agrees to give Carney a two week trial.   
Avis Tenneson shows Faye an advert for a flat.  They visit the flat together, meet the landlady Mrs Fazakarly, and decide to take the flat.
Shughie McFee tells David Hunter about his night out.  "If I'm not with you today Mr Hunter, you must excuse me.  I didn't get much sleep last night," says Shughie.  "Yes, hymn singing does take it out of you doesn't it," laughs David.  "Oh he told you them," says Shughie, looking suspiciously at Sandy.  "I wish others wouldn't poke and pry into my business.  There's not much privacy here is there, especially with people like you around," says Shughie, glaring at Sandy and storming out.  "Well, that's put me in my place,"says Sandy.  "Serves you right...you shouldn't gossip," says David, grinning. 
Faye goes to the flat alone where she meets the landlady's son Sonny Fazakarly.  As Faye tries to go up the stairs Sonny blocks her way, grabs her by the arms and kisses her.  Faye slaps him and runs off.  She finds Avis at the motel and tells her that they can't take the flat.
Later that day Avis sees the landlady, Mrs Fazakarly, and tells her that her and Faye have changed their mind about the flat.  "I was expecting you to come here after what your friend did to my Sonny.  Making passes at him like that.  If you think you're getting your money back then you're mistaken.  That thirty pounds is mine and I'm keeping it,"  she says.  Avis leaves without bothering to argue. 

1975 Episodes continued

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