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The Motel is looking for a temporary secretary to cover for Diane Parker whilst she is away on holiday.  Sandy tells David that an applicant for the job came to the motel, that her name is Faye Mansfield, and he will leave the final decision to David.  
Carney's dog, Betty, falls ill and Florrie hopes it isn't because of the rat poison Wilf Harvey put down around his house. 
A girl called Avis Tenneson applies for a job as a waitress and Sandy interviews her, then offers her the job.  She is early thirties, plain looking with mousey brown hair.  Sandy asks Jane Smith to show Avis around.  Jane leaves Avis sitting in reception while she goes to get her a uniform.
David Hunter comes into reception and, seeing Avis, asks her if he can help.  "No thank you, I'm waiting for someone," replies Avis.  "What's your name?" asks David.  Avis explains that the agency sent her for the job at the motel.  "In that case, I'm the person you're looking for," says David.  "Oh," says Avis, puzzled.  "I'm David Hunter, the manager.  I've got to interview you," says David.  "No, Mr Richardson has already interviwed me.  He told me I could start on Monday," explains Avis.  "Excuse me," says David and goes to find Sandy.
David finds Sandy in the sitting room and asks him why he gave the new girl the job without consulting him first.  "What girl?" asks Sandy.  "The secretary in reception" answers David.  "Oh yes, she's a knockout isn't she" says Sandy.  "Sandy, are you sure you don't need glasses.  She may be good at her job but she's not exactly attractive" says David, thinking back to his encounter with Avis Tenneson.  "It's you who needs glasses" exclaims Sandy, thinking back to his encounter with the attractive blonde Faye Mansfield.
Gabby Keeble, the temporary secretary, comes into the sitting room followed by an attractive blonde woman.  She introduces David to Faye Mansfield.  "You're Faye Mansfield" says a confused David.  David interviews Faye for the secretarial job.  He asks her what her ambitions are as far as work is concerned.  "To work at the Crossroads Motel, as a secretary, starting on Monday," she answers. 
Carney storms into Wilf Harvey's home.  "Stand up!" he shouts.  "What is it Carney?  Is Betty worse?" asks Florrie.  "It's too late.  She's dead and you killed her!" shouts Carney, and starts fighting with Wilf.   

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