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J. Henry Pollard summons Paul Ross to the office and says he understands there was some trouble between him and Anna Radek.  Paul tells him that is none of his business.  J. Henry tells Paul Ross that he needs evidence against Douglas Brady to show Miranda that Brady isn't the man for her.  Paul tells J. Henry that he won't spy for him.
J. Henry Pollard asks Anna Radek into the office and asks her if there is anything about Douglas Brady that has suggested to her that he is in love with Miranda.  Anna says she hasn't really seen a lot of Dougals Brady.  J. Henry tells Anna that he is absolutely determined that Miranda will not marry Douglas.
At Longborough Cottage Benny and Gloria Tilling prepare Edna Tilling's dinner.  Gloria goes out of the room for a monent and Benny gets out a small tin and sprinkles some of its contents on the food.  Gloria sees him and asks him what he is doing.  Benny explains that they are only herbs. 
Anna Radek goes to Douglas Brady's chalet and tells him that she has written another letter to her embassy asking them not to recall her.  She fixes his tie and he pulls her onto the bed, kissing her.  Barbara Hunter comes into the chalet.
Benny tells Gloria Tilling that his gran said herbs are good for tummy upsets.  Gloria asks him how long her has been putting things in her mother's food and Benny says ever since the doctor came.  Gloria tells him that she will have to take the herbs to the police.
Barbara and David Hunter wait in the motel bar for Douglas.  David asks Barbara if anything has happened and Barbara says she ill tell him after she has had an explanation from Doug.  David leaves the bar and Douglas Brady joins his sister shortly after. 
Barbara tells Douglas that she wants an explanation, and Doug says he doesn't have to explain anything to her.  Barbara says now she knows what happened previously in Anna's chalet, and says he let another man take the blame.  She tells him that he never realises the harm he does. 
Later in the office Barbara tells David that it was Doug who molested Anna Radek in her chalet, not Paul Ross. 
Gloria Tilling returns to Longborough Cottage with Doctor James Wilcox, who asks to see the herbs Benny was putting in Edna Tilling's food. 
Douglas Brady goes to see David Hunter in the office.  Doug tells David that he got his note to 'be in my office at ten.'   He tells David that he might have asked him forst if it was convenient.  David asks Doug if he asked Miss Radek if it was convenient.  Douglas Brady tells David that his relationship with any women are none of his business, but David says this concerns Paul Ross as well.
Sid Hooper tells Joe MacDonald that Adam Chance is interviewing for the job of garage manager.  Sid says they wouldn't consider him but they might consider Joe.  Joe says he doesn't want the job.
It is Christmas Eve at the motel, and David complains to Paul Ross about the lack of Christmassy songs being played in reception.  David goes through to the private wing and Barbara enters reception.  Paul Ross wishes her compliments of the season, and she tells him that she loves the music.  Barbara asks Paul if he has seen David, and Paul tells her that David is in the office, and he is in a very solemn mood. 
Barbara goes into the office where she finds David in pensive mood.  She asks him why he left the sitting room where Adam and Jill were unwrapping presents.  David tells her that he had to leave.  Barbara says if they had children then they would really have cause to worry.  She realises what she has said and apologises. 
Barbara tells Davis that they have Paul Ross's present somewhere.  David tells her it's in the filing cabinet.  Barbara opens the office door and calls Paul Ross into the office.  She gives him his prresent and he thanks them very much.  Barbara leaves the office door open after Paul has left.  "Listen to that," says Barbara.  She tells David it is his favourite Christmas carol, but David says that's his least favourite. 
Barbara says she sang that carol in a school concert when she was ten.  "And look what became of you," says David.  He gets up from his desk.  "Successful, intelligent, beautiful," says David as he walks towards her.  "With a little encouragement I could fall in love with you," says Barbara.  David kisses her.    
David calls Adam Chance into the office and tells him that he phoned Sarah Alexander a few days ago.  Adam tells David that he doens't want to listen to his confessions, confessions are for close friends and he isn't a close friend.  Adam looks at David who is looking very dejected, and tells him that he will listen. 
David tells Adam that for months now he has been obsessed with one thing, his child.  He says Sarah must be made to change her mind and let him see his child, share in its upbringing.  He says Sarah is staying in Heathbury and he would like Adam to go and see her and arrange for them to meet. 
Adam Chance telephones Sarah Alexander and tells her that he thinks she is being unreasonable.  Jill comes into the office and asks Adam who he was on the phone to, but Adam says he can't say.  The phone rings again and Jill picks it up.  She hands the receiver to Adam.  Adam takes the phone and tells Sarah that he will be there.  Once he has put the phone down Adam tells Jill that David wants to see Sarah Alexander, and asked him to arrange a meeting. 
Kath Brownlow talks to Paul Ross in the motel reception area and tells him that she has the rest of the day off.  John Latchford comes into reception unseen by Kath.  He puts a finger to his lips to shush Paul whilst he creeps up to Kath.  Paul Ross asks Kath if she is having anyone to dinner over Christmas and Kath tells him no, just the family.  "Got room for one more?" asks John Latchford.  Kath turns around and hugs him. 
Jill, David and Barbara have drinks in the motel bar.  Barbara asks Jill where Adam is and she tells them that he is in the garage as there is a bit of an emergency.  David tells Jill that he will phone Adam and tell him that the emergency can wait.
David goes into reception to use the phone at the desk, and Jill follows him.  Jill tells David that Adam isn't in the garage, he has gone to see Sarah Alexander.

1984 Episodes continued

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