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David asks Barbara and Valerie how they got on with Councillor Berry last night.  Valerie Pollard tells David that she was expecting a monster and found an angel.  David asks them if they just happened to mention the bypass, and Barbara says no.  Valerie Pollard goes out of the office and returns holding a bunch of flowers.  She tells Barbara that they are for her from Councillor Berry.  David gets up from his desk and says if anyone wants him he will be outside seeing how many surveyors are invading the motel grounds today.  David leaves the office.  Valerie Pollard looks at Barbara's flowers and says they are nearly as nice as the one's she received.
Paul Ross joins Sharon Metcalfe and Jill Harvey at the reception desk.  Paul asks Sharon how her friend Sergeant Halls is and Sharon tells him that Sergeant Halls is in London with her mother who is having her operation.  Jill says she thought she had years to wait for her operation, and Sharon says all the obstacles disappeared suddenly.  Sharon Metcalfe leaves Paul Ross and Jill Harvey alone at the desk.  Paul tells Jill that it's all very strange, Sergeant Halls suddenly giving up investigating a poison pen sent to the rich Pollards.
Later Paul Ross see's J. Henry Pollard and asks him if he can speak to him for a moment.
David and Barbara Hunter join J. Henry Pollard and Jill Harvey in the office.  The telephone rings and Jill answers it.  She tells the others that it is Councillor Berry asking them out to dinner either at the motel or at a restaurant of their choosing.  J. Henry suggests town and David suggests the motel.  Jill speaks to Councillor Berry and tells him that the motel will be fine.
Percy Dobson and Joe MacDonald meet in the garage and Joe agrees to sell his house for 22,000.
Sally Banks talks to her sister Marion Owen and tells her that she is sure that it was Sharon Metcalfe on the phone the other evening.  Oliver Banks returns home and tells Sally that he has to go to Brussels for a few days on business.  Sally says she will go with him.
Paul Ross goes to see J. Henry Pollard in the office and says he would like to leave the motel and he wants J. Henry to release him from his contract.  J. Henry refuses.  Paul Ross says he is almost certain that Valerie Pollard wrote the poison pen letter and he is also certain that J. Henry bribed Sergeant Halls to stop her investigation, promising her that her mother would have the operation she has been waiting for.  Paul says he knows it was J. Henry's own surgeon who performed the operation.  J. Henry asks Paul how he found out and Paul says he didn't, J. Henry just confirmed it.
Oliver Banks tells Sally that she would be bored in Brussels, but Sally says she wouldn't.  Sally goes out of the room to see to the dinner.  Oliver asks Marion what has got into Sally, she has never wanted to go on a business trip before.  Marion Owen tells Oliver that Sally knows about him and Sharon Metcalfe.  Oliver stares at Marion.  "I've dreaded this moment, absolutely dreaded it," says Oliver.  Oliver asks how she found out and Marion says Sally heard him talking on the phone. 
J. Henry Pollard tells Paul Ross that if he breaks his contract he will sue him.  Paul tells J. Henry that if he doesn't release him from his contract he will reveal how J. Henry bribed Sergeant Halls and that would not only damage J. Henry but also Sergeant Halls.  J. Henry Pollard picks up Paul's contract and tears it up.
Marion Owen tells Sally Banks that she is leaving but Sally tells her that she has eaten yet.  Marion tells her sister that she has to talk to Oliver.  Marion leaves the house.  Oliver tells Sally that they have to talk about Sharon.  Sally breaks down and tells Oliver she doesn't want to hear.
Paul Ross meets Jill in reception and tells her that he is leaving the motel.  He says J. Henry has released him from his contract so he is off to Paris, where he has been offered an executive position by a hotel owner Gaston Peruz.  He tells Jill that he only has two days to make up his mind, and says he must see David Hunter.  Jill tells him that David is in London until tomorrow.
Barbara Hunter stops to talk to Kath Brownlow who is arranging some flowers on a table in the restaurant.  Kath tells her that they are for a couple celebrating their silver wedding anniversary.  Paul Ross joins them and Barbara says she thinks it's marvellous, twenty five years of marriage.  Barbara tells Paul to make it special with champagne from her and David.  Paul says he will see to it, and he and Barbara leave Kath to her work.  Kath Brownlow looks at the flowers, tears streaming down her face.
David Hunter joins Jill Harvey in the office and asks if there is anything urgent to deal with.  Jill tells him that Paul Ross is resigning and David asks how that happened.  Jill tells David that J. Henry Pollard released Paul from his personal contract and he is hoping to take up a position in Paris.  Paul comes into the office at that moment and asks David Hunter to release him from his contract at the motel.  David says he is supposed to give a months notice, and Paul says he knows and is sorry.
Barbara Hunter joins Paul, Jill and David in the office.  Paul Ross asks David for a reference but David says he can't in all honesty give him a reference and if his next employer asked he would have to say that Paul left them in the lurch.  Jill Harvey hands David a letter.  "What's this?" he asks.  "The reference Paul wanted," says Jill.  David takes the letter, reads it and signs it.  "May I read it?" asks Paul Ross.  "No you may not," says David, folding the letter and putting it in an envelope.  He hands the envelope to Paul.  "You will take what you are given and be grateful," says David.  "Thank you," says Paul.  Paul turns to Jill Harvey.  "And thank you," he says.
There is a knock on the door of the office and Kath Brownlow comes in looking very shaky.  Jill Harvey and Barbara Hunter rush to her and sit her down.  Kath says she doesn't know what came over her.  David tells her to take the rest of the day off but Kath says she'll be fine once she has had a lie down for an hour or so.  Jill says she will call a taxi but Kath says it's alright she will walk, the fresh air will do her good.  Kath Brownlow leaves the office.  Barbara says that's strange, Kath was fine a moment ago.  She says she had better tell Glenda.
Barbara Hunter goes to the bar and finds Glenda Banks working there.  She tells Glenda about Kath.
Sally Banks asks Marion Owen why she had to tell Oliver that she knew about Sharon Metcalfe.  Marion says she couldn't go on watching her torment herself.  Sally tells Marion that she musn't breathe a word of this to Kevin, besides it will probably all blow over soon. 
Glenda Banks find Kath at home lying on the settee and asks her if she is alright.  Kath says she is fine.
Councillor Norman Berry finds Valerie Pollard in the motel bar and tells her that he would like to take her and mrs Hunter to dinner at a little place he knows in town.  Valerie says she understood they were having dinner at the motel.  Valerie asks Councillor Berry if he has any news about the bypass and Berry says none that he can divulge. 
Councillor Berry meets Barbara Hunter in reception and tells her that he is looking forward to their little party this evening.  Barbara says it's a little unfair, two women and one man.  She says perhaps she could ask her husband to join them.  Councillor Berry says perhaps they could ask Mrs Pollard to sit out but Barbara says that would be a pity as she knows how much he is attracted to Mrs Pollard.  "I find you even more...." says Councillor Berry, then notices David Hunter standing beside him.  "Even more?" asks Barbara.  "Stubborn," says Berry. 
Councillor Berry tells Barbara that he will see her and Mrs Pollard at the motel at 7.30.  Councillor Berry turns to David and asks him where their dining room manager is.  "You'll find him in the dining room," says David.  "If you hurry," he adds.  Councillor Berry looks at David Hunter.  "He leaves on Friday," David tells him.  "Oh well then," says Councillor Berry and hurries off. 
Joe MacDonald goes to the Brownlow's home and Kevin Banks tells him that he shouldn't sell his house to Percy Dobson, he should let it instead.  Joe says he will think about it, and leaves.  Glenda comes downstairs and tells Kevin that Kath isn't well, she is crying all the time.  Kevin tells her that Kath was too calm when Arthur died.
Paul Ross see's Barbara Hunter in the office and tells her that he could stay on for another week until they find a replacement for him.  The phone rings and Barbara answers it, then hands the phone to Paul, telling him it is Gaston Peruz.
Oliver Banks goes to Sharon Metcalfe's flat and tells her that Sally knows about them.

1983 Episodes continued

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