1983 Episodes ... continued

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Richard Lord arrives at the motel.
Sally Banks tells Marion that Oliver is having an affair with Sharon metcalfe.
Richard Lord books into the motel and Jill Harvey asks him if this is just a flying visit.  Richard tells her that he is here to see J. Henry Pollard.  J. Henry Pollard approaches the reception desk and Jill introduces the two men.  Richard tells J. Henry that he will just freshen up and meet him in half an hour.
Percy Dobson see's Joe MacDonald in the garage and tells Joe that he has had a look at his house and will offer him 22,000 for it.
Richard Lord meets J. Henry Pollard in the motel office.  Richard tells J. Henry that after the trial of Kate Hamilton for Tony Moran's manslaughter the casino passed to his fiance Georgina Moran.  Richard tells J. Henry that the offer he made for the casino was lower than its true value which is why he is here.  J. Henry Pollard tells Richard that his bid was accepted.  Richard Lord puts an envelope on the desk in front of J. Henry and tells him that the letter is a refusal of the offer.
Oliver Banks tries to persuade Sharon Metcalfe to spend a week with him in Brussels.
David Hunter tells Barbara that Councillor Berry has agreed to have dinner with them tonight, but Barbara says she won't be there.  Jill Harvey tells Barbara that Councillor Berry fancies her so she is their only hope.
The doctor at the fertility clinic interviews Glenda and Kevin Banks.  He tells them that he can't guarantee success, and asks them if they are ready to make a total commitment.  Kevin begins to explain his feelings but Glenda interupts him.  "I want our baby," she says.  The doctor tells them that he will put their name forward.
Sid Hooper tells Joe MacDonald that Sharon Matcalfe was offered a job at Gocol Head Office.
Valerie Pollard waits in reception for J. Henry.  J. henry arrives and sits in reception with Valerie who asks him where he disappeared to last night.  J. Henry tells her that he went to see his solicitor.  He asks Valerie how she spent last night.  Valerie says she had a very enjoyable evening, she had a few drinks in the bar with a charming young man who then took her to dinner in town. Valerie tells J. Henry that during the meal he was the main topic of conversation, the young man couln't hear enough about him.  She says they were almost at the end of their meal before she found out the young man's name.  "His name was Richard Lord," says Valerie.
Oliver Banks goes to the motel garage and asks Sid Hooper where Sharon is.  Sid tells him that she is out on business and offers to take a message.  Oliver says he wanted to see Sharon about a trades fair in Brussels that he has to go to.  He says he is new to the business so he wouldn't be much use on his own so he wanted Sharon to come with him to help him.  Sid Hooper tells Oliver that he can manage the garage whilst Sharon is away, besides it will give him good practice if Sharon leaves.  Oliver Banks asks Sid what he means and Sid tells him that Gocol Head Office have offered Sharon a job.  Oliver tells Sid that he would hate to lose her and Sid says the trip to Brussels might change her mind.
David Hunter and J. Henry Pollard discuss the forthcoming dinner with Councillor Berry.  David suggests they make an excuse and leave the women to entertain the dreary councillor.  At that moment Valerie Pollard comes into the office.  "Hello darling," says J. Henry cheerily.  Barbara Hunter comes into the office with Valerie.  "Hello darling," says David chirpily.  Barbara looks at him suspiciously.
David remarks that it might be time for them to get ready for dinner with Councillor Berry, and Barbara suggests it's time they got ready too.  "No," says David.  He says he has a meeting with the accountants, and J. Henry says he has to be there as well.  The two men leave the office together.  "I refuse to have dinner with that Councillor," says Barbara.  Valerie says their husbands got out of it so they will do the same.  Valerie tells Barbara to phone Councillor Berry and put him off.  "You won't get him at the office at this time of night.  Better phone him at home," suggests Valerie.  Barbara looks at Valerie.  "I don't know his home number," she says.  Valerie says their husbands are depending on them, and besides if Barbara is so frightened of Councillor Berry, she is curious to see what he is like.
Sally Banks telephones the Brownlow's home and asks Kevin if they are doing anything tonight because Oliver is a bit down and she thought a family get together might cheer him up.
Councillor Norman Berry arrives at the motel and goes into the bar.  He spots Barbara Hunter and joins her at the bar.  Barbara introduces him to Valerie Pollard.  Barbara tells the Councillor that their husbands won't be able to make dinner.  "Unavoidable business," she says.  Councillor Berry tells her not to worry because it means he will have them both to himself.  "A thorn between two roses," he says. 
Kath Brownlow, Glenda and Kevin Banks and Sally Banks have drinks at the Banks' home.  Oliver Banks arrives home and Sally joins him in the hallway.  Oliver tells Sally that he has got to go out again, but Sally tells him he can't, all the family are here.  Kevin joins them in the hallway and Sally tells Oliver that she insists he stays. 
Glenda tells Oliver and Sally the latest news about the baby and Sally says she is very happy for her.  Kevin looks at her and says that's a bit of a turnaround.  Sally says she has had a lot of time to think, and after all it will be their first grandchild.
Richard Lord goes into the motel office and see's David Hunter.  Richard tells David that Georgina Moran told him to be sure to buy David a drink.  David asks Richard if he saw Barbara in the bar and Richard says he did, she was with Mrs Pollard and a funny little man.  David says in that case they will have a drink in the office.
David offers Richard Lord a drink and asks him the reason why he is here.  Richard tells him that he is here to sort out the casino.  David says the casino was left to kate and when she said she didn't want it she was under stress.  Richard tells David that Georgina believes that too and she wants to see the casino go to its rightful owner, Kate Hamilton.
Jill Harvey joins David and Richard in the office and tells David that he is wanted at reception.  David tells Richard that he will be five minutes, and then leaves the office.  "David chummy?" Jill asks Richard Lord.  "Polite," answers Richard.
Oliver Banks stares at the telephone, anxious to phone Sharon Metcalfe.  Sally Banks notices.  Sally Banks tells Kath, Glenda and Kevin that she and Oliver will be going to Canada next year, but Oliver tells her that nothing is definite yet.  Glenda says she would love to go to Canada and Sally says it's not impossible.  Kevin tells Glenda that she might be in hospital or too pregnant to move and Glenda laughs. 
The telephone rings at the Bank's home, and Sally Banks answers it.  Sharon Metcalfe hears Sally Banks' voice and hangs up.
When Kath, Glenda and Kevin get back home Kath says she is glad that's over.  She says she has never seen Sally so nervy.  She asks Kevin if everything is alright between his mother and father and Kevin says they don't get on but that's nothing new.  Kath tells Kevin that perhaps he should go around and see his mother.

1983 Episodes continued

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