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Sandy and David do the accounts in the office.  Jill joins them and Sandy tells Jill that David met Philip Rogers.  "Nice isn't he," says Jill.  "Ummm," mutters David.  The phone rings and David answers it.  "Yes I know Lloyd.  I told you I met Philip Rogers a few years ago.  I don't want to talk about it," says David and puts the phone down. 

Victor Lee asks Sharon Metcalfe to have diiner with him but Sharon says she isn't in the mood.

Barbara tells David that she is worried about the manuscript which was in the missing suitcase.  She says she is suppoed to go to a meeting about the book which was going to be in England but now they're saying it could be in New York.  "I can't go, you know that," David tells her.  Barbara tells David that she is going to have to go back to Japan because she couldn't research the book in a months.  "The phone bills will be terrible," says David.

Sharon Metcalfe goes to Eddie Lee's flat and he asks her if it's all over between her and Victor.  Sharon tells him it is, and Eddie says if Victor found out about them he might spoil things.  "Vic will put up with a hell of a lot but what he won't put up with is a betrayal," says Eddie.

Philip Rogers joins Meg in the sitting room and tells her that he has something to say.  He tells Meg that Lloyd Munro is right and he isn't in the grocery trade.  He asks Meg if she remembers that on the last night of their cruise he tried to get her to gamble and she told him that she had a friend who was almost ruined by gambling.  He says he realises she meant David Hunter.  Philip Rogers tells Meg that he owns a few gambling clubs and he had a share in Tony MOran's casino, and that is where he met David Hunter.  Meg tells him that it doesn't change anything.  "It doesn't?" says Philip surprised.  "Then you'll marry me?" he asks.  Meg says no, she enjoys his company but she doesn't love him.

Later, Meg tells David that she knows about Philip Rogers involvement with gambling, and David says he is glad she knows.  Meg tells David that Philip Rogers is a good man.

Lloyd Munro asks David is he knows anyone who could do some cleaning for him because he is at a bit of a loss since David hijacked Barbara.  Barbara joins them and tells David that the airline have found their suitcases.  The telephone rings and David answers it.  He excuses himself telling Barbara and Lloyd that there is a crisis in the kitche.  "Isn't he wonderful, my superman," says Barbara, as David leaves.

Barbara asks Lloyd why he is so concerned about Philip Rogers.  "Are you jealous?" she asks Lloyd.  Lloyd says no but he just doesn't want things to change between him and Meg.

Glenda Brownlow goes to see Meg Mortimer and asks her about  the possibility of a job for Kath Brownlow.  Meg tells Glenda to ask her mother to come and see her tomorrow.

Philip Rogers asks Jill Harvey for his bill.  He tells Jill that he lied to her, that he isn't in the grocery trade but he is into gambling.  He leaves the reception area.  A few moments later Meg comes into reception and Jill tells her that Philip Rogers has just checked out and tells her mother that if she hurries hse can catch him.

Philip Rogers comes back into reception and tells Jill and Meg that he almost left with his chalet key.  He looks at Meg.  "Goodbye Meg," he says, kisses her then leaves.

Kath Brownlow goes to the motel and waits to see Meg Mortimer about a job.

Lloyd Munro joins Meg in the sitting room and apologses for being nosey.  Meg tells him she can look after herself but she appreciates his concern.  Meg tells Lloyd that David and Philip met at a gambling club.

Glenda Brownlow goes into the sitting room with her mother and introduces Kath Brownlow to Meg.  Glenda and Lloyd leave Meg and Kath together.  Meg asks Kath what sort of work she is looking for and Kath says anything.  Meg asks her if she would like to work in the kitchen and Kath says she would enjoy that, and asks Meg when she can start.  Meg tells her that they don't really need anyone until the high season.  "Oh," says Kath Brownlow, disappointed.

Kath Brownlow returns home and Glenda asks her if she go the job.  "There wasn't a job, not until July or August," Kath tells her. 

Eddie Lee receives a visit from Reg Lamont who asks him if he would be willing to do a little job for him.  "What's the pay slip?" asks Eddie.  "A couple of thousand," replies Reg Lamont.  Eddie Lee says he is on parole and if he gets caught he will be in big trouble.  Reg Lamont tells him to have a think about it then he'll come back and they can have another chat.  Sharon Metcalfe arrives at Eddie's flat and Reg Lamont leaves.  She asks Eddie who he is and Eddie tells her that he was trying to sell him insurance.

Glenda, Ron and Kath Brownlow wait for Arthur to arrive with Iris Scott.  Arthur Brownlow and Iris Scott arrive at the Brownlow home, and Kath greets her niece.  "This is Glenda.  I don't expect you remember her," says Kath.  "No," says Iris.  Iris Scott asks if she can go to her room.

A short time later Iris Scott comes back downstairs and they all sit down to dinner.

At Eddie Lee's flat Sharon lays the table ready for their take away which Eddie has gone to fetch.  There is a knock at the door.  "Eddie," calles Diane Hunter's voive from outside.  Sharon waits in silence.  There is another knock on the door.  "Come on Eddie.  I know you're in there," says Diane's voice.  "You're not stark naked are you because I'm coming in," says Diane, and the door opens.  Sharon stands, waiting anxiously.

Diane comes into the flat and see's Sharon.  "Well well well," she says, surprised.  "Small world isn't it," she says.  Sharon Metcalfe asks Diane to shut the door but Diane says there's no need for her to explain.  At that moment Eddie Lee arrives at the flat with the take away and stops when he see's Sharon and Diane together.  Eddie tells Sharon that she needn't have come all this way just to give him a message.  "Eddie, she knows," Sharon tells him.





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