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Victor Lee asks Sharon Metcalfe if she has decided when she wants her holidays  and Sharon tells him she will have two weeks when it's convenient for everyone else.  Victor Lee tells her that she should go away somewhere and suggests she rents a holiday cottage and he could join her at weekends.  "We'll see," says Sharon.
Doris Luke tells Sandy that Joe MacDonald would like to book a table for himself and Trina for their wedding anniversary.  Sandy tells her that he will make sure there are some roses and a bottle of champagne.
Doris Luke asks Glenda Brownlow what she is doing for her holidays and Glenda says her parents were going somewhere but that's all fallen through because they have had to go to Manchester for her grans funeral.
At the Brownlow's home Arthur and Kath Brownlow returns from the funeral.  Kath says he niece Iris Scott hasn't got anywhere to stay now that Glenda's gran is dead.  She says perhaps Iris should come and stay with them, after all it is her sister's child.  Glenda Brownlow arrives home from work and Kath asks her how she would feel about her cousin Iris coming to stay.  Glenda isn't too keen on the idea. 
Eddie Lee and Sharon Metcalfe have a drink in the motel reception.  Eddie says they could go back to his flat, but Diane says Diane might see them.  She suggests they go back to her place.
Meg is on duty in reception when David and Barbara Hunter arrive back from their honeymoon.  Meg welcomes them back and asks them how the holiday went.  Barbara says it was marvellous except that they have lost three suitcases, and one of them contains the outline for her latest book.  Jill Harvey comes into reception and welcomes David and Barbara back.  "Did you enjot your honeymoon?" asks Jill.  "Well, I wouldn't take one with anyone else," says David.  Meg asks them what they would like for breakfast.  "A good English breakfast.  kippers," says David.  Jill looks at him and turns her nose up.  "Barbara?" asks Meg.  "Porridge and kippers," she says, and David laughs. 
Meg tells David and Barbara that she met someone whilst she was on holiday and would like them to meet him.
Diane Hunter arrives home to her flat and finds Eddie Lee waiting outside.  He gives her a present to thank her for looking after him when he first moved in.  Diane opens the gift and finds some expensive perfume.
Lloyd Munro joins David and Barbara in the sitting room and asks them if they have met Philip Rogers yet, and David says no.  David says Meg seems very fond of him.  Lloyd says he doesn't like him, he has checked up on him and he isn't who he says he is.  Lloyd says he has tried to tell Meg but she didn't want to know.
Ron Brownlow tells Glenda that he got his notice at work today.  He tells Kath and Arthur, and Kath says she might get a part time job to help out. 
Meg goes out for a drive with Philip Rogers.  Philip Rogers stops his car and they admire the view.  Meg tells him that the last time she was here she was engaged to be married.  Philip Rogers tells her to live for now and not in the past.
Kath Brownlow goes to see Doris Luke at the motel and says she needs a little job because Ron has been made redundant.  She asks Doris if there is any chance of a job at the motel.
Lloyd Munro, David and Barbara come into reception after having dinner in the motel restaurant.  Barbara goes to check on their missing luggage.  Philip Rogers comes into the motel and Lloyd introduces him.  "David, this is Philip Roger's, Meg's friend," says Lloyd.  "I should have thought there were a lot of men with that name," says David.  "And I'm one of them," says Philip Rogers.  "You two know each other?" asks Lloyd.  "We have met," replies David.  Philip Rogers excuses himself.  Lloyd asks David if he is covering anything up and David says he doesn't want to talk about it.  Lloyd Munro excuses himself.
Philip Rogers joins David Hunter again in reception.  Barbara returns and David introduces her to Philip Rogers.  "You're a very lucky man," says Philip.  "Yes I am," replies David.  Meg comes into reception and joins them.  "Oh you two have met already," she says.  "Yes we have met," says David.
Glenda and Ron Brownlow arrive home and Kath tells them that their cousin Iris Scott is coming to stay with them until other arrangements can be made. 
Victor Lee tells Sharon Metcalfe that he cut out some adverts for holiday cottages and Sharon tells him that she will make up her own mind.  She screws up the papers and throws them in the bin.
Victor Lee tells Eddie Lee that he has had a letter from his probation officer and he would like to meet him.  Victor asks if he has been staying out at nights and Eddie says yes.  Victor Lee asks him who with and warns him to stay clear of his old friends.  Eddie Lee tells Victor that he has got a girlfriend, and Victor suggests Eddie and his girlfriend and him and Sharon could make a foursome for dinner.  Eddie says it wouldn't be a good idea.

1980 Episodes continued

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