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Percy Dobson goes to see David Hunter about the re-construction contract.  Percy tells David that Kevin Banks was hoping to do the decorating and David says Kevin has done some good work for them so he wouldn't want to exclude him.  Percy Dobson tells David that he take Kevin back onto his workforce, and David says yes, if Kevin agrees.  As Percy Dobson leaves the office he meets Kevin Banks in the corridor and tells him that he has the contract.  "The rebuilding?" asks Kevin.  "No, the lot, including the decorating," says Percy Dobson. 
Detective Inspector Watkins goes to see David Hunter and tells him that he did Sam Hurst an injustice.  He says the fire which killed Sam Hurst's wife and children was an accident, it was started when a gust of wind caught a bonfire and Sam Hurst was innocent.  Inspector Watkins tells David that it is almost certain that the motel fire was started by a firework.  David tells the Inspector that Adam Chance chased away three youths who were throwing fireworks.  Inspector Watkins tells David that they have one of the youths in custody.  Diane Hunter comes into the office and hears the mention of Sam Hurst's name.  She asks Inspector Watkins if Sam Hurst has been cleared and the Inspector says yes, he was innocent.
Kath Brownlow goes to see Iris Scott and asks her how she is.  Iris tells her that she is fine, except in the mornings.  Ron Brownlow comes in and Kath asks if they have decided about Iris going up to Aberdeen when Ron starts work on the oil rigs.  Kath tells them that Iris can come and live with them.  Ron asks what Glenda thinks about it and Kath says she is alright with it.  Iris tells Kath that she would love to come and stay with them, and it is very good of them after all that's happened.
Diane Hunter rushes to the garage and tells Benny that Sam Hurst had nothing to do with the motel fire.  Benny just stares at her.  "Aren't you pleased?" asks Diane.  "He's still dead," says Benny.  "Anyway I knew he didn't do it," he says.
David and Barbara Hunter arrive home and David says he is starving.  Barbara goes to the kitchen and says she will prepare some food.  She looks at all the dirty dishes and walks straight out of the kitchen again.  "Do you love me?" she asks David.  "Don't ask a man when he's hungry, ask him when he's eaten," says David.  Barbara tells him that she hasn't got any money in the house.  "You are joking aren't you?" asks David.  "For starters there's a couple of biscuits...And for pudding, half an orange each," says Barbara.  David says they are both doing full time jobs and it's about time they thought about getting a housekeeper.
Kevin Banks returns home and tells Kath, Arthur and Glenda that Percy Dobson has got the rebuilding contract and the re-decorating contract as well. 
Adam Chance goes to the garage office and asks Joe MacDonald to come into the office.  He asks Joe to be acting foreman in Victor Lee's place, and tells him that he will get a 10 a week rise.
David Hunter finds Jill Harvey in the motel office and tells her that he and Barbara need a housekeeper.  "What brought that on?" asks Jill.  "Hunger pains mostly," replies David.  He says he and Barbara are spending so much time at the motel that they haven't got any time to do housework.
Adam Chance finds Benny asleep in a car in the garage forecourt when he is supposed to be cleaning.  Adam tells him that this isn't good enough.
David Hunter and Percy Dobson go through all the chalets making a list of the work that needs doing.
Joe MacDonald goes to the motel staff room and gives Kevin Banks the estimate for the repairs on his van; 350.  Kevin says he can't really afford that.
Sharon Metcalfe tells Benny to try not to give Adam Chance any reason to moan at him.  Benny tells her that it's just that he can't sleep.  He tells Sharon that he is staying with Joe and Trina MacDonald at the moment and their small son Benjamin keeps Benny awake with his crying.
Kevin Banks tells Glenda that perhaps he should take that job which Percy Dobson is offering him.  Glenda tells Kevin to go and see the management.
Kevin Banks goes to see Adam Chance and tells him that he was hoping to get the decorating contract.  Adam tells him that this isn't a one-man job, and Kevin says he could have taken on staff.  Adam tells Kevin that Percy Dobson has offered to take him back onto his workforce.  "Use it Keinv.  It'll pay," advises Adam.  "There is a small question of pride," says Kevin Banks.  "Try swallowing hard," says Adam. 
Benny asks Diane Hunter if she knows of any room going. 
Diane Hunter talks to Barbara Hunter in the motel office.  Diane tells Barbara that she must be sorry that she got involved in the motel, but Barbara says she is enjoying it.  She says she is looking forward to her first board meeting.
Barbara Hunter receives a phone call from Carole Sands who is applying for the job of housekeeper to David and Barbara Hunter.  Barbara tells Carole to come to the Coach House that evening.
Iris Scott arrives at her flat and sits dejectedly on her bed. 
Carole Sands arrives at the Caoch House and Barbara remarks that she is very young.  Carole tells her that she is eighteen and that she has looked after her father and brothers since she was fifteen.
Kevin Banks accepts the offer of a job from Pefcy Dobson.
Iris Scott fails to arrive at the Brownlow's house for a meal.  Ron Brownlow telephones Mavis Hooper's house but there is no reply.  He tells his family that he is going round to Iris's flat. 
Carole Sands recognises Barbara Hunter as the writer Eleanor Ruskin and says she likes her books.  Barbara asks Carle why she wants the job and Carole says she needs to get a job.  Carole tells Barbara that her father expects her to always be there.  Barbara asks Carole Sands if she could come back to the Coach House at the same time tomorrow evening so that she could meet David. 
Iris Scott is talking to Mavis Hooper when Ron Brownlow arrives.  "What's all this?" asks Ron.  Mavis Hooper leaves them alone.  Iris Scott tells Ron that she had a check up at the hospital, and there is no baby.  "There never was," she says.  She tells Ron that the doctor's call it a phantom pregnancy.
Diane Hunter tells Sharon Metcalfe that she saw her leave with Adam Chance at lunch time.  Sharon tells her that it was a business lunch, and Diane just looks at her.  Diane goes into the garage workshop for a moment.  Adam Chance pops his head into the office and asks Sharon Metcalfe to have a drink with him after work.  Sharon accepts.  Adam leaves the garage and Diane comes back into the office.  "I thought he wasn't your type," says Diane.
Carole Sands arrives at the Coach House and meets David Hunter.  David tells her that she looks younger that he thought she would be.  He asks Carole if she has had a regular job since she left school, and Carole says no.  David asks Carole if she has been to the Job Centre, and Carole says yes, everyday, but there is never anything.  "You tried for this job because you're desperate," says David.  Carole says yes but she knows she will be good at the job.  David asks her what her interest are and Carole says music.
David tells Carole that it was nice meeting her but they have a few more people to see before they decide.  Barbara Hunter helps Carole with her coat, and ask she puts her arm into the sleeve carole knocks over an ornament.  She apologises.  "Why couldn't you be honest with me and say you don't want me," says Carole, glaring at David.  David tells Carole that they will let her know in a day or two.  "Yeah, don't ring us, we'll ring you.  That'll be good since you haven't even got my phone number," says Carole.
Carole Sands leaves the Coach House.  David stares at Barbara and asks her whatever possessed her to even consider a girl like that.  Barbara tells David that she wishes he had seen Carole Sands yesterday, she was completely different.  "Forget her," says David.  "I can't," says Barbara.
Ron Brownlow goes to Iris Scott's flat and tells her that there will be other times.  He says they will get married and take things as they come.  "No Ron.  I don't want to get married anymore," says Iris.  Ron tells Iris that it's only natural that she is upset.  Iris tells Ron that she was worried about marrying him and only went along with it because of the baby.
Joe MacDonald asks Sharon Metcalfe what kind of mood Adam Chance is in because he wants to ask for a rise.  Sharon tells Joe that he has just had a 10 rise but Joe says he wants another 10.  Adam Chance comes into the garage office at that moment and Joe tells him that he would like a rise.  Adam says he can't give him another rise until he shows he can do the job as foreman well.  Adam asks Sharon Metcalfe if she could run the garage on her own because he wants the motel to buy back the garage.  Adam tells Sharon that they will need figures and asks Sharon if she would like to help him prepare them.

1981 Episodes continued

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