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Ron Brownlow arrives at the Brownlow's house and Glenda asks him how Iris is.  Ron tells Glenda, Kath and Arthur that the wedding is off.
Carole Sands telephones the Coach House and Barbara Hunter answers the phone.  Carole tells Barbara that she wanted to apologise for losing her temper the previous evening.  Barbara asks Carole for her address and phone number incase anything turns up.  Barbara thanks Carole for phoning.  "There's no need to apologise.  I understand," says Barbara.  "I knew you would," says Carole.
Kath Brownlow speaks to Ron and asks him what he is going to do now and Ron says he will take the job on the oil rings.  "There's only so much you can take," he says, his voice trembling.  "I love her so much," says Ron, and falls into his mothers arms.
Adam Chance asks David Hunter if he could have a private word.  Adam tells David that the garage is going through a bad patch, mainly because of the fire.  David tells Adam that he agrees and that the motel should buy the garage.  Adam stares at him and says he wanted the chance of persuading him.  David tells Adam that he always thought Meg was wrong to let the motel buy out of the garage.
Jill Harvey goes to the garage office and talks to Sharon Metcalfe.  Jill asks Sharon if she would know why Adam should want a private word with David, and Sharon tells her that Adam wants the motel to buy into the garage.  Jill says Adam and David annoy her because she is a director of the motel and should be consulted.
Jill Harvey goes to the motel office and asks David what his little talk to Adam was all about.  David tells Jill that Adam has offered the motel a 50% share in the garage.  Jill says she should have been consulted.  Adam Chance comes into the office and David tells him that Jill is upset that they didn't consult her.  Adam says he forgot Jill was a director.  Adam tells David that they should talk to Barbara because she is a director.  "There's no need," says David.  "Oh David.  After all I've just said," says Jill.  "There's no need because the deal is off," says David.  David tells Jill and Adam that the bank won't lend them the money.
Jill asks David if he could ask Barbara for Lloyd Munro's address because she would like to send him a Christmas card.  David says he has Barbara's address book with him.  He searches in his pocket and finds the book.  He looks through it and says it's a great help because Barbara doesn't keep it in alphabetical order.  As he searches he comes across Carole Sands address and phone number.  He explains to Adam and Jill that Carole Sands is one of the applicants for the job as their housekeeper.
Jill tells David that Carole Sands is a super girl.  David stares at her.  He tells Jill that this Carole Sands was useless, and it can't be the same girl.  Jill tells him where Carole Sands lives and David says it's the same address.  Jill tells David that one of Carole Sands brothers was in the same class as Sandy at school. 
Adam Chance asks Sharon Metcalfe to have dinner with him but Sharon says she has a lot of things to do. 
David Hunter arrives at the Coach House and tells Barbara about his discussion with Jill.  Barbara tells David that she is fed up of interviewing applicants for the housekeeper's job.  She tells David that Carole Sands telephoned earlier to apologise for her behaviour.  David agrees to give Carole Sands a trial for a month.
Kath Brownlow goes to see Iris Scott and tells her that Ron is very upset about all this.  Kath tells Iris that there is plenty of time for children, the most important thing is that they love each other.  Iris tells Kath that they wouldn't have been getting married if it wasn't for the baby.
Diane Hunter takes some tea into the garage office and finds Adam Chance there on his own.  Adam asks Diane to stay and have Sharon's tea.  Joe MacDonald comes into the office and Adam tells him that he was late this morning.  Joe tells Adam that his son kept him up all night.  "Do you want him?" jokes Joe MacDonald.  "No, it isn't too late for me to have children of my own," says Adam, quite seriously.  Joe and Diane stare at him. 
Joe MacDonald and Benny have their tea break in the garage.  Joe tells Benny that he has been meaning to have a talk with him.  Benny guesses that it is about him staying with Joe and Trina.  Joe says it's Trina, and Benny says he knows because she hardly speaks to him.
Carole Sands arrives at the Coach House and asks Barbara Hunter if Mr Hunter is in.  Barbara says no, and she says David's bark is worse than his bite.  Barbara says that Carole is drawing unemployment benefit so why does she want to give that up to work for them.  Carole tells Barbara that she isn't afraid of hard work.  "I'd work for you, but your husband..." says Carole.  Barbara tells Carole that David has agreed to give her a month's trial.
Diane Hunter tells Benny that Ron Brownlow is moving out of his room at the Brownlow's and she will ask Glenda to ask Kath about Benny moving in.
Joe MacDonald tells Sharon Metcalfe that according to Diane Adam Chance is having women trouble. 
Diane Hunter meets Sharon Metcalfe at lunch time and Sharon tells her that according to Joe MacDonald Adam Chance is having women trouble.  Diane tells Sharon that Adam fancies her, and Sharon says Adam thinks she is a pushover but he is wrong. 
Glenda Banks goes to Mavis Hooper's house to see Iris Scott.  Mavis tells Glenda that Iris has just gone out but she will be back soon.  Shortly after Iris Scott returns and she and Glenda go to Iris's room to talk.  Glenda tells Iris that she and Kevin are on their own this evening and tells Iris that she is welcome to come to dinner. 
Jennifer Lamont arrives at the motel garage and talks to Sharon Metcalfe about her car. 
Kath Brownlow receives a letter from her sister Rose Scott, Iris's mother.  Kath reads the letter out to Arthur and says that Rose is pleased that she is going to be a grandmother and is on her way to see them.
David Hunter asks Diane to come to dinner at the Coach House that evening.  He tells her that they have a new housekeeper.
Benny telephones Mavis Hooper about Ron's vacant room.  He tells Joe MacDonald that he didn't like the sound of Mavis Hooper.  Joe tells Benny that he will go with him to see the room.
Iris Scott arrives at the Brownlow's house with Glenda and Kevin Banks, and they sit down to eat their meal.  Glenda asks Iris what she will be doing now and Iris says she might go to London and see if she can get a job there.  Glenda tells Iris that London is no place for a girl on her own, she should stay with people she knows. 
Joe MacDonald and Benny arrive at Mavis Hooper's house and she shows them the room.
At the Brownlow's house Iris tells Glenda that she's not very good at saying thank you, but she really appreciates tonight.  She kisses Glenda on the cheek.  Kevin see's Iris out then comes back into the living room to find Glenda deep in thought.  He asks her what's wrong.  Glenda throws her arms around Kevin's neck and hugs him.  "What's this for?" asks Kevin.  "I've just realised how lucky I am," says Glenda.

1981 Episodes continued

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