1981 Episodes ... continued

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Becky Foster looks at some photos of Diane Hunter's son.  Diane asks her if it's serious between her and Chris and Becky says she is fond of him.  Diane asks Becky what Chris's connection with Johnny Keller is and Becky tells her that they are going to set up a recording studio in the motel cellars.
Marion Owen tells Glenda that Beverley Carson was visiting some friends in the area and since Kevin's parents were here she thought she would come and see them.  Kevin tells Glenda that he jumped to conclusions and thought that his parents had sent for Beverley to cause trouble between them.  Marion Owen goes upstairs leaving Glenda and Kevin alone.  Glenda tells Kevin that she wants to know why Beverley Carson was here.  She tells Kevin that Beverley said that Oliver and Sally Banks had sent for her.  "She's beautiful," says Glenda.
Chris Hunter books Johnny Keller into the motel and tells him to keep a low profile for a few days.
Glenda Brownlow tells Kevin that Beverley Carson has everything, and she fits into what his parents want for him.  "I don't fit do I.  It's no use pretending.  They're disappointed," says Glenda.  "I'll tell you something else they are.  Snobs," says Kevin.  He tells Glenda that she is right, she doesn't fit but they are only interested in the package.  "All I want is you," says Kevin.  "Well you've got me, haven't you," says Glenda and they kiss.
Meg Mortimer arrives back at the motel and Jill welcomes her back.  David Hunter joins them in the office.
Later, Doris Luke takes tea into the sitting room and she overhears David and Meg discussing Stonebank Farm.
Barbara Hunter goes to see Becky Foster at her flat and Becky asks her if she is alright.  Barbara says no, she doesn't seem to be getting through to anyone, especially David.  Becky asks her if Chris told David about her and Eddie Lee, and Barbara says she told David herself.  She says she hurt Dabid and she knows that.  Barbara tells becky that she wants David but he is going to have to choose between her and Chris, because she doesn't think there's room for both.
Glenda Brownlow and Kevin Banks go into the living room at Marion Owen's house.  Glenda tells Oliver and Sally Banks that she is sorry they are leaving.  "Just think, next time I see you I'll be Mrs Banks too," says Glenda.  "Yes, just think," says Sally Banks.
Marion Owen asks Glenda if everything has been sorted out.  Glenda tells her that Kevin told her to treat Oliver and Sally Banks as they treat her, but Glenda says that's not her style, she is used to saying what she thinks.  Marion tells Glenda that Oliver and Sally Banks aren't as bad as they seem, it's just a front they put up.  Glenda says all she wants is for them to like her.
Meg reads a report of what has been happening at the motel in her absence.  She tells Adam that she noticed that David has given Chris authority on a lot of things, and Adam reminds her that she did accept it before she left for Scotland.  Meg tells Adam that she feels like throwing the report and the two Hunter's out of the window.
Johnny Keller has coffee in the motel reception and David comes into the reception area.  David notices him, and walks over to where he is sitting.  "Excuse me.  Don't I know you?" asks David.  Johnny Keller introduces himsefl and the two men shake hands.  David asks him what he is doing here and Johnny tells him that He and Chris as going into business together producing records.  "Don't tell me this is the first you've heard of it," says Johnny.  David asks how far Chris is involved in this venture and Johnny tells him that it was Chris's idea.  Johnny Keller suggests to David that he asks Chris for more information, and David says he intends to.  "Did Chris say how he was hoping to get the money for this little venture?" asks David.  "Well from the way I heard it, he was hoping to get it from you," says Johnny Keller.
Chris joins David in the office.  David tells him that he met his friend Johnny Keller in reception and he told him about them going into business together.  Barbara comes into the office at that moment and asks David if he is ready to go home.  Chris tells David that he thought he knew Johnny was here.  "Barbara saw Johnny at Becky's flat the other night," says Chris.  David asks Barbara if this is true and Barbara tells him not to drag her into their argument.  David asks her why she didn't tell him.  "You seem to be keeping quite a few things from me lately," says David.  "Chris.  Have you got your car here?" asks Barbara.  "Yes," replies Chris.  "Well I think your father would prefer a lift from you," says Barbara, and leaves.
Chris shows David the plan of the cellar which they could turn into a recording studio.  He says they have all the equipment and it can work.  David tells him that he can't take this plan to Meg and expect her to accept it, and Chris says it's only because he thought of it before he did.  David tells Chris that he can't let him go pursuing every wild scheme.
Gilbert Latham shows Kath Brownlow some photos he has taken and Kath says they are very good.  Gilbert tells Kath that he was thinking that maybe he could take the wedding photos and present them in an album to Kevin and Glenda.  Kath says that's a very good idea.
Chris goes to see Diane and Diane tells him that her son's father Frank, is thinking of divorcing his wife and there will probably be a custody battle over her son Nicky.  She tells Chris that if Frank's wife wins the custody battle then she won't get to see Nicky.
Arthur Brownlow joins Kath and Gilbert Latham in the living room of their home.  Kath tells Arthur that Gilbert has offered to do the wedding photos.  Arthur tells her that he has already asked someone to do them.  "Oh Arthur, you never said," says Kath.  "No harm done," says Gilbert Latham.
Arthur Brownlow sits at the table reading a letter and Glenda asks if it's the estimate for the wedding reception at the motel, and Arthur says yes.  Glenda asks him how much it is and Arthur tells her it doesn't matter.  Glenda snatches the paper from him and reads it. "Right that's it.  We're not having it," she says after reading the amount on the letter.  Arthur tells her that it is her mother and his present to her and Kevin, but Glenda says she will cancel it and they can have the reception at home.  
Doris Luke hears  David Hunter and Meg Mortimer discussing alterations to Stonebank Farm, and she asks them what will happen to Benny.  Meg tells her that they haven't heard from him in months.
David tells Meg that if they are going to expand then he would rather keep it within the motel.  He says he has a few ideas fro renovating the cellar.
The following day Meg joins David in the office and tells him that there some workmen have arrived and they are saying something about soundproofing the cellar.  David says he knows and tells Meg that Chris and Johnny Keller are setting up a recording studio in the cellar.  Meg says there will be a lot of rowdy pop groups hanging around.  David says if she could forget her prejudices for a moment she would see that it is a good idea.

1981 Episodes continued

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