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Arthur Brownlow brings Gilbert Latham, a friend from the office, home.
Barbara Hunter joins Jill Harvey in the office.  Chris Hunter comes in and tells Jill that if anyone wants him he will be at Becky Foster's flat.  He leaves.  Barbara tells Jill that Chris said that on purpose because he knows she doesn't approve of his friendship with Becky.
Arthur Brownlow shows Gilbert Latham around the house and tells him that if he stays here they can go halves on the petrol.  Kath Brownlow sets the table for dinner and she, Arthur and Gilbert Latham sit down to eat.  After a few mouthfuls Gilbert Latham tells Kath that the steak and kidney pit is delicious.  Kath says it's Arthur's favourite so they try and have it during the week.  "I shall look forward to it," says Gilbert Latham.  Kath looks at Arthur.
Chris Hunter goes to Becky Foster's flat and she asks him why he is here.  Chris tells Becky that he fancies her, and Becky says he seems to fancy a lot of people, including Alison Cotterill.  Chris tells Becky that he made a mistake, and asks what he is supposed to do about it.  Becky says he could have married Alison.  Chris grabs Becky and kisses her.  "You are a pig, you know that," says Becky.
Eric Collins comes into the motel and see's Jill Harvey who is on duty at the desk.  She takes his watch from under the desk and gives it to him.  Eric Collins tells Jill that he would like to book into the motel, but Jill tells him that he can't stay because there are no chalets available.  Eric Collins tells her that he has already reserved a chalet.
David Hunter see's Chris in the office and gives him a letter addressed to him, with a Guernsey postmark.  David reminds Chris that he made a lot of promises and he doesn't want to be let down.  Chris screws up the letter.  "Up the Hunters!" he says, pumping his fist.
Adam Chance meets Eric Collins as he is coming out of his chalet.  "I'm here, and I'm staying," says Eric.  "I don't think so," says Adam.
Later, Adam Chance see's David and tells him that Eric Collins has booked into the motel and Jill is being hounded.  Adam says they could refuse him service and David says yes, they could, if he was making a nuisance of himself.
Sally Banks tells Oliver that she thinks he should leave Kevin make his own decisions.  She says Glenda Brownlow seems like a nice girl.  Oliver Banks says Kevin's ex-girlfriend, Beverley, is still interested in Kevin and they could invite her over.
A waitress takes Eric Collins his breakfast in reception.  Eric takes one mouthful of his coffee and pulls a face, slams the cup down and storms across reception.  He tells the receptionist that he wants to see Mrs Harvey to make a compliant.  Adam Chance, standing within earshot, tells Eric Collins that complaints are his area.  Eric turns to face him and says that he asked for an alarm call this morning but no-one bothered, and now his coffee is cold and the cream he asked for is milk. 
David Hunter comes into reception and hears raised voices and asks what is going on.  Eric Collins repeats his complaints to David, and David apologises to him and says that he will make sure it doesn't happen again.  Eric Collins smiles smugly and walks back to his seat in reception.  David tells a waitress to get some more coffee and cream for Mr Collins and to make sure that the coffee is steaming hot.  "Thank you for your support," Adam says to David.  "You may be running a vendetta, but I'm running a motel," says David.  Adam looks over to Eric Collins who smiles at him.
Barbara Hunter goes to the motel office where she finds Chris.  Chris tells her that becky Foster is a little confused because it seems that some evil minded person is sirring things up.
Eric Collins books a table in the motel restaurant for two people.  He asks Chris Hunter if he could phone Mrs Harvey and ask her if she is ready.
Later, Chris Hunter receives a phone call whilst he is at reception.  David passes through reception and stops by the desk.  Chris tells David that the phone call is about some tapes her ordered.  David walks out of reception.  "Johnny Keller coming here, tomorrow.  No, no problem.  It's just that my old man doesn't get on with him," says Chris into the phone.  "Yeah, don't worry.  I'll work something out," says Chris and puts the phone down.  "I'll have to won't I," he says to himself.
The next day Johnny Keller arrives at the motel and asks Adam Canceif he could speak to Chris Hunter.  Adam recognises Johnny Keller as the lead singer of a group, and Keller says he used to be.  Adam telephones Chris Hunter at the Coach House and tells him that Johnny Keller has arrived and would like to see him.  Chris asks David if it is alright if he skips dinner as he has an upset stomach, and he is going to go out for some fresh air.
Kevin Banks tells Kath Brownlow that he has just been to see a nice flat and if Glenda likes it then it's theirs.  Kath asks him when they would move in and Kevin says straight after the honeymoon.  Kath smiles and asks Kevin where they are going on honeymoon.  Kevin says Jersey.
Eric Collins asks Glenda Brownlow if she could remind Mrs Harvey that she is having dinner with him this evening.  Glenda goes through to the private wing and Eric Collins follows her.  Glenda goes into the sitting room and tells Jill Harvey that she has a message from Mr Collins to remind her that she is having dinner with him this evening.  Jill tells Glenda to tell Mr Collins that she can;t find her.  Glenda, a little puzzled, leaves the sitting room.  Jill hears Glenda's voice outside the sitting room.  "I'm sorry Mr Collins, I couldn't find Mrs Harvey anywhere," says Glenda.  Jill goes to the door.  "It's ok Glenda," she says.
Gilbert Latham moves his belongings into the Brownlow house and gives Kath a present.
Chris Hunter goes to Becky Foster's flat and tells her about Johnny Keller.  Becky asks him what Johnny Keller does and Chris tells her that he is in the music business.  There is a knock on the door and Chris opens it to find Johnny Keller outside. 
Chris Hunter introduces Becky Foster to Johnny Keller.  Becky leaves to fetch some take-away food.  "Are you in business?" Chris asks Johnny Keller.  "Not me, we," repleis Johnny.
Oliver Banks telephones Kevin's ex-girlfriend, Beverley Carson and asks her to come and stay with them for a while.  He tells her that Kevin is feeling a bit low.
Eric Collins asks Jill to have dinner with him.  Jill tells him that he can tell everyone every sordid detail and she doesn't care.  She takes her powder compact, opens it and shows Eric Collins his face in the mirror.  She tells him that he looks like she has looked for the last couple of weeks.  "Feel sorry for you.  I feel sorry for me," says Jill and throws the compact at him.  It splatters powder over Eric Collins.  Adam Chance comes into the room.  "What the hell is going on," asks Adam.   Jill tells Eric Collins that he had better go.  Eric asks Jill if she would have a drink with him as a sort of goodbye.
Johnny Keller tells Chris Hunter and Becky Foster that he has spent 10,000 on equipment and all they need now are some premises, somewhere to set up all the equipment.  Chris tells Johnny that he has commitments.  Johnny tells Chris that when he spoke to him in Guernsey he sounded interested, and tells Chris that he made some sommitments to him too.  "You didn't sign anything did you?" Becky asks Chris.  Chris tells her that it's not a question of signing anything.  "No it's a question of priorities," says Johnny Keller.  Chris tells Johnny that his father stuck his neck out for him in a lot of ways.  He tells Johnny that he needs a bit of time, three days to break the ice.  Keller and Chris shake hands in agreement.
Eric Collins and Jill Harvey sit in reception having a drink, and Eric tells Jill that he is thinking of taking a job in Nottingham.  He tells her that she got the wrong idea of him, he isn't a bad bloke.
Beverley Carson relaxes at Marion Owen's house when there is a knock on the door.  She opens it to Glenda Brownlow who asks if Kevin Banks is in.  Beverley tells Glenda that Kevin is out, and she invites Glenda in to wait for him.  Beverley asks Glenda how Kevin is and Glenda tells her he is fine.  Beverley says that's strange because Oliver Banks made it sound as if there was a crisis.  "I didn't get your name," says Glenda.  "Beverley.  Beverley Carson," says Beverley.  Glenda stands up suddenly and says she had better be going.  "I'll tell Kevin you called.  What was the name again?" asks beverley.  "Glenda Brownlow," Glenda tells her.

1981 Episodes continued

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