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Becky Foster introduces herself to Eddie Lee and asks him why he doesn't want to stay at the motel.  Eddie Lee tells her that he used to work at the motel and got into a bit of trouble, so he would appreciate it if she didn't mention that she has seen him.  Eddie tells Becky that he will go if he has to find somewhere to stay and Becky says he can sleep on the settee.
Glenda and Arthur Brownlow tell Iris Scott about the idea for Kath's birthday.  Iris tells them that she will chip in on the cost.  Arthur tells her that he didn't think she would like going to the theatre so he went ahead and booked.  He tells her that he can get another ticket but it'll mean she will have to sit away from them.  He suggests to Iris that she buys Kath a little present just from her.
Meg talks to Adam Chance in the office and she says she can't understand why they cancelled Tom Peterson's job in the Middle East.  She says if she found out who had done this to Tom she would kill them.  Rita Hughes, in the adjoining office, hears their conversation. 
Rita Hughes tells Meg that she would like to leave the motel as soon as possible, preferably tomorrow.  Meg says the least she could do is give them one weeks notice.
Iris Scott chats to Becky Foster in the motel reception, and says Marion Owen mentioned she was on her own and didn't know many people in the area.  Iris Scott asks Becky if she is living in a bedsit and Becky tells her that she is living in a flat.  Iris asks her if there are any other flats going and Becky tells her there is one free.  Iris asks Becky if she could put in a word for her because she has never had a flat of her own.
Iris Scott tells Arthur Brownlow that she has sorted out a present for Kath.  She tells him that it's a lamp for the sitting room but she has had to leave it in a chalet at the motel, and she will need help to pick it up from the motel.
Barbara Hunter joins Meg and Adam Chance in the office and they tell Barbara that Rita Hughes is leaving.  Barbara offers to help out as she can type and do shorthand.
Becky Foster returns home to Diane's flat and finds Eddie Lee there.  Eddie goes into the bathroom and Becky tidies away the blankets from the settee.  She finds a piece of paper.  Eddie Lee comes back into the room.  "How about a salad Eddie?" asks Becky.  Eddie stares at her.  Becky shows him the paper she picked up which has his name on.  Becky says he is Victor Lee's brother, and asks him what he is afraid of.  "I've broken parole," replies Eddie Lee.  "Prison?" asks Becky.  She asks him what he did.  "Will they look for you here?" asks Becky.  "It's the last place in the world I'd like to come back to," says Eddie.
Meg asks Jill if she would help out with the secretarial side of things.  "That's Rita's job," says Jill.  Meg tells her that Rita has given in her notice.  "Oh has she," wonders Jill.
Barbara Hunter asks Doris Luke if she knows where Becky Foster is because now that Rita Hughes is leaving there might be some extra work and she thought Becky might be interested.  Barbara says she will phone Becky at home.
The phone at Becky Foster's flat rings and Eddie Lee answers it.  "Is Becky Foster there?" asks Barbara.  "No, you've got the wrong number," says Eddie and puts the phone down.
Iris Scott reminds Arthur Brownlow about the lamp which she bought for Kath's birthday.  She says she has left it in chalet 7.  "You won't let me down will you?" asks Iris.
Barbara Hunter tells Meg that she tried phoning Becky Foster at her flat but a man answered and told her she had a wrong number.  Meg tries phoning but this time Eddie Lee lets the phone ring.
Arthur Brownlow tells Kath that he is going to the pub for half an hour. 
At the motel Iris Scott lets herself into one of the empty chalets.
Jill Harvey finds Rita Hughes in the office and asks her why she is leaving.  Rita tells her it's for personal reasons.  "That report about me must have been bad," says Jill.  "If you're not suitable, you're not suitable," says Rita Hughes.  Jill asks her how she knew about the report.  "Surely Tom told you," says Rita.  "No he didn't," says Jill.  "You wrote that letter," says Jill.  Rita tells Jill that she is not right for Tom and she only did it to save Tom from making a big mistake.  Rita Hughes tells Jill that she is unstable and she will get worse because she doesn't love Tom.  Rita tells Jill that she likes her and feels sorry for her.  She says she didn't want to write that letter, and asks Jill if she will tell Meg.  Jill says there's no reason why she should tell her.
Meg comes into the office and Jill tells her that Rita has solved her problem and can stay on.  Rita tells Meg that she was rude to her and couldn't possibly ask for her job  back.  Meg tells Rita that she would be glad if she stayed on.
Barbara Hunter tells Doris Luke that one of the chalets needs cleaning and asks her if she could do it. 
Tom Peterson finds Jill in the office.  Tom says he heard that Rita Hughes was staying on.  Jill tells him that it was Rita who wrote that letter to his boss.
Arthur Brownlow drives to the motel and goes to chalet 7 to help Iris Scott with the lamp she bought for Kath.  He finds the chalet in darkness.  "Iris," calls Arthur.  Iris Scott comes out from the bathrrom, and Arthur turns to her.  "You've got this lamp well and truly hidden," he says.  "Lamp?" asks Iris.  "Yes, the one I've come to pick up for Kath's birthday," says Arthur.  "Oh it's Auntie Kath's birthday is it?  Fancy that," says Iris. 
Arthur tells Iris that this is obviously one of her little jokes.  He goes to the door of the chalet and tries to open it.  "Get this door open Iris.  I said open this door!" shouts Arthur.  Iris Scott unbuttons the front of her shirt.  "What was it you called me, rotten filth," says Iris.  She starts creaming and rips her overall.  "Pull yourself together," says Arthur.  Iris goes on screaming.  Arthur Brownlow grabs Iris by the arms and shakes her.
Doris Luke lets herself into the chalet using her pass key and stands staring at Arthur and Iris.  "It's not what you think," says Arthur.  Iris Scott goes to the phone beside the bed.  "Police.  Please call the police," she sobs into the phone.
Barbara Hunter receives the call from Iris Scott in chalet 7.  She tells MEg that someone in chalet 7 wants the police.  Meg tells Barbara that she will go and see what's going on, and she will phone through if the police are needed.
In chalet 7 Doris Luke tries to comfort Iris.  Arthur swears he didn't touch her.  Meg comes into the chalet and asks what is going on.  Iris tells her that Arthur ripped her clothes.  "How can you sit there and lie to people?" asks Arthur.  "Look what he did to me," sobs Iris.  Meg telephones through to Barbara and tells her she had better call the police.
Jill Harvey and Tom Peterson go to Chimney's and Jill says she can forgive Rita the things she said because they're true.  She says she has made a mess of her life and she's hooked on pills.
A woman police officer questions Iris Scott.  A policeman asks Arthur what he was doing here, and Arthur tells him that he came to pick up a lamp for his wife's birthday.  "I don't know what he's talking about.  Can you see a lamp?" asks Iris Scott. 
The policeman asks Doris Luke exactly what she heard.  Doris tells him that she was cleaning one of the other chalets and she heard screaming. 
The policeman asks Arthur Brownlow to come into another chalet.  Arthur asks him if this will take long because his wife will be wondering what has happened.  "She's a bit of a worrier," says Arthur.

1981 Episodes continued

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