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Glenda Brownlow walks into the reception area where Sandy is on reception duty.  he asks her if she is alright.  "Have you been crying?" asks Sandy.  "No I haven't!" shouts Glenda and walks off.

Sister Catherine comes to the motel and asks Sandy if they have any spare newspapers or old magazines they they might normally throw away.  Sandy tells her that she can have them.  Reg Cotterill comes into reception at that moment and Sandy introduces him to Sister Catherine.  Sister Catherine tells Reg Cotterill that perhaps his niece told him that she had visited his farm, and Reg says she did mention it.  Sister Catherine asks Reg Cotterill if he has any spare vegetables and Reg says no they haven't.

Later Reg Cotterill goes to the motel staff room where he finds Doris Luke and he tells her about Sister Catherine visiting Stonebank Farm.  He says that Alison was quite taken with her.

Later that day Reg Cotterill tells Benny that Sister Catherine might be coming to dinner at Stonebank and he is to be polite and nothing more. 

Glenda Brownlow sits at home on her day off and Kath asks her what's wrong.  "Nothing," snaps Glenda.

Sister Catherine goes to the motel staff room where she meets Doris Luke.  Doris introduces Sister Catheine to Benny.  "You're Alison's friend," says Sister Catherine.  She asks Benny how Alison is and Benny tells her that she is fine.  Benny asks Sister Catherine why she became a nun and Sister Catherine tells him that God called her.  Benny tells her that Alison thinks God talked to her.  "Did she tell you?" Benny asks.  "No she didn't," says Sister Catherine. 

Kath Brownlow tells Arthur that she is worried about Glenda.  Arthur calls Glenda downstairs and asks her what this argument with Kevin Banks is all about.  He says whatever it is she shouldn't take it out on them.  The telephones rings and Arthur answers it.  "Yes Kevin.  Holdon," he says.  "Tell him I'm out," Glenda tells her father.  Arthur tells Kevin that Glenda seems to have slipped out but he will get her to call him back.  "Tell him to take a running jump," says Glenda.  Arthur puts the phone down and tells Glenda to ring Kevin back.  The phone rings again and Arthur tells Glenda to answer it.  Glenda picks up the phone.  "Yes, hold on," she says, amd hands the phone to her father.  "It's for you," she says and leaves the room.

Arthur Brownlow tells Kath that his boss has asked him to call round after work tomorrow evening.  Arthur says promotion looks promising. 

Kath Brownlow tells Glenda that love isn't all a bed of roses, arguments are all part of it.  "Whatever it is, it'll blow over," says Kath.  "No.  This won't," says Glenda.  "It's over between us.  It's him and Iris now.  Last night, she went with him," says Glenda.  "Are you sure it wasn't just talk," asks Kath.  "No, I could tell.  It's what she set out to do and she's done it.  She's ruined it," sobs Glenda.

Kevin Banks tells Iris that Glenda saw him this morning and ignored him.  He asks Iris if she has said anything to Glenda and Iris says she might have mentioned something.  Kevin guesses that Iris has told Glenda about them.  He tells Iris that if Glenda had to be told then he should have been the one to tell her.  "Anyway what does it matter if you've gone off her," says Iris.  Kevin looks at the floor.  "You haven't have you?" says Iris.  Kevin says him and Glenda had something going that was special.  "Then why did you give me a second look?" asks Iris.  "Frightened little girls who want a bit of comfort.  I fall for it all the time," says Kevin.

Marion Owen joins Kevin and Iris in the staff room and senses the atmosphere, and asks what is wrong.  "Nothing," replies Kevin, and walks out.  Marion Owen asks Iris what they were quarrelling about and Iris tells her that Kevin had a row with Glenda.

Rita Hughes picks up a leaflet at the reception desk and Meg tells her that it details all the events over Christmas and New Year.  Tom Peterson comes into reception at that moment and Rita Hughes tells him that she likes the look of some of the events happening at the motel over Christmas.  She suggests they stay at the motel until after Christmas.

Sister Catherine goes to Stonebank Farm to see Alison Cotterill and Alison asks her how she knew she wanted to be a nun.  "Did God speak to you?" asks Alison.  "Not in the way he spoke to you," says Sister Catherine.  Sister Catherine tells Alsion that she just knew what she had to do.

Rita Hughes tells Tom Peterson that she loves him and she wants to marry him. 

The following day Rita Hughes tells Meg that she and Tom Peterson will be staying on at the motel over Christmas.  Tom Peterson asks Rita why she said that because he doesn't know if he will be around at Christmas.  He asks her not to run his life. 

Jill Harvey calls Tom Peterson over to the reception desk and says she couldn't help overhearing him and Rita talking, and says it's her fault.  Jill says she knew Rita was thinking of staying on over Christmas and made the booking.  Tom Peterson apologises to Rita Hughes and leaves reception.  Rita Hughes thanks Jill for saying that and invites her to join her for a drink.

Arthur Brownlow tells Kath that they have been invited to have dinner with his boss.  Kath asks him if she has to go and Arthur says yes, it could be important.

Marion Owen goes to the Brownlow's house to collect some jam which Kath made for the Christmas bazaar.  Glenda leaves the room to go and fetch the jam.  Arthur asks Marion how Iris Scott is getting on and Marion says fine.  Kath asks her how Iris and Kevin are getting along and Marion tells them fine. 

Later Marion Owen asks Kevin Banks if he and Iris Scott are getting on alright because they seem to be avoiding one another.  She tells Kevin that she went to the Brownlow's house and Glenda seemed a little upset.  She asks if Iris has anything to do with this, and Kevin says no.  Kevin says as a matter of fact he hasn't got much time for Iris.

Tom Peterson finds Jill Harvey and Rita Hughes together in reception and Rita tells him that Jill has asked them to dinner tomorrow evening.

Meg complains to Sandy about the volume of work and says she doesn't eve know how long David will be away.  Sandy tells her that there is one solution, ask Adam Chance to come and help out.  Meg says she would rather they managed without Adam.

Reg Cotterill asks Alison to come to town on Saturday to help him choose a coat for the winter but Alison says she can't as she is going visiting.  "Visiting?" asks Reg.  "Yes, Sister Catherine at her convent," says Alison.  "You going to be a catholic?" asks Benny.  "Yes," replies Alison. 





1980 Episodes continued

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