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At the cocktail party the pianist plays and sings.  David and Barbara dance, holding each other close.  Tish Hope, Rosemary, Meg and Lloyd sit together at the same table.  "Would you excuse me.  I do have a headache," says Rosemary and leaves the table.  As she leaves the room Rosemary glances at David and Barbara who are looking tenderly at each other.
Meg tells the guests that she has an announcement to make.  "And a very happy one," she says, smiling at David and Barbara.
On the way out through reception Rosemary meets Glenda Brownlow.  Rosemary asks Glenda if she could give a note to Mr Hunter. 
Doris Luke congratulates David and Barbara on their engagement.  David spots Glenda Brownlow who is trying to get his attention.  He excuses himself and goes over to Glenda, who gives him the envelope.  "It's a note from Mrs Hunter," she says.  David opens the envelope and leaves the party.
Rosemary waits in the darkened office.  The door opens and David enters.  "You came," she says.  "Always, when you need me," answers David.  "You assume assume I shall need you," says Rosemary.  "If you do," says David.  "And what would Barbara think of that?" asks Rosemary.  "I think Barbara is secure in my love for her," answers David.  "Love, such a wonderful thing.  Lloyd said I didn't love you.  He said I hated you," says Rosemary.  "I don't believe that," says David.  "I didn't want to either, but I've been thinking about it for the last hour.  How can you be sure?" she asks.  "We've hurt one another, of course.  That was inevitable, but hate..." says David.  "If I've ever hurt you it's been retaliation, fighting back.  Wanting you to feel what I was feeling.  But it never worked because I never cared for anyone else.  Oh I pretended to at times just to see what would happen, but nothing did.  I love you David," says Rosemary.  "Rosemary," says David, and turns away.     
"Those other women...Kelly.  You'd have married her wouldn't you, and that would have been a great mistake," says Rosemary.  "I'm not making a mistake with Barbara.  Truly I'm very sure.  But this marriage needn't make any difference to us.  I want you to know that," says David, turning to face Rosemary.  "But there must be a chance that we...", whimpers Rosemary.  "No.  No chance, not since the divorce," says David firmly.  "David!" pleads Rosemary.  "We've had our chance.  It's over.  We can go on seeing one another of course, just as we always have," says David, turning away from Rosemary.  Rosemary walks over to where her handbag is on the desk, and opens it.  "Anyway there's Chris.  He's going through a phase right now but it'll pass and he'll want to settle down.  When he does we ..." says David, turning to see Rosemary holding a gun out in front of her.
"Lloyd tried desperately hard to get me to admit that I'd taken this.  But I couldn't because that might have spoiled it," says Rosemary.  David advances towards her.  "Don't come any nearer.  I mean that," she says.  David backs away slightly.  "Tell me you love me," pleads Rosemary.  "No," says David, barely audibly.  "Tell me!  Tell me you love me!" says Rosemary.  "Do you really want to kill me?" asks David.  "Say it!  I want to hear you say it" demands Rosemary.  "I won't say it because it wouldn't be true," says David.  "Now just put that gun down..." begins David and the gun fires.  David falls to the ground.
Rosemary calmly places the gun back into her handbag and walks towards the door of the office.  She turns to take one more look at David lying face down on the floor.
Episode 3260 Januaey 1980
See Dvd Volume 1
In the sitting room Meg see's the last of the guests out after the party has ended. 
Lloyd Munro joins Barbara Brady in the sitting room and asks her if there is any sign of David yet.  "I think I've waited long enough.  It's nearly two hours," says Barbara.  "Well, where have you looked?" asks Lloyd.  "Nowhere.  And I'm not going to look.  I'm going," replies Barbara, and stands up.  Lloyd persuades her to stay whilst he checks something out.  "The way Rosemary was saying all those goodbye's had more than a hint of finality about it," says Lloyd.  "A threat of suicide demands attention.  You can choose to ignore it if you want but I can't.  It's a cry and I must respond to it," says Lloyd.  "Is this how David's going to have to spend the rest of his life.  She turns on a little tap of emotion and he has to come running with a handkerchief," says Barbara.  Lloyd says they don't know how desperate Rosemary really is.
A short time later Meg joins Barbara in the sitting room.  "Still no sign of David.  Where could he have gone?" asks Meg.  "Your guess is as good as mine.  Meg, I don't think I can stand it.  I know the problem and I feel for her, and I certainly don't wish her any ill, but does this go on forever.  Do I have to stand by and watch her torment him.  Tonight of all nights.  We should have been left to be happy," says Barbara.  "Does he have to live with this guilt the rest of his life.  I don't think I'm up to fighting it," says Barbara. 
Lloyd Munro joins Sandy at the reception desk after he has checked the car park for David's car.  He tells Sandy that David's car is still in the car park so him and Rosemary must he here somewhere.  Glenda Brownlow comes out from the kitchen and Lloyd asks her about the note which she took to Mr Hunter.  Glenda says she didn't read the note.
Rosemary Hunter lies in her darkened chalet remembering her conversation with David.
Lloyd Munro and Meg search the motel for any sign of David.  They approach the office.  "Well he's not upstairs," Meg says, as she glances briefly into the office.  "His cars still in the car park.  I thought they may have driven off somewhere," says Lloyd Munro.  "It's unlikely," says Meg.  "Oh come on Meg.  If she wanted to she could have talked him into it," says Lloyd.  Meg switches the office light on and pushes the door open.  "Well, there's no one in here," says Meg glancing around.  "Oh my god.  David! David!" she exclaims as she see's David lying face downwards, and rushes forward towards him.  "Meg, don't touch him.  It may be a heart attack.  Come away now.  Meg, you'd better call an ambulance, quickly now," says Lloyd.
Meg goes to the phone.  "Oh come on," she says impatiently waiting for someone to answer.  Lloyd Munro kneels beside David and feels his neck for a pulse.  He slides his hand underneath David's chest.  "Hello Sandy.  Get an ambulance.  Quickly," says Meg into the phone.  Lloyd Munro turns David over revealing a large blood stain on David's chest.  "Meg.  You'd better call the police too," says Lloyd.  Meg stares at David, stunned.

1980 Episodes continued

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