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Reg Cotterill goes to the hospital to see Alison following her operation, and she asks if he has heard from Benny.  Reg says no.
Chief Superintendant Blake, Steve Cater's boss, books into the motel with his wife Patricia.  Sandy recognises him.
Benny visits Alison in hospital.
The day after her operation the nurse removes Alison's bandages, and Doctor Butterworth comes to check on her.  Reg Cotterill arrives at that moment and looks at Alison's intently.  "Does it look alright?" she asks him.  "It's a miracle," says Reg Cotterill.
Steve Cater meets Superintendant Blake at the motel and Blake invites him to have a drink with him that lunch time.
Benny bursts in on Reg and Alison Cotterill, and when he see's Reg he says he will come back.  Reg asks him to stay.  He tells Benny that he is grateful to him for making Alison happy, and he asks Benny to come to Stonebank for his dinner that evening.
Off duty police officers Steve Cater and Chief Superintendant Blake have a drink in the motel reception.  Blake tells Steve that he is wasted on the beat and was good at his job with CID.  Patricia Blake joins them and her husband tells her that he was just telling Steve Cater that he is wasted on the beat.  Patricia Blake says perhaps Steve Cater has a good reason to stay here. Chief Superintendant Blake says he knows the reason, a girl. 
Benny goes to Stonebank Farm and Reg Cotterill tells him that he would like him to come back to work at Stonebank.
Diane Hunter takes a tea tray to Superintendant Blake and his wife Patricia.  When Diane has left the tray Blake tells his wife that Diane is the reason why Steve Cater wants to stay.  Patricia Blake says Diane seems like a nice girl.
Doris Luke and Glenda Brownlow clean the motel sitting room and Glenda tells Doris that her parents are moving down to Birmingham and they're already laying down the rules. 
Steve Cater goes to see Diane at her flat and tells her about his meeting with Superintendant Blake.
In the motel reception Glenda Brownlow gives Superintendant Blake and his wife coffee, and Blake asks Glenda why Mrs Parker isn't on duty this evening.  "Mrs Parker?  It seems funny hearing her called that," says Glenda.  "What do you mean?" asks Chief Superintendant Blake.  "Well she's Mrs Hunter now.  She married Mr Hunter's son Chris in the spring," Glenda tells him.
Chief Superintendant Blake phones Diane's flat and asks to speak to Steve Cater.  He asks Steve to come to the motel for a talk.
Alison Cotterill arrives back at Stonebank Farm with her hair tied back away from her face and her scar barely visible. 
Steve Cater arrives at Superintendant Blake's chalet.  "Have you any idea why you're here?" asks the Superintendant.  "No," answers Steve Cater.  "This girl Diane.  You're back together again?" asks Blake.  "Yes sir," replies Steve.  "you're an idiot," says Blake.  He says Diane is married to the bosses son and he has heard that the husband has pushed off already.  Steve tells him that the marriage between Diane and Chris Hunter was arranged.  "Doesn't that appall you?" asks Blake.  "It did at first," answers Steve. 
Alison Cotterill tells Benny that he has changed her life, and she kisses him on the cheek.
Steve Cater asks Diane who could have told Superintendat Blake that she was married, and Diane says it could have been anyone.  Steve tells her that Blake doesn't seem to understand that there are feelings involved.  "Deep feeling," he says.  He asks Diane to contact Chris Hunter and put an end to theis marriage.  "Youve got to," he says.  "Yes I know," says Diane.
Reg and Alison Cotteril sit down for dinner at Stonebank Farm.  Reg tells Alison that he thought she might have changed and not come back to the farm, but Alison says this is her home. 
Diane Hunter takes Superintendant Blake's pressed uniform into his chalet, and he asks Diane how her husband is.  Diane says he knows nothing about her husband or her marriage.  "If ever I need advice I'll dial 999 and ask for you personally," says Diane and walks out.  Patricia Blake finds her husbands uniform on the bed and asks him what it's doing here.  Superintendant Blake tells her that he has been talked into doing some lectures.  "This is supposed to be our holiday," says Patricia Blake.  "I know, but you'll hardly notice I've gone," says Blake.  "Yes, it'll be just like old times," says Patricia Blake, and walks out of ths chalet.       
Diane takes Patricia Blake the menu in reception and Patricia Blakes tells Diane that she couldn't help overhearing her conversation with Superintendant Blake.  Diane tells Patricia Blake that she cares about Steve Cater.  "Yes, I thought you did," says Patricia Blake. 
Glenda Brownlow comes into the motel with her father Arthur Brownlow.  Arthur Brownlow tells Glenda that he will pick her up when she finishes work but Glenda says she can catch the bus.
Benny see's Doris Luke in the motel staff room and tells her that he has been to see his gran Clover Hawkins, and she isn't very well.  Benny says he would like to take his gran on holiday.  Doris says Reg Cotterill won't like him going on holiday so soon after he started to work at Stonebank Farm, and Benny asks Doris if she could talk to Reg Cotterill for him.  "Benny Hawkin's.  I believe you had all this planned," says Doris Luke.    

1979 Episodes continued

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