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Superintendant Blake takes Steve Cater to his chalet and says that the other day when he spoke to him about Diane, he doesn't think he put his point over.  Steve Cater says he got the point.  He tells Spuerintendat Blake that he is serious about Diane and intends to marry her.  Superintendant Blake tells Steve that a policeman's wife has to be someone special, someone who can cope like Mrs Blake.  "Diane Parker doesn't strike me as being that sort," he tells Steve.  Superintendant Blake tells Steve that Diane brought him his uniform the other evening and was quite rude.  "Diane?" asks Steve, surprised.
Steve Cater goes to Diane's flat that evening and asks her why she was rude to Chief Superintendant Blake.  Diane says she wasn't rude to him, but he made some snide remarks. 
Doris Luke accompanies Benny to Stonebank Farm.  Doris asks Reg Cotterill if Benny could have some time off.  Reg says it's out of the question and asks who will help him with the farm.  Alison says she can help him, it would do her good to get out of the house.  Doris says she will come part time to help with the housework.  "I'll take over the cooking," says Doris.  "Would you," says Alison, happily.  Reg Cotterill tells Alison to go up to her room.  Doris interupts and says there is no need for Alison to leave the room.  "I'll earn my money," says Doris.  "Money?" asks Reg.  "Yes, I shall need paying," says Doris. 
Diane Hunter phones David and says she must contact Chris because she wants a quick divorce.  "You know I said I wasn't sure what was happening between me and Steve..." says Diane.  Steve Cater walks towards Diane and puts his arms around her.  "Well, I'm sure," continues Diane.  "Well you know I'll do everything I possibly can Diane," says David.  Diane and Steve kiss.  "Diane!" says David, as there is silence on the phone.  Diane lets the phone drop from her grasp.
Arthur Brownlow goes to see Doctor Butterworth at his surgery and asks the doctor for the results of his tests.  "They're not good," says the doctor.  "How long have I got?" asks Arthur Brownlow.  Doctor Butterworth looks at Arthur and remains silent.  "I have a right to know.  I want to know," says Arthur.  "Six months," answers Doctor Butterworth.
Arthur Brownlow goes to the motel and Florence Baker recognises him.  Arthur asks her if Glenda is still at the motel but Florence tells him that she left a little while ago. 
Steve Cater asks Diane how much David Hunetr knows about them and Diane says David has got eyes in his head and the other say he was asking her how it was going between them.  Steve Cater asks Diane to be nice to Superintendant Blake.
Doris Luke asks Arthur Brownlow if he would mind if she sat at the same table as him in the motel reception.  Arthur invites her to sit down and orders a large whisky, and offeres to buy Doris one.  Doris Luke declines the offer of a drink.  Arthur Brownlow notices Doris's disapproving look at his drink and says he has some bad news today.  He says he has been told that he is a dying man.  "What!" says Doris, shocked.  Arthur tells Doris that he has been feeling better recently and was hoping it wasn't so serious.  He says he doesn't know how he is going to break the news to his wife.  Doris asks him if the doctor told him how long he has.  "Six months," Arthur tells her.  He says that during the next six months he would like to get to know his wife and children better.
Diane Hunter notices Patricia Blake on her own in reception and goes over to talk to her.  Patricia Blake asks her to join her for a drink after she has finished work.  Superintendant Blake comes into reception at that moment and joins his wife and Diane at one of the tables in reception.  Patricia Blake tells him that she has invited Diane to have a drink with them later.  "Oh," says Superintendant Blake.  "Yes, well I think I'll give it a mess," says Diane and walks away. 
Glenda and Kath Brownlow are waiting for Arthur who is late returning home.  Glenda hears the front door and Arthur Brownlow comes into the living room, a little the worse for drink. 
Lloyd Munro asks Tish Hope, who is on duty in reception, where Meg is and Tish tells him that she has gone to a conference for a few days.  Lloyd says he wants his cottage redecorated and feels it needs a woman's touch.
Alison Cotterill goes to the motel to have her hair cut.  She has tea with Doris Luke in the motel staff room.  David Hunter comes into the staff room and tells Doris that he has put her down to have Boxing Day off work.  Doris tells him that she offered to work but David tells her that she has to have some time off.  Doris introduces David to Alison Cotterill, and tells him that Alison is having her hair done in the motel salon.  David tells Alison not to change it too much because he likes ot the way it is.
Diane serves tea to Patricia Blake and Patricia Blake apologises for her husbands rudeness.  She tells Diane that today is their wedding anniversary but she doubts if her husband will remember.  Diane tells her that she and Steve were going to have dinner together this evening but if Patricia Blake and her husband would come then they could make it into a little celebration.  Patricia Blake says that would be nice.
Barbara Brady returns to Lloyd Munro's cottage to find it emptied of furniture.  She asks Lloyd if he is moving but Lloyd tells her no, he is redecorating.  He asks Barbara Brady if she is any good at decorating.
Superintendant Blake joins his wife in reception and she tells him that they have been invited to Diane's flat for dinner.  Superintendant Blake tells his wife that they aren't going.  Patricia Blake asks him if he knows what today is, then reminds him that today is their wedding anniversary.  Superintendant Blake goes over to the reception desk and orders a bottle of champagne from David Hunter.  "You'' never manage to finish it on your own," Patricia Blake tells her husband.  "we'll manage between the two of us," says Superintendant Blake.  "No, because I won't be here," says Patricia.

1979 Episodes continued

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