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Barbara Brady finds herself at the doctor's surgery at the same time as Sandy.  She asks him if he is a friend of John Farnham's and Sandy says he is, but not a close friend. 
When Barbara returns to the cottage she tells Lloyd Munro that Sandy was hinting that he would like Lloyd to invite Sandy and his friend John Farnham to dinner at the cottage.  Barbara says she wouldn't mind if Lloyd asks John Farnham to dinner even though she detests him. 
Barbara Brady see's Doctor John Farnham at his surgery and invites him to dinner at the cottage.  John Farnham isn't sure that he can accept, but Barbara tells him that an old friend of his is coming to dinner as well. 
Sandy receives a phone call from Barbara Brady inviting him to dinner at the cottage.
Sharon Metcalfe goes to the Foster's home and asks Geoffrey Foster how his wife and Becky got on.  Geoffrey Foster says they were great pals, very devoted.  He tells Sharon that he has a great deal to thank her for.     
Reg Cotterill talks with David Hunter about the idea of Benny working with him.  Reg Cotterill doesn't like the idea at all but David says Benny is trustworthy and hardworking.  Reg says Benny is simple and he wants to choose who works for him.
Geoffrey Foster asks Becky what she said to Victor Lee about him and her mother.  Becky tells him that she just said that they had arguments now and again. 
Lloyd Munro talks to John Farnham in the surgery.  Marion Owen comes into the room and Lloyd asks her who looks after the drugs cabinet.  John Farnham tells him that the drugs cabinet is always locked, but Lloyd says locks can be picked. 
Ira and Harry Turvey prepare to leave King's Oak for London to make the final arrangements for their trip to new Zealand.
Victor Lee phones Becky Foster at her home and asks if she can talk but bencky says it's a bit awkward.  "Who is it?" asks Geoffrey Foster.  When Becky goes on talking Geoffrey Foster realises who it is and, grabbing the phone, he warns Victor Lee to stop phoning his daughter. 
Meg brings Benny into the sitting room and says she is going to see if Reg Cotterill will talk to him.  Meg goes into the office and David tells her that he has spoken to Reg Cotterill and he won't work with Benny.  Meg says she asked Reg Cotterill to come to the motel because she intended introducing him to Benny.
Barbara Brady gives Sandy a demonstration of how to slip poison into someone's glass by rubbing her hands together over a glass.  She tells Sandy that she has to make sure that Lloyd see's her putting the poison into John Farnham's glass so that she can see how he reacts. 
That evening at the cottage John Farnham and Sandy arrive for dinner.  Barbara Brady goes to the drinks cabinet to pour herself, Lloyd and John a drink.  Lloyd Munro watches her as she pours the drinks and watches as she rubs her hands over one of the glasses. 
Barbara hands Lloyd his drink and then as she gives John Farnham his drink Lloyd grabs her arm.  "Careful.  You'll spill it," says Barbara.  She gives John his drink and he raises the glass to his mouth.  "Ummm, I want to propose a toast," says Lloyd.  John Farnham lowers his glass again.  "To my housekeeper," says Lloyd, raising his glass to John's.  Lloyd 'clinks' his glass very hard against John Farnhams and the glass smashes.  Lloyd rushes into the kitchen to fetch a dustpan to clear up the glass. 
John Farnham tells Barbara that he is worried about Lloyd and thinks he needs treatment.  Lloyd comes back into the room with a cloth and begins to clean up the mess.  "Doctor Farnham hasn't got a drink," says Lloyd.  "Oh," says Barbara and goes to the drinks cabinet.  "No!" shouts Lloyd.  He tells Barbara that he will pour the drinks and serve the meal. 
Meg gives Reg Cotterill tea and sandwiches in the sitting room.  She tells Reg that Benny is a good worker, and works harder than most.  She says she told Benny that Reg would see him.  Reg Cotterill says he will give it more thought. 
Becky Foster asks her father if she can have an old coat of her mothers to take to a friends mother.  The phone rings and Becky answers it.  Sharon Metcalfe asks Becky if she could speak to Geoffrey Foster.  Geoffrey Foster says he will take the call in his study.  Becky Foster fecthes the coat belonging to her mother and finds a letter hidden in the pocket.  She reads it.
Geoffrey Foster tells Becky that he has asked Sharon to spend a holiday with them in Italy.  Becky says they take it for granted that Sharon wants to be involved with them.
Reg Cotterill tells Meg that he will see Benny.  Meg calls Benny into the sitting room and introduces him to Reg Cotterill.  She leaves the two men alone.  Reg asks Benny about his time at Heywood Farm.  Later, Meg comes back into the sitting room and Reg says they have had a good talk and he will take Benny on.
Cyril Watkins has a visit from Marion Owen who reminds him to go to the doctor's surgery for his treatment on his varicose veins.
Meg complains to Sandy about the mess and says it's just as well the new assistant manager, Mr Patterson, will be arriving soon.  
Meg receives a phone call from Stan Harvey in Germany and he asks to speak to Jill, but Meg tells him she isn't here.  Meg asks if she can take a message but Stan hangs up.  Meg tells Sandy that she couldn't very well tell Stan that Jill was in America with Anthony Mortimer.  She says she must phone Jill but Sandy tells her not to phone now because it is the middle of the night in America. 

1979 Episodes continued

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