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Cyril Watkin's arrives at the doctor's surgery and asks Marion Owen to dinner.
Meg telephones Jill in America and tells her that Stan has been on the phone and he wants to proceed with the divorce.  "I can't cover up for you Jill.  I really think you should come home as qucikly as possible," says Meg. 
Reg Cotterill goes to the motel to see Meg about Benny's future at Reg Cotterill's farm Stonebank.  Meg says Benny will have to give a weeks notice at the garage before he can move into Stonebank.  Reg Cotterill says he won't have Benny living in.
Lloyd Munro joins Meg in the motel sitting room and Meg asks him how the dinner party went.  Lloyd says it was a nightmare and he burnt his hand whilst he was serving the dinner.  Meg asks him why he was serving dinner and Lloyd tells her that he had to watch Barbara Brady very carefully.  He says it's quite easy for someone to slip the wrong thing into the food.
One of the motel's waitresses tells Meg that she received a phone call from Mr Patterson, the man who is supposed to be coming to the motel as assistant manager, saying that he will no longer be coming.  "What are you going to do Mrs Mortimer?" asks the waitress.  "What I've done all my life, soldier on," answers Meg.
Cyril Watkins tidies up his flat in readiness to receive Marion Owen as his guest.  Marion Owen arrives and tells Cyril that she has got the names of a few people who might be able to help Cyril out in the shop. 
Sharon Metcalfe and Geoffrey Foster go back to the Foster house.  Geoffrey Foster suggests a holiday on the Adriatic coast.  He tells Sharon that Becky is going there to stay with some friends, so they could drop Becky off first.  Sharon is tempted but tells Geoffrey that she doesn't think it's a good idea.  Becky arrives home and Geoffrey tells her that he thinks he may have persuaded Sharon to come with them to Italy, but Sharon says she hasn't said yes yet.  "Oh don't worry.  One thing about dad,he never takes no for an answer," says Becky. 
After their meal Cyril Watkins complains of stomach ache and Marion Owen says she doesn't feel very well either.  Cyril says it must have been the ham they ate.  Marion Owen stands up to leave and clutches her stomach.  "I think perhaps we'd better call Doctor Farnham," says Marion. 
Becky Foster arrives at the Crossroads garage and tells Victor Lee that she must talk to him.  She tells him that Sharon Metcalfe is going to Italy with them.
Marion Owen tells Cyril Watkins that Doctor Farnham said they have food poisoning, and if it turns out to be the ham they might have to close the shop to check the stock of ham. 
Becky tells Victor Lee that she had the feeling that Sharon was forced into comeing on holiday with them.  Becky says they must stop her but Victor says he can't talk to Sharon because he gets told to mind his own business. 
Jill Harvey arrives back at the motel with Sarah Jane.
Victor Lee writes a message for Sharon to go to the Foster's house.  Becky says she knows something which might change Sharon's mind.  Later, Sharon arrives at the garage and finds the message from Victor telling her that Becky Foster rang and asked her to go to the Foster's home. 
Jill Harvey asks one of the waitresses what all the fuss is about and the waitress tells her that Mr Hunter is away on holiday and they are short staffed.  "Right, that's it.  I'm taking over the desk," says Jill.
Later, Jill goes into the sitting room and Meg joins her there. 
Marion Owen and Cyril Watkins go to the surgery and John Farnham tells them that the ham didn't cause the food poisoning, but it was the pesticaide on the lettace. 
Jill tells Meg that Matthew, her baby by Anthony Mortimer, is staying in America with Anthony.  She says Anthony is marrying a very nice girl and it's the only life Matthew has known.  
Benny receives an official looking letter and gives it to Sharon to open for him.  Sharon asks him if he filled in anything on the back of a cornflake packet, and Benny says Miss Luke told him to just for fun.  "Well you've won first prize, a speedboat," Sharon tells him.
Miss Tatum goes to Cyril Watkin's shop and says she understands that he is looking for someone to help in the shop.  She says she would be willing to help out until he can get someone permanant. 
Jill Harvey phones Stan in Germany and tells him that if he wants to see his daughter then he will have to come to England.
Sharon Metcalfe goes to the Foster's home.  Becky Foster asks him if she would marry her father because that is what he wants. 
Lloyd Munro receives a visitor at the cottage, a young woman asking for Miss Ruskin.  Lloyd tells her that there is no-one of that name at the cottage.  "Oh she must be using her real name, Barbara Brady," says the woman.  The woman tells Lloyd that she is a typist here to help Miss Brady with her book.
Becky Foster tells Sharon that she found some plane tickets for her mother and another man.  Sharon says she also noticed these tickets but when she asked Geoffrey Foster about them he said he was going to cancel them.  Becky goes to a drawer and takes out an envelope which she gives to Sharon.  "Now do you believe me?" asks Becky, as Sharon reads the contents of the letter.  Sharon asks Bency if her father knows that Becky knows about the letter and Becky says no. 

1979 Episodes continued

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