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David tells Meg that he saw someone about turning the airfield into a market garden but he wasn't very encouraging.  David says it doesn't matter because he has another idea.  He shows Meg a map of the district and points out some land belonging to the pony club.  He says there is a cottage on the land which they could offer as accommodation for whoever runs the market garden.
Sharon Metcalfe goes to Geoffrey Foster's home to help him with his work and she asks him how his daughter Becky is.  Geoffrey Foster tells her that Becky will be coming home this week, and Sharon says she would like to meet her. 
Barbara Brady arrives at the motel for her dinner date with John Farnham, and see's David Hunter, who is on duty at the reception desk.  David asks her if she is meeting Lloyd Munro but Barbara tells him she is waiting for Doctor Farnham and that she is having dinner with him.  "If Doctor Farnham doesn't arrive within the next hour would you dine with me?" asks David.  "Umm.  That would be nice," says Barbara Brady.  At that moment John Farnham comes into reception. 
Meg goes to the cottage for drinks with Lloyd Munro.  She tells Lloyd that there was a television programme she wanted to see, and she picks up the evening addition of the paper to look for the television pages.  Where the television page is someone has cut something out, and Lloyd says it must have been Barbara Brady.  Meg fetches her copy of the paper from her car and opens it to the page which is missing in Lloyd's copy.  "Ah. It's the local murder," says Meg.  Lloyd Munro looks worriedly at the paper over Meg's shoulder.
Later, Lloyd and Meg hear a car pull up in the driveway, and Barbara Brady and John Farnham come into the cottage.  John Farnham asks Lloyd if he has the newspaper because he would like to catch up on the news of the local murder.  John finds the page missing and Barbara tells him that she cut out a recipe.   Lloyd looks at Meg.
Victor Lee goes to David Hunter's office and gives him the garage takings for the day.  He notices a map on the desk and David explains that he is interested in some land to turn into a market garden.  When David tells him where the land is Victor Lee says he has heard about the sitting tenant, a Mr Reg Cotterill, and he isn't very pleasant. 
Barbara Brady tells John Farnham that she heard something about his recent past, something about an oriental girl.  "She had more to do with David Hunter than me," John Farnham tells her.  Before leaving the cottage, John Farnham asks Barbara Brady if he could take her out again.  Barbara Brady tells him that she is going to have dinner with David Hunter because he has wetted her apetite about the oriental girl.
Sharon Metcalfe goes to Geoffrey Foster's home and is greeted at the door by Becky Foster.  Becky asks Sharon if she was the one involved in the accident, and Sharon says yes.  "Oh poor you.  It must have been awful," says Becky Foster.  Geoffrey Foster arrives home and tells Sharon that he would have liked to have spoken to Becky before she arrived so that he could explain who Sharon is.  Sharon says Becky knows and was alright about it.
Lloyd Munro asks Meg if she thought Barbara Brady's behaviour was strange.  Meg says Barbara obviously didn''t enjoy her evening out with John Farnham.  Lloyd says it's the cutting about the murder that Barbara Brady cut out of the newspaper, and he can't get it out of his mind.  He says she lied when she said it was a recipe she cut out.
In the office, David asks Meg for the newspaper and says he wants to read about the local murder.  David leafs through the pages.  "It's on the back of the tv page," Meg tells him.  "No," says David.  "Look," he says and shows Meg the paper.
Harry Turvey meets Joe MacDonald in the garage and Harry asks Joe what he does in King's Oka.  "There's nothing to do, not even a decent betting shop," says Harry.  Joe tell shim that a friend of his runs a betting shop, and if he wants to place a bet he will take it for him. 
Cyril Watkins ameks an appointment with Marion Owen to see Doctor Farnham about his varicose veins. 
Becky Foster comes to the motel and telephones the garage to speak to Sharon Metcalfe.  Sharon asks Victor Lee if she could go over to the motel for a few minutes to talk to Becky.  She tells Victor that Becky Foster is a strange girl, and she doesn't show much emotion.
Meg and David have dinner with Lloyd Munro and Barbara Brady at the cottage.
Harry Turvey still thinks that he will have to appear in court over the rent arrears.  He asks Ira to come down to London with him, but Ira says there is no need for either of them to go because the debt has already been paid.
After dinner Lloyd Munro suggests a brandy but David says he'll have his later.  "I'm going to help with the washing up," says David.  "there's no need," Barbara Brady tells him.  "After such a marvellous meal the least I can do is help the cook with the washing up," says David.  He and Barbara Brady go into the kitchen.  Meg notices the worried look on Lloyd's face.  She says John Farnham bores Barbara Brady and Lloyd doesn't like it, and David amuses her and he stilll doesn't like it.  Meg tells Lloyd that Barbara did cut out a recipe from the newspaper, and she shows Lloyd the cutting.  She says the paper with the recipe was the early edition and the one with the murder was the late edition. 
Cyril Watkins gives Ira her and Harry's wage packets.  Ira opens Harry's wage packet and gives her father two pounds towards paying back the 100 for the rent. 
David comes out of the cottage kitchen and into the living room wearing a blue striped apron.  Meg laughs at him.  Lloyd Munro gives David and Barbara a brandy.  David tells Barbara that ever since he first saw her he had a feeling he has seen her somewhere before.

1979 Episodes continued

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