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Reg Cotterill arrives at the Motel and meets David Hunter and Meg Mortimer.  Reg Cotterill asks how they knew his name and address and David tells him that Victor Lee, the garage manager, mentioned that he knew him because he had worked on his car.  Reg Cotterill says Victor Lee had no right to do that.  He tells David and Meg that the land on which he is a sitting tenant is not for sale.  "Goodbye to you madam," says Reg Cotterill to Meg, and walks out.  David looks at Meg.  "I think he liked you," David says, and Meg laughs.
Reg Cotterill goes to the garage and see's Victor Lee.  He tells Victor Lee that he gave his address to Mr Hunter and Mrs Mortimer and he had no right to do that.  "In future, I shall take my business elsewhere when it comes to my car," he says.  Victor Lee tells Reg Cotterill that if he can make trouble for Mr Hunter and Mrs Mortimer then they can make trouble for him as well.
Victor Lee goes to the Foster's home and Becky Foster opens the door.  Victor Lee asks if he can speak to Geoffrey Foster and Becky says he should be back in about half and hour.  She asks what he wants to see her father about and Victor tells her it's about her fathers car.  Becky Foster invites Victor in to wait for Geoffrey Foster to return.  When Geoffrey Foster comes home Victor Lee tells him that Sharon has been living on her nerves since the accident and has been worse since she started coming to see him. 
Reg Cotterill returns to the motel office to talk to David and Meg.  He asks them why they want the land and David explains that they would like to start a market garden.  Reg Cotterill says there is a matter of compensation for him and David says they will pay, but they won't be held to ransom or blackmailed over compensation.  "I'm not a blackmailer," says Reg Cotterill, standing up agrily.  "Goodnight madam," he says and walks out.
Geoffrey Foster tells Victor Lee that he feels Sharon needs him and Becky and they should let her decide if she wants to see them.  Geoffrey Foster shows Victor Lee out and notices Becky standing nearby.  Geoffrey Foster tells Becky that Mr Lee has the idea that coming to their house might be doing Sharon Metcalfe some harm.  "Well, do you think he could be right?" asks Becky. 
Harry Turvey asks Ira about two pounds missing from his wage packet and Ira tells him that she gave it to her father to pay him back for the loan. 
Cyril Watkins arrives at the doctor's surgery and talks to Marion Owen.  He tells Doctor Farnham that Mrs Owen always has a smile and says Mr Owen is a lucky man.  John Farnham says he believes Mr Owen died some time ago.
Lloyd Munro asks Barbara Brady if she could take his book to John Farnham because he wants to rwad it.  Barbara agrees to take the book to John Farnham and leaves the cottage.  Lloyd Munro, otherwise occupied, hears the cottage door close.  "Hey you forgot the book!" he shouts after Barbara. 
Trina Jameson goes to the motel office and tells Meg that it's nice that Sandy is coming back for her and Joe's wedding.  Trina realises by Meg's surprised expression that Meg didn't know.  Trian says perhaps Sandy meant to surprise her.
Barbara Brady arrives at the doctors surgery and asks Marion Owen if Doctor Farnham is available.  Whilst she is waiting Barbara asks Marion Owen if she is a dispensing chemist because she is very interested in chemicals and poisons.  Marion Owen tells her that she was just about to mix a potion and invites her to watch.
Harry Turvey tells Ira that he must go and post a letter to his brother in New Zealand.  Ira takes the letter and tears it up.  "What are you doing?" asks Harry.  Ira tells him that he can write the letter again and ask his brother Peter what the prospects are like in New Zealand.  Harry Turvey smiles.  Ira tells him that they musn't say anything to her father yet.
Doctor Farnham watches as Barbara Brady looks carefully at the various drugs on Marion Owen's shelves.  Barbara tells John Farnham that she had a book to give him but she has left it at the cottage.  Barbara leaves and Marion Owen tells John Farnham that Miss Brady has quite an interest in asiatic poisons.  "Oh yes, she even knows how to mix the ingredients," says Marion Owen. 
John Farnham goes to see Lloyd Munro at the cottage and tells him that Barbara Brady is interested in poisons and was asking Marion Owen about her work.  He asks Lloyd to lend him the book he wrote.  Lloyd hands the book to John and John notices a corner of a page turned down.  Lloyd says he never turns down the corners of a page and it must be Barbara.  John Farnham turns to the page with the corner turned down and tells Lloyd that it's a chapter on poisons.
When Lloyd Munro and Barbara Brady are alone at the cottage that evening Barbara asks him where his book is, and Lloyd tells her that John Farnham has borrowed it.  He asks her if she found the book interesting and Barbara says she found the chapter on poisons very interesting.  Barbara asks Lloyd if a doctor would be able to recognise his own symptoms if he were being poisoned.  Lloyd stares at her.
Reg Cotterill meets David and Meg in the motel reception and says he won't stand in their way if they want to buy the land.
Marion Owen goes to Cyril Watkins shop and gives him some magazines for him to give to Doris Luke.  Cyril asks Marion to have dinner with them and she accepts.
Becky Foster comes to the garage office and Sharon Metcalfe, not knowing they have already met, introduces her to Victor Lee.
Meg asks David why he is so moody.  "Is it Mr Cotterill?" she asks.  "No, but he is a spanner in the works," replies David.  "Or a fly in the ointment," mutters David.  The phone rings and Meg answers it.  "How many more of those can you think up?" asks Meg.  "Thorn in the flesh..." mutters David, and Meg laughs.  
Becky Foster asks Sharon Metcalfe if she likes Victor Lee and she tells Sharon that she liked him right away.  Sharon says Victor isn't at his best while he is at work.  Becky tells Sharon that she met Victor Lee when he came to her house to talk to her father.  Sharon asks her what they talked about and Becky says it was about Sharon going to help her dad. 

1979 Episodes continued

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