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Harry Turvey tells Cyril Watkins that it could be very awkward if Doris Luke decided to make a claim against them.

Benny tells Joe MacDonald that he had a letter from Ed Lawton telling him that he is selling Heywood Farm and retiring.  Joe asks Benny about the money that Benny has invested in the farm.  Benny tells him that there isn't a lot of money left and Ed would like him to go to the farm to talk to him.

Benny goes into the garage office and tells Victor Lee that Ed Lawton would like to see him to talk about the farm.  Benny tells Victor that he thought he would take two weeks holiday, but Victor says he hasn't been at the garage long enough and isn't due any holidays.  Victor Lee catches Sharon's glance and tells Benny that he will think about it.  When Benny has left the office Sharon tells Victor that Benny deserves a holiday.  Victor asks Benny to come into the office.  "Alright Benny.  The holidays," he says.  "You mean I can have them?" asks Benny.  "Yes," replies Victor.

"Er, Joe's got something to ask you," Benny tells Victor Lee.  "Benny!" exclaims Joe.  "Well, what is it?" Victor asks Joe.  "eWell, I've been working here a while and you like my work, don't you boss?" asks Joe.  "Love it Mac.  Love it," says Victor.  "Well, I thought I'd ask for a rise," says Joe.  "Oh.  How much?" asks Victor Lee.  "Ten pounds.  Well, .... 7.50," says Joe.  "Done.  You've done yourself out of 2.50," says Victor. 

*** End of Episode 3159 ***

Meg tells David that they will have to find another vegetable supplier now that Ed Lawton is retiring.

Lloyd Munro takes on Barbara Brady as his housekeeper.  Lloyd arrives home at the cottage and notices lots of medical text books spread all over the table.  Barbara asks him if he thinks the books would interest her, and Lloyd tells her that he has written a book.  Barbara Brady says she would like to read it but Lloyd tells her that David Hunter has the book at the moment.  "David who?" asks Barbara.  "The co-director of the Crossroads Motel," replies Lloyd, and leaves the room.  Barbara Brady looks through Lloyd's address book and dials a phone number.  "Mr Hunter?  No, I don't want the kitchen.  I want a book you have written by Doctor Munro," says Barbara Brady.

Trina Jameson tells Joe that her parents want them to live with them but Joe says her parents don't like him.  Trina says she doesn't want to leave home because she is close to her parents.

Barbara Brady is alone at the cottage when there is a knock at the door.  She opens the door to David Hunter.  David steps into the cottage and Barbara cloes the door behind him.  She turns around and bumps into David.  "Oh sorry," she says.  "I was hoping you wouldn't apologise," says David.  David tells her that he has come to return the book she asked for.  "It can't be a very busy motel you direct, for you to bring me a book," says Barbara.  "Perhaps I liked the sound of your voice," says David. 

Geoffrey Foster comes to the motel and asks Trina Jameson if Sharon MEtcalfe is available.  Trina phones through to the garage office and Geoffrey Foster talsk to Sharon on the phone.  He tells her that he is in the motel reception and asks her if she would join him for tea. 

Lloyd Munro visits Doctor Farnham at his surgery and Doctor Farnham says he would like to read Lloyd's book on mental instability.  Lloyd tells him that David Hunter has the book at the moment.  "Oh, is that his problem?" asks Doctor Farnham.  "You haven't got a very good opinion of David, have you?" asks Lloyd.  "I happen to think David Hunter is one of the best adjusted men around," says Lloyd Munro. 

Sharon Metalfe gives Geoffrey Foster the lipstick and lighter belonging to his late wife. 

At the cottage David Hunter tells Barbara Brady a little about himself. 

Sharon Metcalfe offers to help Geoffrey Foster with any paper work.

David has tea and scones with Barbara Brady and Lloyd Munro.  Lloyd asks David to stay for dinner but David says he must get back to the motel.  Lloyd says he was going to ask Doctor Farnham to come as well.  Barbara notices David's expression change at the mention of John Farnham.  Barbara tells David that he doesn't seem to like John Farnham and David says Farnham doesn't possess a sense of humour and he's a bore.  "Having spent the last couple of hours with me, would you say I was a bore?" asks David.  "Can't say I've noticed," says Barbara. 

Later, John Farnham goes to the cottage and Lloyd Munro asks him to stay for dinner, but John says he can't.  Barbara Brady comes into the room at that moment and John Farnham looks at her approvingly.  He tells Lloyd that he will stay for dinner after all.

Harry Turvey goes to see Doctor John Farnham at the surgery about his back.  Doctor Farnham tells him that there is nothing to worry about, the tests show nothing.  Harry Turvey tells him that he has pain in his back so there must be something wrong.  The doctor gives harry a prescription.  "I've had enough of it.  I've had it up to here!" shouts Harry Turvey and storms out of the surgery. 

Cyril Watkins goes to see Doris Luke in hospital and she she is due for compensation because she had the accident on his premises.  Doris tells him not to be silly, that she doesn't want his money. 

Harry Turvey bursts into Cyril Watkin's shop and tells Ira that the doctor's think he is imagining the pain.  "You believe me don't you?" he asks Ira.  "Oh stop feeling sorry for yourself," says Ira Turnvey.  "Right!"  We know where we stand!" shouts Harry.  He tells Ira that he is fed up and is going back to London.  "Harry, be sensible.  You've got no money, no job.  How are you going to manage," says Ira.  She asks her husband to give it a try for a while longer. 

Geoffrey Foster telephones Sharon Metcalfe and asks if she was serious about helping him with his paper work.  Sharon says she would like to help, and Geoffrey Foster asks her if she could come round that evening.




1979 Episodes continued

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